Thursday, June 21, 2018


Today’s Reading: Matthew 22

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The evening view of the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Key Verse: Matthew 22:29

Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God…”


There are different denominations in Christianity. There are also denominations in Judaism. The Pharisees were the traditionalists who had added much to the Scriptures. Jesus said that they had made the Word of God ineffective by their traditions (Matthew 15:6). The Sadducees were another group. They practiced Judaism’s rituals but did not believe in Biblical truths such as miracles, and in particular, they denied the resurrection of the dead. Jesus was not with either group. He calls His followers to KNOW THE SCRIPTURES and to KNOW THE POWER OF GOD.


Lord Jesus, I pray for the discipline of daily reading and studying the Scriptures. I also pray that I will know Your power. You promised that, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8). My heart is wide open to receive Your Holy Spirit. In Your Name, Lord Jesus, I pray. Amen!


Every morning I spend time reading and studying God’s Word. I ask and believe God to speak to me through my reading. God speaks first. I get to know the Scriptures. Then it’s my turn to speak. I pray for understanding of what I’ve read. I pray for my wife, my children, grandchildren and my great-grandchildren by name, and circumstance. I then pray for all others whose needs I am aware of. I pray for all you who read this blog that you will know the Scriptures and the power of God. I pray specifically for all by name who lead in the Church and in the various ministries of which I am aware. Then I spend time in worship, so that I may soak in God’s presence. Thank you very much for doing me the honour of joining me in this two year journey through the Bible.

Praying for you,


P.S. Yesterday I shared a picture of our 1977-1992 building located at the 100 Huntley Street address in Toronto. When our lease concluded, I searched in vain for another building in Toronto to rent, but it was not to be. Therefore, we moved a few miles down the QEW highway (Queen Elizabeth Way) to the western tip of Lake Ontario at Burlington, where, by God’s grace and the support of God’s people, we built the Crossroads Centre. Since 1992, “Day unto day” and “Night unto night” the Word of the Lord has gone forth from this building. The support of people who care about the cause of Christ continues. I consider Crossroads Christian Communications Incorporated to be an absolutely essential service for the cause of Christ. Wonderful people who work in this building have helped me develop and maintain this daily blog. Thank You Lord! Thank You everyone!

The front of the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, June 21, 2018

  1. Psalm 19 says in verse 4, “…and their words to the end of the world…” I am considering that to mean not only place but time. Lord, may 100 Huntley St. go on until You come in your Glory, Amen. Hence as Rob says we must be faithful to keep it going. My Mother and I had the wonderful privilege to attend the opening in 1992. Thank you Jesus! Thanks to David Mainse and family for helping us to know the scriptures. Today is Graduation day in our local high school. Please pray for my grandniece, Madison who is graduating to know and follow the will of God for her life. Used to take her to Sunday School when she was younger. Thanks saints!

    • God is forever faithful and good!
      Wise and godly people have gone before us. May we follow in their footsteps as they followed in the footsteps of Christ. God brought revival before, both in individuals and in nations, and He can do it again!
      Lord God, please have Your way in us, use us as Your servants to bring the good news of Your Truth to others. Wash us clean of all our sin – thank You for taking our sin on Yourself, thank You for living the life You did so that death was defeated, thank You that You are alive, ever interceding for us – and fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Transform us into Your likeness, with courage, boldness, compassion and wisdom, so we can overflow with Your goodness so others will come to know and follow You. Be glorified in all your people, Lord, we ask in Jesus’s great name, amen

  2. Thank you Lord, for this daily devotional! How precious is Your Word. Lead us, I pray, in Your purpose for us and may the light of Your presence shine through us.

  3. Agreeing with above comments…Thank God for His Word…and this blog!

    Thank you Mainse family for bring it to us daily!!

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