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Today’s┬áReading: Zechariah 4-6

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A single olive tree blooms just outside of this northern section of the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem. The symbol of the spiritual life of Israel is the olive tree.

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Key Verse: Zechariah 4:6

So he answered and said to me:

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’

Says the Lord of hosts.”


In chapter four, the Governor of Judea, Zerubbabel, and the High Priest, Joshua, are likened to two olive trees whose lives and ministries flow directly in the Holy Spirit in order to keep the lamps of worship to God and light for the people aflame. They have a 24/7 relationship with “the Lord of the whole earth,” and they understand that it’s “not by might [corporate military or political action] nor by power [personal influence] but BY MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS!!!” We need to understand that for us to do as Jesus said, as recorded in Matthew 5:14-16, “Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven,” the Spirit of God must flow through us always. All our organizational strength and all our individual efforts won’t make spiritual renewal happen. It takes God’s Spirit and His flow through our lives corporately and individually.

The vision of the huge flying scroll of chapter 5 should underline for us the importance God places on what we’re doing right now, paying attention to His written Word!

In chapter 6 we read of “the Branch.” Turn back to the words of the prophet Isaiah and understand that these words written by Zechariah could only refer to the coming Messiah or “Christ” in the Greek language (read Isaiah 11:1-5). In Christ, the true holy eternal temple grows by the Spirit of God, not by the work of men’s hands (read Ephesians 2:13-22).


Lord God, I pray that I will faithfully, by Your Spirit and not by corporate might or personal power, see Your purposes all take place. As the last words of today’s reading tell me, “This shall come to pass if you [me] diligently obey the voice of the Lord your [my] God.” In the Name of the One who always obeyed the Voice of His Father God, Jesus, the Christ, I pray. Amen!!!


In the days before television, there was radio. Every Sunday morning as a child and a teenager, I would hear Rev. C. M. Ward, preacher on the Revivaltime broadcast, quote Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.” C. M. Ward was born in what was known as Cabbage Town, Toronto. This Canadian was considered by many to be the greatest preacher ever to minister on radio. Revivaltime originated from the headquarters building of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri, USA. When I was invited by the Assemblies of God to host Turning Point, their TV ministry back in the early 1970s, Brother Ward took me aside and said, “David, you need to understand why the leaders of the Assemblies have chosen you. It’s because you are a Canadian. Your Canadian accent cannot be identified as from the south or from New England. Canadians have a rather neutral accent.” All the time I was thinking,”accent or not, it’s got to be ‘Not by might or by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.'” It was quite frightening to me to have a denomination of 15,000 churches, in the United States alone, and thousands more in other countries, ask me to do this. The call from Springfield came immediately after a week in Moncton, New Brunswick, when I preached each evening on the occasion of the opening of a new church building. I had fasted and spent much time in prayer that week, and by the end of the week I found myself interceding in fervent prayer for the people of the United States. This had never happened in this intensity to me before. I always thought that the USA had plenty of evangelists, and that I’d just stick to my beloved Canada. For every believer in Jesus, in one way or another, Jesus said, “You shall receive power [corporately and personally] when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem [our home town], and in all Judea and Samaria [for me that was English and French Canada], and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). That’s for every blog reader! Pray and give! Go ourselves or make it possible for others to go!!!

Yours for the unhindered work of the “Spirit” of “The Lord of Hosts!!!”


32 thoughts on “Thursday, April 26, 2018

  1. Wow–what prophetic and powerful scripture from Zechariah’s vision! Though perplexed as to why the red horse going to the east was not commissioned in Zechariah 6: 5-6 as the other horses. Great message and prayer. Wishing all saints a blessed day in the Lord.

    Praise our God, all peoples, let the sound of his praise be heard;
    he has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping.
    Psalm 66:8-9 NIV

    Blessings – Laura Story – with Lyrics

  2. Sah, I don’t understand what is going on with your prayer line calling, which you have mentioned several times. How many times a day are you calling the prayer lines? Trusting God to answer your prayers in His way is part of praying and the deeper part of relieving anxiety. Very sad to hear about the retribution of your family members. 100 Huntley Street supports this blog, which you are a part of. Does that mean you are not going to read the daily scripture or listen to the video vlog to stay connected with God’s Word daily, post prayer requests for people or yourself; or post comments? Something to seriously think about, Sah.

