Thursday, August 31, 2017


Today’s Reading: Job 39

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In Israel’s Jordan Valley, the wildlife reserve Hai-Bar Yotvata is located in the southern Arava Valley north of Eilat. It was established to foster the breeding of the kinds of animals mentioned in Job 39 and other endangered desert animals.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Job 39:13a

The wings of the ostrich wave proudly…

Mountain goats, wild donkeys, onagers, wild oxen, ostriches, storks, horses, hawks and eagles are all mentioned in today’s reading. Most of us have sat in classrooms and listened to teachers who taught that all life came into being as a result of some cosmic accident. In addition to truth about God’s power, there is much here in chapter 39 about the origins of each species. In the fossil records, all these creatures appear suddenly and fully formed. There are no fossils that show part dinosaur and part ostrich! If one transformed into the other over millions of years, there should be thousands of intermediate creatures in the fossil record. There are none to be found where a creature is being changed gradually into another species. National Geographic had several pages where they pictured a creature from the Gobi Desert in China that someone claimed was part reptile and part bird. Six months later a tiny article stated that the so-called evidence had been faked. This was also the case of other “missing links.” The Piltdown Man, the Nebraska Man, and others were all fakes created because of desperation to find some shred of evidence to disprove Intelligent Design and God’s creation.


Lord, I praise You for Your amazing, mind-boggling acts of creation! I feel the need to pray to You as the “Creator,” joining King David in his prayer, “Create in me a clean heart” (Psalm 51). I need You, Great Creator, every day in every way. Amen!!!


Crossroads has produced and released a documentary which features several highly credentialed scientists who are believers in Jesus as Saviour and Lord (click HERE to watch the trailer). For Crossroads, this is the first major effort at a “Science & Faith” production since 1979 when we produced the Crossroads Creation series. As I mentioned yesterday, God took that series beyond North America and all 13 episodes were released across all 15 republics of the former Soviet Union in the Russian language on prime time television.

Here is an excerpt from the documentary, Science & Faith, which highlights the story of one of the four prominent scientists featured (click HERE).

Yours for God’s creative power flowing through us to do His will!


P.S. Below is a photo of me holding an ostrich egg. There is a story behind this egg…and behind the Scripture verse on it. I’ll have to tell you about it in a future blog posting.

P.P.S. Today is the final day of Crossroads’ financial/broadcast year, and the last opportunity for us all to give a special donation to help propel Lorna Dueck and her team of “Media Missionaries” into a strong new year!  HERE is a special video highlighting the need for such missionaries in today’s world! To give online click HERE.


17 thoughts on “Thursday, August 31, 2017

  1. Dear David,
    Thank you for today’s message and your enthusiasm for God’s creation. I also congratulate you and Crossroads on (1) your former series oriented towards the needs of people in the Soviet Union and (2) your new Science & Faith series. Dr. Tour is a fine example with whom to begin. Writing as a retired professor, I want to assure you that this is the kind of message that students in the Arts & Sciences —
    as well as their professors — need to hear. Well done!

  2. Amen Mr. Robb.
    Thank you Pastor David, I do enjoy reading your insight of the Scriptures, I have learned so much from your blog, things I didn’t know before.
    Little Judah got home on Tuesday but unfortunately he had nine seizures yesterday and is back in Sick Kid’s Hospital. They are giving him an MRI to see what is causing the seizures, we haven’t had word yet as to whether his tumour is malignant or not. Please pray for him and his young parents.
    Thank you so much dear friends, blessings to all of you. Eleanor M.

    • Keep the faith,Eleanor.I’m praying for your little one.God bless

      Trust Me

      Trust Me,I know what I am doing,
      It’s not just your heart I am wooing
      But your soul is so dear to Me,
      I want you with Me for eternity.

      Even when your days are very bad,
      I share the load that makes you sad,
      So do not be angry with Me,
      You must trust in Me eternally.

      I love all my children most dearly,
      And in life I see you clearly,
      That is why you are on the Earth,
      It is a school and the grave is your birth.

      ‘I knew you before you were born’,
      I would never leave you forlorn,
      I know every hair on your head,
      Death is not for you to dread

      Life is through my precious Son,
      A reward for when your day is done,
      So know that this is my gift to you
      And walk with Him your life through.
      G W (Bill) Marshall/.2011

    • Praying for Judah for the Lord’s intervention and for the Lord’s Highest and best for Judah. For the Lord’s guidance for those that are attending to him, that nothing be done that should not be done. For total healing for Little Judah. In Jesus Mighty Holy Name I pray, Amen!!!

  3. Hi David
    When I saw your picture with the Ostrich egg I was taken back to 1985 as a young new believer watching you on TV. One of my non believing friends said to me “How can you believe anything that guy says look at him even his eyes are smiling ” well David your eyes are still smiling today and we know it is from the Love n Grace received through knowing Jesus. Keep smiling 🙂 Blessings to you and Norma Jean and family !!!

      • Thanks for your reply William, my friends reasoning for being upset with David was that in his opinion ” Nobody can be THAT happy all the time.” Thanks be to God he puts the Joy in our heart and even in the tough times with the Lord working in us we can have the inner peace and smile like that too.
        I am not bothered by how rich an evangelist is if he is telling the truth about Jesus, to his own master he will stand or fall, what is most important is what they are saying and if it lines up with the Holy Scriptures. If it doesn’t then I get skeptical too 🙂 Blessing to you too.

  4. That’s ‘some’ egg,lol.Thanks again,David.I have shared videos of Dr Tour on my FB recently.I am further humbled by such an obvious genius being so humble himself…and inspired.I made my ‘humble’ donation yesterday too and eagerly await The Reunion to read.The manner in which my poems first came to me (as if being dictated) is the reason for my faith.It’s a long story.I had the feeling if I read the bible,’they’ would think the poems were influenced by the bible.I have since relented though and have recently begun my second trip through 100 Words/4th yr.This poem was written before I knew the bible,although I suspect I must have heard Psalm 51 being read before.
    Thank you again,David,’you’ have helped me so much.God bless
    (I try never to put a ‘period’ after “God bless” because a period suggests finality and God’s blessings are infinite.)

    Search Me
    Search me,oh Lord,I’m your’s,
    Remove the cobwebs that hide,
    Find out what my heart stores,
    Then put the wrong far to one side.

    Search again,oh Lord,for light,
    Let not darkness cloud my mind,
    That I may freely do what’s right,
    For I want a heart clean and kind.

    Search my soul,Oh Lord,for me;
    Don’t let me be vain and phony,
    For such get lost and can’t see,
    Then become the devil’s crony.

    Search my heart,oh Lord again,
    Leave no trace of greed within,
    Then I can show,without pain,
    The love betrayed by my sin.
    G W Marshall / 08-Nov-013

  5. William God gave you the words to write his gift to you even when you didn’t know it
    at the time. Eleanor my prayers are with you and Jonah remember
    ” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not on your own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge Him , and He shall direct thy paths. ” proverbs #:5,6
    Thank you David for the message today and personal words.
    I heard some good news we my doctors and family are looking into Life Line Alert. It will help me , and reassure those I love when I need help God works in many ways I thank God who works through his children. It may take some time,and I am looking forward to receiving it just another way of independent living.
    God Bless
    Lianne Hogg

    • Lianne,thanks.My friends and my pastor told me that too but it took just over a year for me to admit it to myself.I was a brand new Christian when it began.He had another reason for the poems which began as poems of comfort for mothers in a site called Grieving Mothers.That’s a long story.God bless

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