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Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 33-34

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Here you can see what the breastplate would have looked like on the High Priest in Moses’ time. Each of the twelve tribes is represented before God by a precious stone. The Thummin and the Urim mentioned in today’s reading were there somewhere, but they remain mysterious objects of which we know very little. Perhaps they were instruments for testing God’s will such as casting lots (Deuteronomy 33:8).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Deuteronomy 33:27a

The eternal God is your refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms…


Our reading begins with praise to God and then blessings on all the tribes except one, Simeon. In Genesis 49:5-7 both Simeon and Levi are cursed by their father, Jacob. All the other brothers are blessed. Moses and Aaron came from Levi, the tribe that became Israel’s priests. It remains a mystery why Levi was chosen for special service and Simeon was not. Perhaps Levi repented of the sins Jacob mentioned and Simeon did not. God always responds to a godly sorrow for sin, followed by a turning away from sin. Restoring our relationship with God is absolutely essential to experiencing the powerful promise found in our key verse. God blessed Moses. Jesus, Peter, James and John would later meet him on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8).


Lord God, I search my heart, confess my sin, and trust You for the gift of genuine repentance. Levi became the recipient of Your blessings, and his brother, Simeon, did not. I’m desperate for Your everlasting arms under me. I lean on Your arms today and every day. Thank You for Your promise of strong support. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


Often over the years I have visited the modern expression of “The Promised Land”…Israel. Bible prophecy indicates the establishment of a nation state in the end times called “Israel.” The olive tree symbolizes the spiritual life of Israel; the fig tree symbolizes political Israel (Luke 21:29-31). I, as a Gentile believer in the King of the Jews, Jesus, have been grafted into the olive tree. Jews who believe in Jesus as Messiah, Saviour and Lord (there are thousands in Israel in many congregations) continue an expression of the original olive tree. Following the birth of Jesus’ Church (Acts 2), many thousands of Jews formed the first congregations of believers in Jesus. A non-Jew, Cornelius, was the first Gentile grafted into the olive tree (Acts 10). While modern Israel has come into being, let’s not forget that the modern state of Israel is not gathered in righteousness. For example, I’m told that in Israel abortion is legal and huge numbers of little ones are being torn apart in the wombs of Jewish mothers. Jesus’ last prophecy was about this (check out Luke 23:27-31). Let us never forget that God loves all people equally; Arabs and Jews all need to receive Jesus in order to be saved. We all need to come to Him and trust His promises (e.g. John 6:37). Tomorrow, God willing, I’ll do my blog from the book of Romans. I’ve just had a head-start by reading about the “olive tree.” It’s found in Romans 11:17-24 (click here to read with me).

Yours for God at work today with Jews, Arabs, and all the rest of us…and for the growth of the “olive tree” and its grafted-in branches, of which I believe I’m a little twig,


P.S. Yesterday I linked you to my Uncle’s book, Pebbles From The Brink, which gives the last words of the dying at a time before modern sedatives (If you missed it, here is the link again). Most people today are not conscious when they pass away. Many of the last sayings were from a time when believers, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, were persecuted and martyred by wicked leaders from both sides (e.g. Henry VIII). My Uncle featured Heaven and Hell statements from both sides of that great divide.  I hope we don’t automatically presume we are reading of only one side or the other. Below is a picture of my uncle, Rev. Manley C. Pritchard. He edited a weekly and also a monthly publication beginning approximately in 1910.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 4, 2017

  1. Received Tuesday 100 word for today. It seems I receive them twice which makes I didn’t receive Wednesday. This has happened all week.

  2. Thank you, David, for being faithful to God and His Word. May God bless you and all your family as you follow Jesus our Lord and Saviour. And may God bless all those who are following Jesus throughout this world, and keep them strong, faithful, and fruitful. Thank you all for your prayers too. God hears them all.

      • Beverley, did you order a hard copy of “Pebbles from the Brink” or one on Kobo. How did you access the ordering?

        Here is a verse for your for the New Year, “As thy days, so shall thy Strength be” (KJV.)

        This has been my wife’s special verse throughout her Christian Life and Ministry. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2003 and has been in a Nursing Home now for nearly 6 six years. She and I have proven the truth of this verse.

        The NIV says, ” and your strength will equal your days” (Deut. 33:25b)

        A great verse for all of us as we journey into 2017. To David for ongoing health, to Norma-Jean for strength and peace, and to all bloggers. Because of this, we can say, “Happy New Year!” Samuel

        • Hey Pastor Samuel,

          Thank you so much for the verse–truly what I needed to hear. Strength to you and your dear wife for each and every day in 2017.

          I could only order Pebbles from the Brink in paperback form via books. I ordered an on-line copy of Total Forgiveness by R. T. Kendall on my Kobo; as well as a paperback copy.

          God bless you and all saints!

  3. Amen! It is wonderful for you to have that family heritage, Pastor David. Thank you for sharing as it is always interesting. When I visited my relatives in England, I got some of those old photos as well which I value. My maternal grandfather came from the Cambridge area and my maternal grandmother from Norfolk. They were Church of England when they arrived and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Maine Took note that Romans 11:22 does not agree with the doctrine of eternal security. Blessings, Ger

  4. Thank you for the link “Pebbles from the Brink” as I was unable to open it previously. What a great heritage you have, thank you for sharing it with us!!!

    My in-box did not receive today blog, even though it states Jan 4/17…instead the Jan 3/17 message comes up!!

    I opened this through 100Huntley!

    Blessing to all this day!

  5. I’m very disturbed by the comment on abortion! God please instill in people to refrain from sex or use birth control, somebody has to speak up for the unborn!
    forgive us Lord, forgive us, forgive us……

  6. Pas Joseph Prince delivered a very interesting and informative message on the subject of the High Priest…This showed us how connected the Old Testament blends in with the New Testament…There is so much information in the Word of God…Blessings…Rolanda and Earl…Amazing!!!

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