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Today’s Reading: Matthew 8

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These are believed to be the ruins of Peter’s house, excavated in Capernaum. They are now protected by a church that is built over what was once a house. Scripture tells that Capernaum was also the home of the Apostles Andrew, James and John, as well as the tax collector, Matthew. Most notably, it was the hometown of Jesus during His ministry years (Matthew 4:13).


Key Verse: Matthew 8:15

So He touched her hand, and the fever left her. And she arose and served them. [Peter’s mother-in-law]

In French, the words for “Mother-in-law” are “la bellemere” – “The beautiful mother.” Peter’s wife’s mother is beautiful in three ways.

First: She was touched by Jesus. His touch always brings beauty.

Second: She arose. It’s beautiful to see a person who is ready for action.

Third: She is beautiful in her desire to minister back to Jesus.

The touch of Jesus is not just for personal benefit; it’s for “OTHERS.” Has the touch of Jesus blessed you spiritually, physically, financially, socially, etc. Yes, it’s a gift for you, and it’s for God’s purpose of blessing “OTHERS.” That’s the primary word expressing gratitude to God for His blessings.


Lord Jesus, You lived Your life for others. You suffered, died and rose from the dead for others. I truly want to give my life in whatever way You lead me in the service of others. Grant me the grace to give myself away to others. Amen!


My mother, Norma Hazel Pritchard, died when I was 12. My most vivid memories were of watching her pray on her knees for long periods of time. I was aware of the Presence of God and I would never disturb her. She had traveled to Egypt in 1924 to marry my Dad, and she used her degree in music to minister with music lessons to the girls of Egypt who had very little opportunity. Always, without exception, the first item she placed on our wall when we moved was a white and black mother of pearl motto that simply said, “OTHERS.”

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17 thoughts on “Saturday, June 9, 2018

  1. I remember seeing “Others” on a tombstone in a cemetery in Scarborough, Ontario as a young person. The memory has always stayed with me. Such an important statement in one word.

  2. Remember David and Norma Jean singing “Others” and it always blessed me. Didn’t realize David’s mother and wife had the same first name almost. Praying for the G7 Summit especially for our country. God bless you saints. Miss hearing from you Beverlee. Trust you are well.

    • I was thinking the same thing this a.m. Ger about the first names being the same. Must have been such a comfort to David.
      Also praying for friendship and fairness for the G7 participants and non-partisan reporting by Canadian and American reporters.
      May God bless all saints and all those who will one day become one.

      • Yes, we need unbiased reporting and less government control of the press. I pray for God’s workers in every echelon if society, even in the media. Here’s a quote from Sarah Sanders, speaking with a reporter on CNN:
        “Unfortunately, you guys quit reporting the news. When I can read a news story and I have no idea what side of the story the reporter is on, that’s a good news story. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of news that looks like that.”
        Lord God, please raise up Godly workers in our government and in our media, people of integrity, who will stand for You in this dark and deceived world. Please protect them, fill them with courage and compassion, and help them to be faithful to You. And bless Sarah Sanders and those who are standing for truth. Thank You for caring. I ask in Jesus’s all-powerful name, amen

    • Yes Lord we are praying for our leaders that You Lord will be among them,give them wisdom, respect,grace,mercy, let their words promote forgiveness Lord You are there among these leaders TY Lord in Jesus Name we Pray amen

  3. I think we all noticed the same name.The video vlog was missing today but is there now although it is not loading.It may be my old LT?I thank God each morning in prayer for “these words” (all of 100 Words)and whatever I’m having with my coffee and ask “that they both nourish me in the way that You desire”.

    • The video Vlog was missing this early morning but I checked back later in the day and it was there. I believe staff at Crossroads has to post it and we must give them time to do that! So good to see David – like he is still with us!

  4. Yes “Others” ….what an important word!!

    As I reread today’s scripture…that word was active in most of the scripture! Jesus ministered to others!!

    We have had some rain this morning; refreshing!!!

    be blessed this day!

  5. I think God used staff, and members who helped me where I live. I remember the year my father passed away my friends and staff helped me a lot, (M) I will call her is a close friend. She never knew God was doing it through her words , and actions. I heard on a movie a child said ” Angels wear their wings on the inside” so I think of (M)
    that God used her, and still does today. So there as a lot of others as David had said.
    God Bless everyone
    Lianne Hogg

  6. TY Lord for the rain.

    need prayers having issues with a gal pray the Holy Spirit enters her heart and removes all the negative and replaces with positive beliefs
    need prayers asking the Lord to bless me with a financial breakthrough to clear up affairs, then spend time serving others
    In Jesus Name I pray amen

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