Friday, February 9, 2018


Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 33-34

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In the lower parts of what was the High Priest Caiaphas’ house is a dungeon. This is the area where Jesus would have spent the night after He was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. In today’s reading, we find Jeremiah is “still shut up in the court of the prison” here in Jerusalem. Above the dungeon, the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu (“the cock crowing”) now sits.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 33:3

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.


God spoke the words of our key verse to Jeremiah while he was in prison. Whatever our circumstances, we just need to “call,” then listen and watch! God hears and answers pivotal prayers. The pivotal word, “behold” (33:6), turns our eyes from the judgment we bring upon ourselves to God’s promises of healing, abundance of peace and truth, return, rebuilding, cleansing from sin, joy, praise, honour, goodness and prosperity. It’s no wonder that Jeremiah quotes the often-repeated words of King David, “His mercy endures forever!” The fact is that King Zedekiah is the last of the line of Kings descended from David to reign in Jerusalem until the Roman authority, Governor Pilate, places these words over the head of Jesus as He hung on the cross, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews!” (Matthew 27:27-37). Jesus said to Pilate, “My Kingdom is not of this world; if My Kingdom was of this world then would My servants fight” (John 18:36-38). It is estimated that by the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D., at least half of the people of Jerusalem, and many of the priests, had made Jesus, the Messiah King, their Lord and Saviour.


Lord God, I pray for grace sufficient to truly repent, so that I consistently do the right thing, not as the leaders of Jerusalem who seemed to repent but then reneged on their decision to free the slaves (Jeremiah 34:8-16). Lord, I sing the chorus, “Keep me true, Lord Jesus. Keep me true. There’s a race that I must run, there are victories to be won. Give me power every hour to be true.” I pray this in and through the Name of the only 100% consistent One, the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


Jeremiah 34:22 tells me that, “The host of Heaven cannot be numbered, nor the sand of the sea measured.” The inspired-by-God Scriptures, while not a scientific document, when it contains a statement concerning natural science, does not contradict truth. Around 200 B.C. the first textbook on astronomy was written by Hyparchus, a Greek. He claimed that he had counted the stars and there were 850 in total. Some claim that Hyparchus counted 1,022 stars. Of course, 1600 years later, Galileo discovered the stars were numberless. At any rate, when even modern texts are different than the clear statement of fact in the Bible, I take my father’s advice on this. When I came home from a grade seven class and reported that I had been embarrassed in front of my science class by a teacher who mocked me for believing that God created all there is, Dad said, “Just wait, David, you’ll find out that the Bible is right when all the facts are in.” I’m pointing this out with several examples during this two-year journey through the Bible. For example, the Babylonian wise men, advisers to Nebuchadnezzar, believed, according to their records, that we humans, animals, etc., were vermin on the hide of a great giant. In spite of 70 years in captivity in Babylon, the Jewish writers of the Bible never wrote such nonsense. They had God’s revelation of Himself, the Holy Scriptures.

Yours for a wait-and-see approach to current “scientific” texts, which are always changing and in many cases the scientists are at odds with each other,



19 thoughts on “Friday, February 9, 2018

  1. Ron, I saw you interviewed on 100 Huntley St yesterday. It was great to hear your story of how the blog started. Also that you are planning to continue it! I’m looking forward to hear on 100 Huntley on Tuesday about the new initiative you and Ann are starting.

  2. Just watched yesterday’s program and was happy to see you, Ron. Phoned in a donation. David has always been my Christian mentor and I thank you for carrying on the blog–such a blessing to us. What a legacy your father has left. 100 Huntley Street is a mainstay in my life, as is the blog. The Word of God, every morning, and evening, is crucial to my well being, mental and spiritual health. Wishing all saints a blessed day in the Lord. Oh, how He loves us!!

    Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 ESV

    Light of the world – Tim Hughes with lyrics

  3. Teachers are still mocking students in their class rooms if they mention a belief in our heavenly Father. Wait and see for sure. We must learn to wait on the Lord which becomes easy with the peace and joy He brings us, I’ve found.

  4. Yes, I too enjoyed seeing you on 100 Huntley St. and posted it on my fb page. Continue to watch this program and have since 1979. Looking forward to next Tuesday’s program. Blessings on all today.

  5. Ger, you can always put in a search. It happened to me in the past but has righted itself. I heard today that Crossroads is not hiring Christian students for summer jobs this year because Justin Trudeau will not allow, “Christians only”. Does he not walk through the doors of parliament frequently and see the words, Dedicated to God from Sea to Sea and hear the cotillion ring out every 15 minutes, reminding us of the birth of Christ? Our country was founded on Christian principles and beliefs. Shame. What a wonderful report on today’s program about suicide being totally eliminated in one area of the north because of the Christian message. Our donations provide for such ministries.

  6. Was good to hear what you had to say on TV. Looking forward to Ann and you upcoming program. I pray for continued blessings on you and your family. Thank you for continuing to post this daily blog and this ministry!

  7. Thank you Reynold for the photo…so sad to know that our Lord spent a night in such a dismal place….all for us…for our salvation!!!

    I can relate to David’s story…not that I was mocked, but iwas rejected, by many so-called friends. Also being rejected by some in my immediate family. Its amazing though, that I was asked to pray at gatherings…before mealtime.
    Through the years…I had the pleasure to pray for some shortly before they passed away. God is sooo good!! Amen!

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