Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Today’s Reading: Numbers 27-28

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Two ladies re-enact first century life at Nazareth Village in Nazareth. What a joy it was to visit yesterday this amazing outreach  for Jesus with our group.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, Click HERE.

Key Verse: Numbers 27:22-23

So Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He took Joshua and set him before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation. And he laid his hands on him and inaugurated him, just as the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses.

Our reading begins with God’s concerns for women’s rights and proceeds to document the protocol for choosing a new leader. The gracious way that Moses carried out the leadership transfer is a testimony to the quality of his character. Instead of a desperate attempt to retain power, he prays for his successor and expresses concern for the welfare of the people. Moses had 40 years of wilderness living, during which time his ability and reputation as a leader were frequently under fire. His character was not shattered by tough times, but rather strengthened. We can learn here that it is not success that builds character, but trials, tribulations and difficult circumstances. James 1:2-3 tells us to “Consider it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”


Lord God, I pray for Your will in my life so that, like Moses, I will experience the development of Godly character. Help me to learn to accept Your direction, denying my own desires, and submitting to Your desires for my life. Through Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I pray. Amen!


I was 67 years old when I stepped aside from senior leadership of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. and Crossroads Television System (YES TV) – (click on them to see the websites of these organizations). I continued as a board member of CTS, a network of TV stations, and accepted the “Social Concerns” portfolio for CCCI. I understand these concerns to be the weighty moral issues that impact us all in various ways. Below is a 3-D ultra sound photograph of Ron and Ann’s granddaughter, and the daughter of Andrea and Jason. Her name is Jadice. She was born on December 31st, 2012. I’ve asked Ron to put that picture of Jadice on today’s blog, as well as a recent picture of her. I ask the reader to look carefully at Jadice. Those who proclaim so-called “pro choice” are willing to have that little one torn apart in a most cruel manner. I weep now as I contemplate the many lives, full of such great promise, that have been destroyed by abortion. I believe that this is the most important moral concern today. On His way to the cross, a great multitude of the people mourned as Jesus carried His Cross. Jesus’ took time to make a pro-life and anti-abortion statement. He spoke directly to the women who mourned. He turned to them and said… (see Luke 23:28-31).

Yours for the development in us all of Jesus’ character,


P.S. Also, in addition to Jadice’s photos below, here is a video from a barber shop in Israel  Michael T. Wall, a country and western singer from Newfoundland, travelled with us. He was surprised with one of his songs that the barber found online and brought up on the TV screen…what followed was a lot of fun! (click here)…and here is one of his songs on Youtube.

3-D ultrasound of Ron & Ann’s granddaughter, Jadice, born on December 31st, 2012.

Jadice at 3-1/2 years old.

Jadice at 3-1/2 years old.


20 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 20, 2018

  1. Beautiful you are, Jadice-child of God! And all the saints–children of God’s Kingdom. How divine! Thank you all for your loving comments on the blog, yesterday. You, are my inspiration, my strength and support, and I thank you! Thank you in heaven, David Mainse, for 100words.ca. Oh, look, how it has grown–into God’s fruitful garden. Amen.

    “What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people!” St. Teresa of Avila

    Selah – How Deep The Father’s Love For Us [with lyrics]

  2. I am in awe of Jadice’s ultrasound picture and her photo of when she was three. It breaks my heart to know too many babies are murdered through abortion. We can clearly see her facial features in her present day photo as in her mother’s womb.
    God our father is awesome, I give Him all the glory and praise his name. God is good.

    Thank you Beverlee for the songs you post. I enjoy them very much.

  3. At 24 yrs of age & expecting a 4th baby, my lady doctor told me not to worry, she could arrange for termination! Abortion was not something spoken about in those days. I was shocked. We wanted a large family (even talked laughingly about a dozen!)! I said “no way “- trying to get my head around that. So very glad that my reaction was loud & clear. My 4th & 5th children, like their siblings, are amazing gifts from God. Thank you Lord.

  4. PEI was the last hold out in Canada against abortion.I wrote this for some friends there who were activists against this ‘surrender to evil’:
    WHY Mommy?

    Why did you kill me mommy?
    Why do you seek to be defiled?
    Why was I killed inside your tummy?
    Why could I not be your child?

    Why do you call sex ‘making love’?
    Why is that lie portrayed to be true?
    Why do you hate gifts from above?
    Why do you freely do what you do?

    Why is sex like shaking hands?
    Why can’t you control your lust?
    Why do devils from foreign lands
    Give us laws while stealing our trust?
    G W (Bill) Marshall / 31 July, 2014
    Abortionists from the US came to help
    PEI abortionists change the law and
    legalize the murder of unborn children
    instead of teaching women not to use
    their bodies as amusements parks.
    No copyright intended​

    • My adopted son was born on Jan 31,’86.His mother is a cousin to my exwife.I wonder what life would be like without him.He has a 3 yr old son who is ‘my’ grandson.Long before I knew enough to surrender to Jesus on my knees,I prayed for ‘an’ adoption to take place.It was ‘about’ 3 months later,right after Christmas that I got the call.I did not realize then that this was an answered prayer;not until after I was saved.Praise God.

  5. I agree with you fellow bloggers that Beverlee is a blessing to us. Thank you Beverlee for your integrity and faithfulness. What a sweet little girl Jadice is! My mother had such a love for children, having 14 herself and has passed that down to the rest of the family as there are many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great the babies in the family and more coming. Each one is special. Have been involved in anti-abortion meetings in the past but you don’t hear so much about it now in this area anyway. Still a terrible sin and speak against it when the opportunity arises. Always remember David’s ministry for pro-life and inspires us. Sunny day here today. God bless your day also!

    • Thank you, dear sister, Ger, for your continuous love. In agreement Ger and Irene, re: pro-life. All for the glory of God’s children. Amen.

  6. Well spoken, Ger!

    Thank you Ron and Ann for posting those pictures of Jadice! It speaks volumes!!!
    I pray the murder of babies in the womb and everywhere be safe in the Palm of God’s hands. I pray the law that has killed so many little ones; would quickly be stopped!!
    Jesus I pray this in Your Mighty Name, Amen!!!

    Praise God for His Love and many blessings!

    Be blessed on this “Day the Lord has made!!

  7. I have a praise report it was several months ago that I made a prayer request on this blog for people to pray for me about my sciatic nerve well I called my church a couple months ago and asked for prayer and the praise report is that I’m doing much better I’m not in excruciating pain that I once was in so I really do believe in the power of prayer and when I made that request to my church and ask for prayer and they started praying for me I overtime I started to notice that the pain was getting less and less and I was getting much better although I still have to be careful but I’m so thankful for the people in my church who have prayed for me and I have seen an answer to God’s grace and love and and mercy so so I just thought I would share that God bless you all blockers today amen

  8. Blessings to everyone
    prayers needed
    people at church are challenging; pray the Lord will speak to all the people to act kindly;show some affection;STOP the gossiping; speak only Words of Love and Kindness to others TY Lord for this prayer of the people
    Still waiting for the Lord to send me the right person as a room mate, Thank You Lord for all the blessings of this day……

    TY to all who post,the comments are so endearing…PRAISE THE LORD!

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