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Today’s┬áReading: Jeremiah 48

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The view that Moses had on Mount Nebo as he looked westward to the Promised Land. The green seen in the centre of the photo is the oasis of Jericho. On the far horizon is Jerusalem, approximately 25 miles (40 kilometres) beyond Jericho. The Judean wilderness lies between Jericho and Jerusalem. The territory of Moab begins just south of this point. Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David, was from Moab. To travel from Moab to Bethlehem, where she married Boaz, she would have had to travel through this wilderness. God cares about individuals and countries too.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 48:10a, 29

“Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully.”

“We have heard the pride of Moab (He is exceedingly proud),

Of his loftiness and arrogance and pride,

And of the haughtiness of his heart.”


Like Philistia, Moab was caught in the middle between the warring super powers of the day, Egypt and Babylon (Iraq), and was suffering the horrors of genocidal destruction. God was seen as in charge overall, but let us remember that God has given humans a free will. He refuses to turn us into robots and puppets. We bring judgment on ourselves! “Moab” is mentioned 25 times in this chapter. This is evidence of God’s deep concern, not just for Israel, but for the people of Moab also. This was like a hell on earth for them. Jesus taught of an eternal Hell (10 times in the 4 Gospels) in order to warn us. He provided through His cross, suffering hell’s worst agony, the way of escape and eternal salvation for all who are willing to accept by free will His saving grace.

What can we learn from Moab? They were materialistic worshippers of a false god, deceitful, deliberate liars, filled with pride, self glory, haughtiness and carelessness. Do any of these descriptions sound familiar in our day? Jeremiah reveals the heart of God for these people by ending the chapter on a note of hope in the final sentence. There are dozens of Bible verses about “hope”! The word “hope” is used twice in one sentence in Romans 15:13. Read Romans 15:10-13 for our reason to have “hope”.


Dear God, You desire to save the whole world from death and Hell. Forgive me for going my own way again and again instead of Your way. I’m made in Your image, as is every person, and I have a free will so I can, if I’m not surrendering to You daily, fall into the traps into which the Moabites fell. I repent, asking You to give me power to overcome sin today and every day. Keep me true to You. I pray this in the Name of the only Person who lived 100% of the time in a way which pleased You, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


Alexander Pope wrote these familiar words in the early eighteenth century, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” In reading his words further, it’s certain that Pope wanted his readers to be “hopeful” by believing in the gift of eternal life. Meaning or purpose for life, beyond the daily grind of waking, eating, drinking, etc., is so important for human wellbeing. Secularists and atheists face an empty and often horrible future without “hope” for a better world to come where truth, love, comfort, no more pain, no more separation, and no more death is the human experience.

I was 11 years old the first time I heard Billy Graham preach. We went to an Ottawa, Canada, “Youth for Christ” rally. I remember vividly that Billy pictured fame, pleasure, wealth, etc. as soap bubbles… all shiny and bright looking, but then he reached out his hand to grasp the imaginary bubbles he was describing and they were as nothing. They burst the moment he touched them. There is nothing satisfying out there apart from “hope” in God! Paul ends what I consider to be perhaps the most beautiful use of language, perhaps of all time. “And now abides faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). “Hope” is the middle word. Faith is a gift from God. “Hope” is our word of confidence. The result is that “HOPE” surprises me when it springs out of my heart, Pope’s “Human Breast.” What a joy to be alive, facing another day with complete confidence in God.

Yours for eternal “hope”… that’s forever, and ever, and ever, Amen!!!


P.S. I’m singing as I close off the blog these words, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” Here is a YouTube rendition (click here).

27 thoughts on “Thursday, February 15, 2018

  1. Fellow blogger can you pray for me as of late I have had many seizures.
    It seems to me that ask for that to many times. The hymn My Hope is found on Jesus Christ that David put on this blog today helps me a lot
    today thank you everyone
    Lianne Hogg

    • Never stop asking for prayer, Lianne. You are a dear sister-in-Christ to us. Lord Jesus Christ, wrap Your loving arms around Lianne, and protect her from falls. Intervene in her life, medically, dear God, to help doctors better treat her seizures. Breathe on her, Heavenly Father, that her seizures weaken and become a thing of the past. Renew her, Holy Spirit, that she becomes free as a bird and enjoys every moment of life without restriction. In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen, amen, and amen.

    • Lianne, I truly believe David Mainse started this blog so that we could ask for prayers for anything and everything! There is no such thing as asking for too much prayer! I also believe that God puts it on our hearts to ask for prayer daily! His Word says so!
      His Word also tells us to pray for one another, uphold one another, encourage one another and even point out some flaws in a very loving way! If God says so then it is so!
      Lianne from the very beginning many people have been praying for you on a daily basis! In my town I know of at least 6 others praying for you!
      Lord God I pray that You will walk with Lianne on a daily basis, even minute by minute, heal her from the seizures! Keep her safe, keep her mind on You Lord and always may she ask for prayers any time. Lord You never get weary of us! You love us unconditionally! TY Lord, in Jesus Name we Pray amen

  2. Praying for you, Lianne. My sister has had seizures all of her life but is now very controlled. Dr had to use an old medication that is not covered financially by government (Phenobarbital) along with other uptodate meds. I hope you have good medical care as well. Lord take over according to Your Perfect Will & Your Love for Luanne.

  3. Great photo and history with it. Amen to David’s prayer and message about Billy Graham. What are we, but mere specks on the globe, falling older, each day? Oh, the existence of human life. But in the eyes of our God–we are images of His creation. The gift of His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ–such a majesty to behold. HIs Spirit lives and reigns in us. His Word is alive with ultimate truth. Oh, that we may claim victory through Jesus and have eternal life with Him!!! Blessings fellow saints in the Lord!

    But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
    Psalm 3:3 NIV

    Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Gracefully Broken (WOW!)

  4. Yes Lord, I join my prayer with Beverlee and Doreen for healing of your affliction Lianne and also for good medical care in Jesus name. Amen!

  5. Worshiped with David in song “May hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness” thank you for posting it.

    What a joy to lean on Jesus and worship Him together, praising and glorifying Him with our whole heart!!

    Bless you Ron and Ann for continuing to post this precious manna daily!!

  6. I will be away for the next four days, visiting my sister, to celebrate her birthday..unable to access the blog.

    Asking for prayer for my son Peter and his wife Darlene as they are in the process of purchasing a home…God has brought them miraculously through many obstacles in this move/transaction; please pray for wisdom for them as they continue to seek the Lord’s counsel in and through the final process. For protection for them from anything that is not of God in the transaction.
    It is a big financial transaction, calling for God’s wisdom and guidance in it. Thank you and God bless you as you pray!!

    • Praying for Peter and Darlene, Irene. Lord God, grant them wisdom, that they will see and know what Your desires are for them regarding their home. Guard them with protection, Heavenly Father, that their transactions will be financial sound and stable. And that the location they have chosen is pleasing to You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen. Enjoy your time with your sister, Irene!

  7. Oh Precious and Loving Father today I bring to you in prayer Lianne who has been having many seizures lately. When this happens dear Lord wrap her in your arms and keep her from harm and assure her of your presence
    Right there with her. Lord we wish for healing from these seizures and a lesser number in the future if none at all. Grant Lianne peace and keep her from harm.
    Also we pray for Peter and his wife as they finalize a real estate transaction. We pray it all goes well and is within your desire for them. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

    Blessings fellow saints

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