Thursday, October 18, 2018


Today’s Reading: John 1

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Here my son Reynold is sitting at sunrise on the edge of a cliff that overlooks the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea. You can also see the mountain of Masada and the Roman seige ramp to the right. Jesus is “The Word.” Jesus is God’s primary way of communicating to us. A secondary way is in the wonder of creation.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Could we take the time now or later to read, along with John 1, Colossians 1 and the first chapter of Hebrews? This will let us know, once and for all, who Jesus of Nazareth is. If we have decided to believe those who knew Jesus best, like John, or those who were educated and elite Jewish scholars, like Paul and the writer to the Hebrews, we are NOT left with the option of believing Jesus is ONLY a prophet or ONLY a great teacher. He is all of these and MUCH MORE. Intellectual honesty demands that we confess that God communicated His message to the human race in one “Word,” Who “dwelt among us,” One who showed His glory to many of His contemporaries, “The glory as of the only begotten [not created] of the Father.” We’ve just completed reading Leviticus, Moses’ revelation of God, and now it would be helpful to read again John 1:17-18. The transition from Moses to Jesus is clear. This was so evident in the first century that thousands of Jews believed it, including many of the Jewish priests who were truly open to the “Word” of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Lord Jesus, You are, in Your Person, the fullness of the communication of the Great “I Am” to the human family. Bless me, Lord, I pray, to be able to communicate to others the fact that You, Jesus, are 100% God, as well as 100% Human. Amen!


My eldest son, David Reynold Mainse, as just a boy, said to me one night as we gazed at the stars, “God did that.” We marvelled at His creation. I can’t remember my exact response, but I know that I tried to never miss an opportunity to point out that this great Creator was born in Bethlehem as One of us. The Angels in the night sky sang to the shepherds of God’s Glory and instructed them to find this Child. The shepherds did so and worshipped Him. Just now, I’m overwhelmed with the need to worship Him. Norma-Jean would always sing to our grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren) at bedtime, “All hail King Jesus, all hail Emmanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, bright Morning Star.” This has always been her “tucking in ritual.” In case you don’t know this song of worship, I’ll ask our son, Ronald Wesley Mainse, to try to find it on the Internet so you can join in the rapture of worshipping Jesus, King of the universe. [Found it…here]

Yours to help us to be among those who receive Him and thus have the right to become children of God through believing in His Name (John 1:12),


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12 thoughts on “Thursday, October 18, 2018

  1. I am so overwhelmed with the love of my Saviour after reading the Scripture and comments by David this morning. May all of you have a blessed day. Eleanor M.

    • same here Eleanor! I often get so weak in the knees that I have to sit down! God is right beside each and every one of right this minute; He knows everything about us; He knows what we need; He is is all present, all knowing, all loving, yes, it is AMAZING GRACE indeed!

      prayers of thankfulness for successful surgery for Jeff; he had a twisted bowel and we thank the Lord for bringing the medical staff together to perform this surgery ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD OUR SAVIOUR, OUR HEALER, OUR REDEEMER

  2. Jesus is God’s Word to us and that Word keeps on resounding in the hearts of His ‘believers’.I guess we could say Hebrews 1 is the master link in the bible.Can the human mind actually fathom all that Jesus is when we can not even see all that the universe is.When I was a kid,it was thought that our galaxy was ‘the universe’ and all the other ‘stars’ (other galaxies) were part of it.I believe that science will discover that what ‘they’ now think is the universe will turn out to be one of still countless other ‘multiverses’.Only God knows the answer.
    Long before I knew enough to believe in Jesus,I used to wonder how He could be human and divine.The answer seemed obvious:His body was mortal but his soul/spirit ‘has always been’ (immortal).God bless

    Mighty Tower

    You created all,thus,all is yours,
    And only You have supreme power,
    For You alone open our doors,
    And you are the mighty Tower.

    You judge most fairly in truth and love,
    For Your goal is for all to receive
    Their mansions in Your home above,
    Abundant to those who believe.

    We see the stars,as yet unnumbered
    And You know what each is called by name,
    When You placed them unencumbered
    And gave them light with holy flame.

    Your creation is more than we see,
    For we are Your children in school
    Who will pass to eternity
    Guided by Your holy Jewel.
    (G W) Bill Marshall/20-Jan-16

    • So glad your surgery went well, Irene.
      Thank the Lord! I’m praying and believing that you will heal quickly and completely
      Bless you, dear sister.

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