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Today’s Reading: Mark 11

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These steps at the southern entrance of the Temple Mount once led into the Court of the Gentiles. You can still see the Triple Gate archways that were bricked over. These main gates to the Temple were called the Hulda Gates. An impressive staircase was added to enable the thousands of pilgrims to walk into the Temple.

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Key Verse: Mark 11:26

…But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.


In the first 10 verses, Jesus meticulously fulfills prophecy (Zechariah 9:9 & Psalm 118:26). He then follows up by communicating His authority over nature, the fig tree, and over the activities surrounding the worship of God in the Temple. Mark concludes this chapter by quoting the religious leaders saying, “We do not know” (verse 33). Their biggest concern seemed to be the politics of the day. The core message of this passage concerns FORGIVENESS. This has eternal importance for each of us. Unforgiveness blocks the forgiveness we all need from God. Jesus warns us in a most forceful way. This is one truth that we MUST RECEIVE and ACT UPON TODAY! (How about every day?)


Lord Jesus, I ask for grace to forgive others and the grace to accept the forgiveness offered to me by others. Having done this, I am confident that as I ask for Your forgiveness for my sins against You, Lord God, You forgive me. Amen!


I can’t help but refer again to my minister Dad. He described some religious leaders of Jesus’ day, and often today also, with this couplet: “They wobble in and wobble out, and leave the people all in doubt.” The “we do not know” answer to a question about the great prophet John the Baptist is not acceptable. Immediately after our marriage in 1958, Norma-Jean and I accepted the call to pastor a congregation in Brighton, Ontario. We had lots of sports for our youth, and it came to my ears that a neighbouring pastor had called our Church, “The Brighton Sports Centre.” I was hurt by this and to my shame I nursed a grudge until the Holy Spirit pushed me to go to this pastor and to ask his forgiveness for not forgiving him. He didn’t even know that I knew what he had said. I was forgiven, but, as far as I knew, he continued to believe that sports were not right for the activities of a pastor and church. I had to let it go. Nevertheless, several teenagers came to know Jesus as a direct result of the friendships developed through sports.

Yours because of “forgiveness,”


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  1. People who hold grudges only harm themselves and this keeps them from knowing God.”Holding a grudge gives someone free rent in your head.”Sometimes people can’t forgive because of a tragic accident and sometimes a person can’t forgive themselves.This poem was written for the grief sites and usually accompanied by the second one.May yall be like Jesus and live in constant forgiveness.God bless


    Forgiveness is a gift we receive,
    And freely we must give it too,
    To prove to Him we do believe,
    Forgiveness also works for you.

    When someone stabs your back,
    Do not turn around to attack;
    But smile and take up his slack
    To show the faith you do not lack.

    When you forgive it then returns,
    For your heart is then lightened
    While given the freedom it yearns
    And your mind is then enlightened.

    Let His healing hand touch your soul,
    Then may His love render you whole,
    For Satan will try to collect a toll
    If faith is weak you give control

    But someone you may overlook
    Is one you may be least kind to;
    For mistaken paths that you took;
    The one you forgive must be you.
    GW (Bill) Marshall/2012

    Lest You Be Judged (4 Grieving Mothers)

    Unless you have been in my shoes,
    I’ve been on paths I did not choose,
    So do not judge what I may do,
    For one day soon this could be you.

    Fortune has not been my friend,
    Nor has my heart had help to mend,
    Misfortune has never been far away
    The scars I bear,too many to say.

    Not many smiles are without a blade
    And when you’re down quickly fade,
    So remember,to thine own self be true,
    And be honest in all things you do.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/2012

    • Jesus knew what He was doing when He gave us The Lord’s Prayer! That prayer covers EVERY ASPECT OF HOW WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIVES!
      I am absolutely so sure that if EVERY person in Canada would pray The Lord’s Prayer every day, there would be a GREAT change in our country! There would be a GREAT change in each person’s life!
      I find that Prayer so incredible and how God has provided His people with every direction possible that we need to know in our lives! We are given instruction on everything that we go through in our lives!
      Forgiveness is a big topic to the Lord; without forgiving each other just as He has forgiven us a person will not inherit Heaven when they die…..
      By no means am I a perfect person! I mess life up every day BUT I can come to the Lord and pray The Lord’s Prayer and I am forgiven…..
      it just gives me goose bumps on how God has our very life in His Hands and He will never leave nor forsake us…..

      Thank you Lord, Thank you……in Jesus Name amen

  2. Thank you to the many who prayer for Marion (Aug. 1st request).for initial surgery on August 2.. to determine if amputation would be required. I want to share the text message I received from my niece late last night:

    “This text just came from Ken, Marion’s brother!, I just saw Marion and she was much the same as yesterday (sedated, still recovering from extensive heart surgery). THE SURGERY WAS CANCELLED BECAUSE HEALING IS HAPPENING! Talk about a miracle! No surgery is schedule at this point. We hope to talk to the intensive care doctor tomorrow (Aug. 3) and get an update'”

    “Healing is happening! No surgery is scheduled good news!

    My niece told Ken “of all the prayers going her way and we are all hoping for a miracle”. My niece express ‘thank you’ from the bottom of her for your prayers”.

    Marion is not out of the woods yet, but a great first step that is truly a wonderful answer to prayer. I would ask that you continue to lift her up before the Lord for complete healing – and give the devil a black eye!! Eph. 6:10-20

    Thank you

    • Praise God!! Thank you for this update. We will continue to hold Marion up and cry out to God for her healing and His mighty Hand upon her!

    • oops…correction:
      “My niece expresses “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers”… and so do I. As I am praising God for on-going healing.- Sam

    • Thank you Samuel for the good new re Marion, your niece: Praise God for His faithfulness. in hearing and answering our prayer!
      Heavenly Father, we cry out to You in the Mighty Name of Jesus for your Highest and Best for Marion; for complete healing in her. Amen!

      • Amen, Irene!
        We thank God for the healing that He has begun in Marion’s body and we believe that He will complete the work in her! Amen!

    • PRAISE THE LORD Samuel…..please keep us posted….Lord we lift Marion up to You, You know her, You know her body, You have a very special plan for Marion, Thank you Lord for all the blessings given to this family…..thank you that we as believers can pray for her recovery also! Thank you Lord, thank you…..amen

    • thanks for the update Lord we praise Your Name and thank You for looking after Marion, we will continue to pray for her full recovery thank you Lord

  3. God is so good. Thank you Father for Marion’s healing. It’s a wonder you guys didn’t hear me gasp as I read the surgery was being cancelled because healing was taking place. So amazing.
    Also for the poems on forgiveness, thank you, Bill.
    Little story about my day. A few days ago I asked God to bring to mind anyone that I needed to forgive. Well on my way to town this morning I passed a house where a man and his wife lived years ago. This man was old and his sight was not great. Well one day he ran over and killed our little dog. I have been unforgiving towards him ever since. Today I said God I forgive this man , he has been dead now for a few years, I said God , it’s no use hanging onto that anymore. So I feel so free of that now. I did not have time this morning to read today’s scripture reading. Imagine that, it was about forgiveness. I’m like God you are so amazing, God you are so good. A million thanks to our great God.

  4. I would like to take this time to thank those people who heated my prayer request thank you very much it means a lot to me and God bless you all thank you very much amen

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