Thursday, October 25, 2018


Today’s Reading: John 9

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The southern tip of the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley with the Mountains of Moab in the distance.

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Key Verse: John 9:3

Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him…”


It is so typical of human nature that Jesus’ disciples wanted to lay blame on someone for the blindness of this man. A particular kind of venereal disease can cause blindness in a newborn. So often we see scandal when we should be seeing an opportunity to help. We fall into gossip instead of falling on our knees in prayer. For Jesus, this was an opportunity to bring glory to His Father. The Judge of all the earth did not judge. He who knows all things rejected speaking of the past sins of this man or his parents. Jesus did a creative miracle! The Pharisees are often seen as the bad guys, but here the followers of Jesus were acting like their opponents, abandoning compassion for criticism.


Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll grant me grace always to see human need with compassion and prayer. Help me to think, “What would Jesus do?” and act accordingly. Amen!


My mother died when I was 12 years old. My most vivid memory of her was not of her making dinner, but was of seeing her on her knees in prayer. After her death, my Dad was silent as we drove down Bank street in Ottawa, and finally he said, “I can never remember hearing your mother say anything bad about anyone.” This reinforced my positive memories of her. I do know that she visited the most needy families in the little village where we lived at the time. I marveled at the glowing eulogies given her. I didn’t think it was exceptional. I thought all mothers were like that. I know now that this is not the case. I also know that Jesus changed my heart to make me more like Him, and yes, more like Mother, Hazel Pritchard Mainse. Norma-Jean’s mother was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident when Norma-Jean was just 17. All reports are that Lillian Davies Rutledge was a woman of God. Neither Norma-Jean nor I have met our mothers-in-law. Just yesterday, as I meditated, I thought that no doubt they’ve met in Heaven. What a wonderful truth it is that I’ll see them both someday soon.

Yours for ministering to the needs of others,


16 thoughts on “Thursday, October 25, 2018

  1. Indeed, dear David, you have seen them both in heaven, now. Thinking of you, Norma-Jean, and sending love and prayers your way. John 9 is one of my favourite scriptures–blind not by sin but that people may see the glory of God in you. Let your love shine in the world, today, dearest saints, for the light of Christ that lives in you is so bright and you are so beautiful!

    Trust in the Lord. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the Lord.
    Psalm 27:14 GNT

    Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A Mountain (Live)

  2. Yes dear Beverlee, David will have seen his mother and mother-in-law in Heaven, what a joy that most have been. We also can look forward to seeing our parents and loved who have gone before us, those who had asked the Lord into their lives. We need to be constantly in prayer for those who haven’t yielded to serving our Dear Lord yet. Blessings to all. Eleanor M.

  3. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Bump in Springhill in 1958 in which my father was killed when I was 7.I don’t know for sure if he was a believer but I hope to see him there.Eternity is a long time so I’m in no hurry.I look forward to meeting David someday too.Jesus will be the first face I see.I can’t imagine what that will be like.God bless

    If only we could see
    What our idols truly be,
    For blind are the eyes ne’er free
    Until they have called out to thee.
    GW(Bill) Marshall (2015)

    • Sorry about your father, Bill. Know you are in all our prayers. Anniversaries of our parents’ deaths are most difficult, especially if you are unsure if your father was able to cry out to Jesus in his last moments. I have a strong feeling in my heart that he did. God bless you and thank you for always sharing your lovely poems with us.

  4. Yes, I hope to see both of my parents in heaven as well and also dear David. So blessed to have met the Mainse family on earth and am still being blessed by David’s writings. As you said William it is hard to imagine what it will be like to meet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Got our first snowfall yesterday so wake up today to a coat of white. God bless all today; always enjoy your postings!

  5. Thank you Jesus for your love for us; for coming to us to show the way to the Father; thank you Father that you chose me to be Your child: Such Great Love that you gave us your only Begotten Son to show us the Way to You Father
    Thank You for this Day, it is the day You have made and I choose to rejoice and be glad in it!
    Thank you Ron and Ann for continuing to post this blog…fresh daily manna…a gift from your Dad, David Mainse!

    have a blessed day all you saints!

    • PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you Lord for bringing excellent medical staff to help the daughter, TY Lord that she is off oxygen, TY Lord that she will be home soon and leading a very full & productive life! LORD GOD WE THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL NEWS! in Jesus name we Pray amen amen amen!

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