Thursday, December 14, 2017


Today’s Reading: Song of Solomon 4-6

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The Church of All Nations, also known as the Church or Basilica of the Agony, is a Roman Catholic church located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, next to the Garden of Gethsemane. It enshrines a section of bedrock where Jesus is said to have prayed before His arrest (Mark 14:32-42). In the garden, there are some extremely old olive trees; perhaps they were there at the time of Christ. In 4:12a of today’s reading, the spouse is likened to a “garden enclosed.” This is a term of endearment indicating the exclusiveness of the marriage relationship. Here, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter began his human efforts to fight for Jesus, which ended in his denial of Jesus at the High Priest’s palace. For a brief time Jesus and his beloved Peter were separated, as were the “lovers” in today’s reading.

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Key Verses: Song of Solomon 4:10

How fair is your love,

My sister, my spouse!

How much better than wine is your love,

And the scent of your perfumes

Than all spices!


Whether we read this poem as simply a love story between Solomon and the lovely Shulamite maiden, or a portrayal of the love between God and His people, we will not find a more tender and moving expression of love. The young woman, having missed her opportunity to welcome her beloved on his unexpected visit, goes out to search for him. Deep within her heart, she is certain of his love.

Could it be that we, who say we love God, do not respond to His presence immediately, and we miss the relationship He desires to have with us? Like the Shulamite we can search in many places for Him, but the message is clear in the last verse of our reading (6:13a): We are called to “Return, return…Return, return!” Let us return to the place where we first met Jesus, not to the physical location, but the place of repentance as did Peter after he had been challenged for the third time by a waitress in the courtyard of the High Priest (read Luke 22:47-62).


Dear Lord, like the Shulamite, I realize that I don’t deserve Your love, but I also recognize that You have chosen to love me. Please forgive me for not responding instantly to Your presence and Your love. I pray for grace to learn to return and to remain constantly in Your presence. I thank You that You have promised to never leave me nor forsake me. I’ve read this Lord, both in Deuteronomy and quoted in Hebrews 13:5. I pray this in the Name of the One who said, “I am with you always,” the Lord Jesus, Himself, Amen!!! (Matthew 28:18-20).


I often have dreams like the Shulamite says in the song, “I sleep, but my heart is awake.” Her dream involved searching for her beloved, and of being beaten and wounded during her search (5:2-7). Like the woman in our reading, my heart seems to be awake first. Peter failed badly in his denial of knowing Jesus. His heart kicked in the moment his eyes locked with the eyes of Jesus. Often it’s my heart that kick-starts my brain, then my mind, in turn, ignites my will power and I correct my decisions and do the right thing!

Yours for the “return” to God of all who have known Him as children but have run far away, where they have been beaten and wounded,


19 thoughts on “Thursday, December 14, 2017

  1. Missing my husband so much this year (passed 3 yrs @ Christmas). I don’t know what I would have thought though if he had told me my hair was like a flock of goats & my teeth were as freshly washed sheep! He had a great sense of humour but he would not have made such a comment. He did tell me he was “my Armstrong heater” – it is pretty cold here just now. Could use that heater just now!

    • Yes, thank you for making me laugh, Doreen. God’s blessings of loving memories of your dear husband, and his presence with you, throughout this day.

      • Doreen: I pray that our Heavenly Father, who is a husband to the widow , will comfort you as you go through another Christmas without your husband.
        I have a friend whose husband also passed away 3 years ago (Dec. 8, 2014) . She, too is having a difficult time.
        It can be very painful but we’re thankful that God promises to “never leave us”, as David mentioned in today’s blog.
        May you feel His presence surrounding you!
        Blessings to all bloggers !

    • Doreen loving you and praying for you, maybe write out your feelings, you never know how writing can help with the loss or the loneliness in life….another suggestion is maybe gather some others who may be going through a sad time right now….bring together a pot luck and share with one another….God know your very heart Doreen… to Him often. He is with us always!!!.

  2. O Dorern, thank you for making me laugh this morning, I have been crying as my dear friend Elizabeth is near the end of her life. I have witnessed to her so many times, and as far as I know she hasn’t given her life to the Lord. I am hoping I get to see her soon so I can ask her if she has.
    I pray that the Lord comforts you Doreen and that you will have more good memories of your husband this Christmas Season.
    Enjoyed Pastor Davids comments and his prayer, so uplifting.
    Blessings to all my blog friends Eleanor M

    • Prayers for you, today, Eleanor, and for your dear friend Elizabeth. When you ask her to call His Name, I am certain she will and you can rest assured before she passes that Jesus will save her.

    • Holy Spirit open up Elizabeth’s heart and may she ask Jesus Christ to come into her heart and into her life! Bless Eleanor as she shares the Gospel with a friend! Give her the right words also. TY Lord for this prayer line and the heart felt prayers that come through for each one to pray for! This is so good and such a God thing! We thank You Lord We ask You to bless each person, we thank You Lord for Your unconditional love… Jesus Name we Pray amen

  3. Songs of Solomon
    reminds of a romance
    between 2 people.
    It will be our 1st Christmas
    with out our dad.
    God will be with our
    family and the Mainse family.

  4. Sad for all those who have lost loved ones.. at anytime… but especially on ‘special’ days of the year. They remain precious in our heart. We can still express how special they were and have been in our life.

    For all those who have lost loved ones or, like my wife, who is incapacitated
    in a nursing home… but still able to express my love and care. The following
    is a beautiful song of peace, comfort and strength. Be blessed. Be encouraged.
    Be strengthened.

    “There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God,
    A place where sin cannot molest, near to the heart of God.
    There is a place of comfort sweet, near to the heart of God.
    A place where we our Saviour meet, near to the heart of God.

    O Jesus, blest R3edeemer, sent from the heart of God,
    HOLD US, who wait before Thee, near to the heart of God.”

  5. yep! had a good laugh….yes my hair looks like a flock of goats ran through it!
    my teeth look like a bunch of animals were messing around……and my breasts are like to fawns!!!!! hm-m-m-m brings back memories of breast feeding my babies… gets real funny as we get older and gravity goes to work on different parts of the bodies! That can be pretty funny also!
    I so appreciate the sense of humour, and God does have a great sense of humour! Best of all HE LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY! forever and always because His Word says so!

    God bless everyone….

  6. Beverlee, please check back to yesterday’s replies. The ploughing happened today. Prayed for Norma Jean at our WMC meeting today and may you feel the Lord’s presence ever so near this Christmas Doreen. Also prayers for you Eleanor and your dear friend Elizabeth. Lord please draw her to yourself and give her a desire to call on you for peace with you. Amen!

  7. Lord, I pray You provide a way for Eleanor to be able to share her heart with her friend Elizabeth…for Elizabeth’s salvation, Jesus I pray this in Your Holy Name, Amen!

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