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Today’s¬†Reading: 1 Timothy 3-4

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The building on the left is known as the Mamertine Prison. Tradition tells us that Paul and Peter were both held in this prison before they were martyred. From here the letters to Timothy and Titus were written during the final imprisonment of Paul. In Paul’s first incarceration he was allowed to stay in a private house. Upon entering the city of Rome, “Julius, a centurion of the Augustan Regiment” (Acts 27:1), handed Paul over to the Prefect of the Praetorian Guard (the commanding officer). The official duty of the Prefect was to keep in custody all accused persons who were to be tried before the Emperor. “Now when we came to Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard; but Paul was permitted to dwell by himself with the soldier who guarded him” (Acts 28:16). The church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami, built in the 16th century, now stands above the Mamertine.

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Key Verse: 1 Timothy 4:14a

Do not neglect the gift that is in you…

Chapter three gives practical instructions for those who carry the responsibilities of leadership in the church. The word “Bishop” is used interchangeably with “Pastor” in the churches of the first century. The role of a “Deacon” was defined in the first church in Jerusalem (read Acts 6:1-8). Stephen, the Jerusalem Deacon and first martyr, is a powerful example of someone who “served well” (1 Timothy 3:13b). Stephen most certainly had “great boldness in the faith, which is in Christ Jesus.”

Chapter four gives us a solemn warning concerning false teachers. We need to remember that Satan went into the religion business at the beginning of the human family (Genesis 3). Here are instructions for Timothy and all his helpers: (1) Instruct (2) Be a good minister (3) Follow carefully good doctrine (4) Reject fables (5) Exercise…to godliness (6) Bodily exercise profits a little – keep in good physical shape (7) Godliness is profitable in all things (8) Let no one despise your youth (9) Be an example (10) Give attention to reading (how about this blog) (11) Our key verse – exercise the gifts God has given (12) Meditate on these things (13) Take heed to yourself and the doctrine.This is good counsel for all of us too!


Lord God, I pray that I will not neglect the gift that is in me. May I faithfully recognize the gifts that are in my brothers and sisters in the faith. Help me to listen more carefully to the teaching of others who are called by You to teach, preach, witness, and serve. In Jesus’ Name I ask these requests, Amen!


When I look at the pictures my son has taken and freely shared with us, I recognize that obedience to the call of God requires, if necessary, death to my own plans and ambitions. While still a teenager, I took great delight in following Jesus. I realized that as I “Delight [myself] in the Lord, He will give [me] the desires of [my] heart.” I’ve just taken time to read from King David Psalm 37:1-8, which teaches me that I should seek to know what delights the heart of God, and then line my desires up with His. When my desires are the same as His desires, “He shall give you [me] the desires of your [my] heart” (Psalm 37:4).

Rev. Keith Running planted a new congregation in Brighton, Ontario. I followed him as Pastor there in the Fall of 1958. He had developed a marvellous document called a “Local Church Constitution.” The roles of Pastor and Deacons were outlined carefully, as well as other organizational matters. I learned a great deal from Keith. Because of such a wise document, even the church business meetings were enjoyable.

Yours for learning and applying the practical teachings of ministry in the local church,


In the lower level of the Mamertine Prison there is only one entrance and exit from the prison…you can see the hole in the stone ceiling through which Paul and Peter would have been lowered. It is said that Paul was chained to the pole at the back of the room.

Here you can see Peter and Paul depicted in these statues which are in the main room above the prison.

10 thoughts on “Monday, September 4, 2017

  1. Thank you David for your explanation in yesterday’s blog re women in ministry.
    Would blog readers please pray for safety for people in the Caribbean as powerful Hurricane Irma approaches. Please pray it loses power and wears out in the sea away from people. Please pray for safety of the Christian missionary ship, the Logos Hope, currently in the Dominican Republic and possibly in the path of tbe hurricane

    • Amen…agreeing in prayer with you Eleanor C…that hurricane Irma loses its power before reaching any area where there are people! in The Mighty Name of Jesus I pray!

    • Yes, agreeing in prayer with sisters Eleanor, Ger and Irene, for protection and safety of everyone in the Caribbean in the midst of oncoming Hurricane Irma. Please, Lord God, re-direct the path of this storm from hitting the people directly and staying out in sea. Wed pray for Your grace in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen.

  2. Just thinking about Paul and Peter in that prison, makes my stomach turn. To see the power of their witness for Christ and the affects it continues to have is mind boggling. God turns our tragedies into triumph when we surrender to Him. Amen. Missed you saints. Wishing you all and David, a wonderful day, in the Lord!

    Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. Psalm 119:2 KJV

    David Dunn – I Don’t Have To Worry (Lyric Video)

  3. My latest, saints:

    Your Love Hems Me In

    I feel You near, You’re in the wind, Lord,
    The depths of Your grace, stain my eyes.
    As tears drop down, so ever flowing,
    To You, I humbly bow, and cry.

    How can You love me, such a sinner?
    I fear I fail You, time again.
    In every crass, and tempered mutter,
    From where it comes, I know not, when.

    Without temptation, from the Devil,
    I would not stumble, err to fall.
    Without Your loving, grace and mercy,
    I would not turn, to You and call.
    Do you not yet know, my desire?
    Love I bestow, to you so true.
    The purest form, and ever treasure,
    I died that I, might live for you.

    Cast out your fears, my dearest child,
    No longer need they, weigh you down.
    Soak in my word, and gentle presence,
    For seeds of truth, to thee, I crown.

    Dear one, my love, it is eternal,
    Under my wings, I take you in.
    For you, my ever precious daughter,
    Are part of me, you are my kin.
    Oh Heavenly Father, I shall not tarry,
    To testify, for You, my King.
    A Name, so great, the power it carries,
    Your love, dear Lord, it hems me in.

    For I am Yours, a blessed servant,
    I will call out, for all my needs.
    And worship You, with adoration,
    Your loving grace, has set me free.

    Nearer, my God, yes, ever faithful,
    My precious Saviour, yet again.
    You are my rock, and my redeemer,
    Your love, dear Lord, it hems me in.

    B. Busch
    © August, 2017

  4. Yes, what love for the Lord these two apostles showed. You also Pastor David. Lovely poem Beverlee; thank you. Am awed and overwhelmed by the scripture and postings this morning. Prayers for your request too Eleanor. Missed you too Beverlee. Thank you Reynold for your outstanding photos.

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