Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Today’s Reading: Exodus 17

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I found this fascinating rock formation at Timna National Park in the Negev Desert and wilderness of southern Israel. The hiking trail leads you right through the middle of this arch. – Reynold

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Exodus 17:15

And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-Lord-Is-My-Banner.


The Children of Israel asked an important question: “Is the Lord with us or not?” Again and again God proved that He was with them. Moses was frustrated because the people looked to him instead of God for their needs. The lesson is that we should not look to a leader or the government, or even our parents (as we grow older) to be our provider. THE LORD IS OUR PROVIDER! God provided an abundance of fresh water for the Children of Israel. He also provided a military victory over the Amalakites who had attacked Israel. Yes, our leaders need to be there. Like Aaron and Hur we must support our God-given leaders. When we hold up their tired hands, we’ll succeed, and when we let them down, we’ll fail.  Our Pastor, our government leaders, leaders of ministries such as Crossroads, need to be supported. Check out Romans 13:1 and 1Timothy 2:1-2. That daily altar of prayer for our leaders should be as a “banner” which declares our faithfulness and our loyalty.


Lord, here I am at the altar of prayer. I pray for all who are in leadership over me. In this way, I join Aaron and Hur in lifting up tired hands. Thus I am assured of victory in the challenges of life. You are my “Banner.” I will tell the world that You are my “Lord.” In Jesus’ Name, the Name I lift high, Amen!


I remember the street meetings conducted on Saturday evenings when all the farmers would come to town to shop on the main street. This was before malls were developed. It was exciting to watch the Salvation Army parade from their citadel to their corner where they would pray, sing, play their instruments, and preach the Gospel. Their banner waved above us all to proclaim, “Blood and Fire.” A little humour here: one lady with a big personality asked me, “Do you know what your belly button is for?” And then with a big laugh, she said, “It’s to hold the end of the flag pole when you march.” The bass drummer was told by a very proper lady, “We have a bell which says, ‘Come to church.'” The drummer replied with the pounding of his drum and said, “And my drum says, ‘Go get them and bring them in.'” It’s really early in the morning as I type my blog. Later, I’m going to town and I must find a way to wave a banner, my witness that Jesus is Lord!

Yours for a wise, strong and effective witness for Jesus,


6 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 21, 2018

  1. You say see the humanity of the people when they complained for water like we would today. They forgot the great miracle of crossing the Red Sea and the defeat of their enemies and that God would not forsake them now. How easily we forget as well how he has blessed us and answered our prayers. Let us continue to pray for rain for BC and all the firefighters who are risking their lives as well as the people. Blessings.

    • Ger I just love you to pieces! I do the same thing, God REMOVED smokes/booze from me & gave me swimming from a broken leg, all his within 1 week AND I GRUMBLE AND FORGET WHAT HE HAS DONE IN MY LIFE!
      HOWEVER I finally realize that I can confess that I have sinned against my Lord in thought, word and deed and I am truly sorry for this behvaiour and I ask the Lord to forgive me and HE DOES AND IT IS FORGOTTEN!
      A’int that just like the Lord!

  2. Great photo of God’s creation; thank your Reynold, also for explanation of it!!! As usual with your photos it exemplifies the days Word!!

    As with the Israelites, God is with us always; Praise His Holy Name!

    Have a refreshing day with this refreshing daily manna all bloggers.

    Thank you for posting it; Ron!!

  3. We surely do need to pray for BC fires. The air is thick with smoke & it’s drifting into Alberta & is noticed in northern Ontario! Big fire also in Toronto apartment – 6 alarm electrical fire.

    • God bless you Doreen! Yes Lord we ask You to provide rain to put out the fires throughout Canada and the United States.
      I pray that people will turn to the Lord for help! I pray that families will come together and confess our sins; forgive others as we are forgiven our sins by the Lord God and I pray healing will start in many homes.Thank you Lord

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