    On another note, there are many other prayer lines you can call:
    The 700 Club 1-800-759-0700
    Global Destiny Prayer Center 1-888-935-8100
    TBN Prayer and Praise Line 1-888-731-1000
    DAYSTAR 1-800-329-0029
    BREAKTHROUGH 1-800-424-8644

    • I found out that I asked for prayer on a Wednesday, at the beginning of April and due to the pressure of the situation I asked for prayer again on Thursday, with a few more concerns and that day I was told I asked for one prayer to many, and presto, the phone line went dead!
      HOWEVER I found out today that the Prayer Line has been restored, no more cold callus message left by someone, so.;…..I am believing that my concerns were heard and the problem has been fixed!
      what was frustrating was when people said that 100 Huntley Street
      would never stop a prayer partner from asking for praying was incorrect…..they do and they did and it took me 3 days to find this out……
      I am thankful it has been resolved…..I am meeting with family to discuss whether we desire to financially support this Ministry any further…..I just felt the situation could have been handled in a much more caring way, perhaps someone talk to me…..
      It’s over for now, thank you Lord…..

    • Thank you Beverlee for your note to Sah ! I have been thinking about this situation and what to do, but you took action and gave good advice and help! God bless you and all today!

  3. Sah,this poem is a message for you:

    Trust Me

    Trust Me,I know what I am doing,
    It’s not just your heart I am wooing
    But your soul is so dear to Me,
    I want you with Me for eternity.

    Even when your days are very bad,
    I share the load that makes you sad,
    So do not be angry with Me,
    You must trust in Me eternally.

    I love all my children most dearly,
    And in life I see you clearly,
    That is why you are on the Earth,
    It is a school and the grave is your birth.

    ‘I knew you before you were born’,
    I would never leave you forlorn,
    I know every hair on your head,
    Death is not for you to dread.

    Life is through my precious Son,
    A reward for when your day is done,
    So know that this is my gift to you
    And walk with Him your life through.
    G W (Bill) Marshall/.2011

    • Control (I believe this to be a fact.)

      Satan blends his thoughts with yours,
      You think they came from you,
      For his goal is to close all doors,
      To control everything you do.

      He starts this at an early age,
      His lies make you the liar
      And if you are in a rage,
      That’s when you fuel his hellfire.

      But just like Satan who sneaks in,
      There is Another who is true,
      For He knows well about sin
      And what Satan wants with you.

      He will only enter if invited,
      A slave is not His goal,
      He seeks a fire be ignited
      From within to make you whole.
      G W(Bill) Marshall / 13 June, 2013
      Charles Stanley agrees in this video:

      I did not know how true this was when I wrote it.

    • Great work, Bill. Blessings on you & all of God’s people throughout the earth, in Jesus’s great name, amen

      All blessings are different, but God knows each of our needs, whether it be salvation, a friend, provision, comfort, help… In all things, God is good.

    • thank you William Marshall! the issue of the restriction on the prayer has been resolved…..thank the Lord…..
      it has changed my view of this Ministry……it is over, I have forgiven the people involved… Jesus Name amen

  4. After the trial there is a blessing. Heard that message on tv last week and it has certainly come true for me since then. Had a wonderful gathering of my family and some friends for my birthday arranged by my friends. Continued to celebrate yesterday by going to the US, had a nice dinner, shopped some, then went to see a “God’s Not Dead” movie. He said that He would never leave us nor forsake us. That is true for you too Sah! You have received some good advice from your blogging friends. Love those songs Beverlee.

  5. Blessings on each and everyone who participates in this daily blog and all of Christ’s followers wherever they may be.

    God Bless one and all

  6. So good to join together in thought!

    I’m a bit under the weather today; praying and believing it does grow into anything bigger, but instead dissolve into complete healing! prayer for restored health would be great!!

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