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Today’s Reading: Judges 6

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Some of the excavations from the tel of Jericho show the foundation of an old tower and walls. The Tower of Jericho is an 8.5-metre-tall (28 ft) stone structure. Regular readers will remember “The Palace of Eglon” and the fact that Jericho was rebuilt by the Midianites who were still settled here at the time of Gideon.

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Key Verse: Judges 6:12

And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour!”


When God calls a person to service, He chooses someone who is humble and has a heart to serve others. That person, genuinely called of God, will be sensitive to God’s leading day by day. It has been said that God is not looking for ability, but availability. He often equips the most unlikely people for His purposes, great and small. God uses people who are willing to risk everything for His cause. Gideon did this when he destroyed the altar of Baal and the image which his own father had built. When Gideon built an altar to the Lord and burned the wooden image under the sacrifice to the true God, he established his leadership. He was also very human and needed confirmation from God. The sign of the wet and dry fleece gave him additional confidence.

The God-called leadership of the Church was confirmed with signs of God’s presence. In Acts 2:42-47 we read of God’s confirmation of His call on the lives of the Apostles. The sign which indicated God’s call on Gideon was that the people supported him. When we recognize the call of God on someone’s life, we need to support that person in any way we can.


Lord God, help me to find ways to support those You have genuinely called into some form of leadership in Your cause. I know I can’t support everyone, therefore guide me in knowing where to put my support. Bless my Pastor and in particular those who are effective in bringing new people into a relationship with You, O God. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


When the Roman Catholic Bishop of Calgary, Bishop Henry, took a strong stand in favour of “one man, one woman” marriage, he was maligned terribly by those who opposed his stand. I called him on the telephone and my first words were a quote from the angel who appeared to Gideon. I quoted the old translation of the words found in Judges 6:12, “Hail, thou mighty man of valour.” He laughed and so did I. He encouraged me in my campaign to see marriage retained as it had been throughout human history. We lost that battle in the House of Commons and in the Senate of Canada. I received a call from the then Prime Minister, Paul Martin, who wanted to thank me for a book I had sent him. It was kind of him to call. However, the conversation went downhill when I said something to this effect… “Sir, you have led Canada in a direction which will eventually prove to be most destructive to the human family…God’s plan is one man, one woman.” I believed that to be true then and still do today…and I speak the Truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). I love people and, therefore, I want only what I believe would be best for everyone. I believe I’m following Jesus in this. Check out Matthew 19:4-6.

Yours to encourage all who serve the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ to take a stand for what is right in God’s eyes,



Here is a view from the tell of Jericho and some of the modern town of Jericho and in the distance is the Mount of Temptation.

Here is a view from the tel of Jericho showing some of the modern town of Jericho. In the distance is the traditional Mount of Temptation, where Jesus was tempted by Satan following His baptism in the Jordan, not far east of here.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 8, 2017

  1. I agree marriage is beteeen a man and a woman thats how God planned it from the beginning help uscLordbin these perilous times give us Your strength and help us not to be decieved by the worlds beliefs but by only Our God as written in His Holy Word
    God help our country to be strong and free in Jesus name Amen

  2. Amen, David. I am praying that God will deliver Canada from the evil influences society has placed on us. I am so sad by all that our children and future generations have to bear today. God help us to continue to stand in truth and in love, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

  3. Amen. Pastor David. Am believing this as well and may we get back to the truth of God’s Word. Was so delighted yesterday at the funeral when the preacher said the deceased agreed to pray with him before he passed on to receive Jesus as his Saviour. Praise God for His wonderful love and grace.

  4. Yes, according to God’s word , “He made them male and female” marriage is to be “one man and one woman” …and “the two shall become one flesh”

    Prayed in agreement with you Pastor David. It is important to support those the Lord has chosen for leadership. In obedience to the Lord’s leading.

  5. Hi David,
    I share your admiration for Bishop Henry and his colleague there, both of whom have been under attack even from the Vatican. I also share your views expressed to Prime Minister Martin. Canada is certain to face judgment for the 5+ million babies it has murdered, and its ‘experimentation’ with gay marriage. That judgment may well have begun already. It will surely intensify, in accordance with His Word, until we return to our senses and His morality. I trust you are gaining strength each day. Ps. 4:8. Blessings

  6. To Mary Stewart. Prayers for your husband as he goes for surgery on Feb. 10th and your Hip Surgery on Feb. 22. I am reminded of Psalm 121 NIV…in those few verses, five times it tells us that God “watches” over you…over your life…over your coming and going… “O God, the great lover of our souls, reach out your hand of love to Mary & her husband, give them grace to go through this trying time, encouraging, blessing and extending your healing love – accomplishing your perfect plan in their lives. All because of Jesus, our Great Physician.”

    • Thank you for your prayers, Samuel and others also who are praying.
      My husband has deteriorated so much since Christmas, I am glad the surgery is on Friday. His haemoglobin is down, due to bleeding, and the tumour is pressing on other organs, causing pain and discomfort.
      Thank you for the verse of the hymn, I appreciated it very much.
      I am doing fine, just need the surgery to get back on my feet.
      Glad God is still in control, and His plans cannot be thwarted. Mary

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