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Today’s Reading: Romans 16

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Here is an interior view of the ancient Colosseum in Rome. A partial floor has been built at the far end. You can see in the middle the corridors and rooms that once were under the Colosseum floor. The floor in ancient times was covered in sand to absorb the blood. Also, animals and gladiators were held under the Colosseum floor, awaiting their turn to kill or fight to the death.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Romans 16:16

Greet one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ greet you.


Our reading today should be a great encouragement to all of us who serve the Lord in any capacity, particularly to those who work behind the scenes and receive little attention. Be assured that God pays attention, and so do wise leaders like Paul. This letter to the believers in Rome was written from Corinth where Paul’s partners in ministry and in tentmaking were Aquila and Priscilla. Do you remember them from the book of Acts? They, along with Phoebe, probably carried Paul’s letter to Rome, and then served as missionaries to Rome. Phoebe’s work was key to soul winning in Rome. She had been entrusted with social service among needy people. Paul knew she would need the help of others to accomplish the call of God on her life. We all need help. The “holy kiss” speaks of genuine affection one for another. Only as all of us serve God and each other will the cause of Christ flourish. The book of Joshua, which we begin tomorrow, God willing, will continue to emphasize the need to work together.


Lord Jesus, thank You for Mary, who is mentioned in verse six. She laboured much for Paul and the team. This Mary is a VIP to You, Lord. Please help me to labour much to serve also. Please guide me to those You want me to serve. In Your Name I pray. Amen!


The summer I turned 20, with the help of others, I initiated a series of tent meetings in the village of Chalk River, Ontario. That led to planting a Church in a local hall. I had not yet met my beloved Norma-Jean, and I was working on my theological studies by correspondence. My Dad gave me back-issues of the Nazarene “Preacher’s Magazine,” and from it I learned how to construct my sermons. I lived in one room built on the side of the house where the Leach family lived. I thank them for their kindness to me. I was eating my own cooking from Monday to Saturday, and the Stan Thomas family took me to their home every Sunday for dinner. That lasted until I went back to college in Peterborough a year later. Mrs. Thomas, Doreen, was what we called a “war bride.” She met and married Stan in England during WW2. What a great cook! These are two families I think of when I read Romans 16. Thank You to everyone who has helped me through the years. Syd, who gave the first $300.00 to start us on TV in 1962, and Sharon, the teenager who made the first pledge of $5.00 per month to support the TV outreach. God has recorded the names of all others who have served as Partners of the ministry. If I could, and if it was appropriate, I’d greet you all with a “holy kiss.” I’ll try to greet each one when we meet in Heaven, if not down here.

Yours with deep gratitude for your partnership in ministry,


In 1863, Jean-Leon Gerome painted this depiction of the ancient Roman Colosseum, entitled, “The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer”.

P.S. I don’t have a video attachment for today, but this painting is worth 1,000 words. Behind the hungry lion, a tiger is about to emerge from beneath the floor of the Colosseum. This scene speaks volumes to me about my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

18 thoughts on “Thursday, January 17, 2019

  1. Sah thank you for your response but if you say you’re sleeping is okay and it’s normal then why do you say that you have a but you have a sleep disorder if what you say is normal just want to know thank you but you still didn’t answer my other questions whether you’re under the care of a psychiatrist or meds that part you didn’t answer could you please answer that question for me thank you very much and God bless

  2. Sah I still don’t understand what you mean and you haven’t really answered my question in terms of doctor or meds and I know you’re not awake right now but could you please clarify what I don’t understand is that you say you’re you’re sleeping is okay and yet you say you don’t you have a sleeping disorder that doesn’t make any sense to me how can I be a sleeping disorder if you say everything’s okay please explain when you get up thank you and God bless

  3. Sah I don’t want to be difficult or cause you any problems I just want some clear answers to what I have what I have asked you that’s that’s all that’s all I want to do I don’t want to be I don’t want to be difficult so when you get up could you please answer my question in terms of a doctor and and meds may be from what you’re saying you’re not on. Doctor with the doctor or meds but could you justify their way clarify the situation and Andrus and answer my my my questions thank you very much and God bless

    • Hi Marilyn:
      I am not on any meds, I do have a chemical imbalance, had it all my life, I was in the hospital decades upon decades ago in Alberta when all this began to explode, but I was diagnosed with bi-polar and I had to learn living all over again, I had support from an uncle and aunt and my cousins and I thank the Lord for them always; it was difficult to learn how to live, but the Lord helped me in ways I could never have known…… in British Columbia and back in April of 1995 my sleep pattern changed overnight!
      It took me a few days to figure out what was happening and then I was diagnosed as nocturnal, so I sleep from 4 a.m. unto 12 p.m. and I sleep very well, but it is a disorder!
      As I said thousands have the same disorder, it is what it is! I am thankful and I try and talk to people to let them know that it is ok to be different, it is nothing to be ashamed of; so, I hope this helps, I am very thankful to the Lord for everything He has done in my life! As I said I am awake from 3 p.m. on and I can do things every day…..this is the end of this discussion,again I just want people to understand that they can talk about these different issues that come into our lives, the more we talk the more people will understand, we also need to pray for one another always….

  4. I watched an old movie on Youtube a while back about early Christians and this scene in the picture must have inspired the scene in the movie…”like sheep to the slaughter.”Like those beheaded by ISIS,the Lord must give His children strength to endure.He lives in us until AND DURING the end.Praise God

    It took awhile but I found this movie.It’s seems authentic.

  5. Sah once you answer my questions and clarify the situation to the best of your ability then I will do my best to accept your answers and to leave it as it is and to to my best not to bring up the subject anymore okay thank you very much and God bless

  6. I love animals and people so much and it is such a stomach- wrenching picture to see. The Romans needed prayer big time. How great it will be to visit with Paul when God takes me home.

    Just lately, there was a guest on 100 Huntley St. by the name, Tony Bussey. His story of being 567 lbs and losing over 300 lbs. was so special. He just used discipline on himself w/o a special diet. Self-control can be helped immensely with God’s help. It was a real-life story. How touching it was that he credited his mother with praying for him.

    God’s blessings on all saints today and always.

    Blessed Assurance:

  7. Without the Lord. we are weak, but in the Lord, we are more than conquerors!!! Praise His Holy Name!!
    More of Jesus, less of me!!!
    Thank you Reynold for those photos; thank you David for posting them; I agree with
    Yes, David, the one with the Lion speaks volumes!!

    The lesson in today’s scriptures truly brings forth the importance and need, encourage and fellowship with one another within the church! Help us Lord to do so through the strength that comes from You!1

    It is very cold here; be blessed in the Lord all you saints!

  8. prayers of healing for my Pastor’s wife! She has a stomach disorder that she now receives meds for! It is a bug from somewhere, destroyed all the bacteria in the stomach but thanks to the Lord she is now getting much better; so we thank the Lord for the meds and pray she will continue to heal and feel so much better,

  9. yes, Praise God from whom all blessings flow, and pray for complete healing for your Pastor’s wife; thanks for sharing this prayer need!

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