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Today’s┬áReading: 1 Samuel 9-10

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This donkey is employed full-time in Petra, Jordan, helping to transport tourists over the difficult terrain.

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Key Verse: 1 Samuel 10:9

So it was, when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, that God gave him another heart; and all those signs came to pass that day.

Surprise! “Another heart.” It’s amazing what can happen when we’re looking for donkeys. We may discover that God is up to something in our lives other than donkeys. It’s great comfort to know that God is in charge. He knows the donkeys are fine. He wants to make us “Kings and Priests” (Revelation 1:6). Sometimes He may want us to be burden-bearing donkeys. We need “another heart.” We just don’t know when we may be at the start of a brand new adventure in God’s plan for us. Remember it was a donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem (John 12:14-15). If we are available to God, He’ll do the most useful and creative things in our lives. His ways are exciting and also very challenging.


Lord God, how often I have been perplexed, frustrated in not finding what I think I’m looking for, when all along You had everything under Your guidance. I pray for a deeper understanding of Your overarching providence, and for a simpler faith in Your promise to “work all things after the counsel of Your will.” In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

I’ve just read all of Ephesians chapter one as my New Testament reading for today. What assurance! (click here).


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve been thinking back on a Crossroads/100 Huntley Street outreach to Ireland called, “To Ireland With Love.” Violence was raging between ungodly Protestant and equally ungodly Roman Catholic factions, so we determined to send a team of Christians, RC’s and Protestants, to work with local groups of Christians who were fasting and praying for God to intervene. The churches were packed and hundreds came forward at the invitation to receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Not long after those days, the powers of hell were driven back and a time of tranquility and evangelism emerged.

I can’t remember why I was in Winnipeg back in 1976. I may have been “looking for donkeys,” but that was the occasion when I first met a local Jesuit priest. He had let it be known amongst the charismatic prayer meetings that he was to perform an exorcism and he wanted a Pentecostal Pastor to accompany him. I ended up being that Pastor. Before agreeing to accompany him, he gave me his testimony of personal salvation and I gave him mine. The Lord found a couple of donkeys, the priest and me, and that day, God delivered an immigrant man from Brazil, who had become deeply involved in voodooism.

Yours for God’s intervention while looking for donkeys,


A father and son tending their sheep and goats at Nazareth Village. This village, in modern-day Nazareth, is run by a Christian ministry and it depicts what life was like at the time of Jesus.


10 thoughts on “Saturday, March 18, 2017

  1. Thanks for sharing the video with Bob. So encouraging to hear how God worked in his life. Interesting too to hear his comments about situations in the world at that time – many of the same problems. It’s wonderful how you were brought together .

  2. I have noticed renewed interest in exorcism among young people. It has been misused at times in the past so perhaps people need guidance in doing it properly. Is that still available?

  3. The Lord delivers! I know of folk who where delivered by God. It appears to happen when a person reaches out to God sincerely. I attended a church that had prayer meetings 3 times a week. They were so anointed and God touched people so amazingly and delivered them from spirits (without a minister or priest). It was so good to have Bob MacDougall on the program. A friend was watching it with me one day and said, “what kind of a program is this?” She couldn’t believe that a Catholic, Anglican, and Pentecostal minister would be able to work together! I believe there was also an United Church minister as well. He prayed for my son after doctors told us that he would not grow anymore as the bone endings were hardened so he stature would be small. He grew 7″ in 6 months!

  4. Great blog this morning, Pastor David. I also put Brother Bob MacDougall’s testimony on fb. Also read all of your links. Praise unto our Father and God of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you. Posted a message to you Mary Stewart and Sah yesterday. Got in touch with a grand niece in On for the first time yesterday. It was so exciting!

  5. so good to hear all that God did in “To Ireland with Love”: through Fr. Bob MacDougall. Thank you for sharing!! Thank you Pastor David for sharing.

    I certainly recall those ministries through the years with Fr. Bob on
    100 Huntley Street!!

  6. l just read that your husband went to be with the Lord, dear Mary. My heart truly goes out to you. It sounds like you had a wonderful marriage and will have many delightful memories to look back on. The Lord is your husband now, and will certainly look after your very need, including your present healing process of your surgery and comfort your heart grieving your precious husband. Sah, l’m so glad you have another car coming, and have prayed it will be an excellent one!

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