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Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 25-26

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People praying at the rock in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed all night before he was arrested. The church that now covers it is called the Church of All Nations.

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Key Verse: Deuteronomy 26:19

…and that He will set you high above all nations which He has made, in praise, in name, and in honor, and that you may be a holy people to the Lord your God, just as He has spoken.


We are a “holy people.” Believing in Jesus and following Him makes this a fact. Ephesians 2:21 calls us, “a holy temple.” To see how special we are in God’s eyes, read Ephesians 2:11-22.

Two practices stand out in today’s reading. First, the sandal and the kinsman redeemer. Note Deuteronomy 25:9 and then turn to a wonderful love story, Ruth chapter 4. Note verse 7 (click here). Second, paying the tithe, 10% of our increase. To read more about this practice, we may want to read Malachi 3:6-12. This last book in the Hebrew Scriptures has much to say about giving. The Greek Scriptures, our New Testament, speaks of giving in many places. The one that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 16:2, where Paul encourages us to set aside our offerings on the first day of each week. It seems that the early believers in Jesus paid the tithe (they were all Jews) and then did much more in offerings above their tithe. Remember the words of Jesus to the rich young ruler. Jesus was asking for his all (Mark 10:17-22). Our question should not be, “How much should I give?” but, “How much of that which You, Lord, have given me should I use for myself?” Let’s meditate on that thought.


Lord God, please give me the grace of disciplined consistency in listening to You as I read Your Word each day and in faithful fervency as I talk with You in my prayer time. May I see spiritual input in my life to be even more important than physical food and drink. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!


Because of the practice of giving produce to God, I asked my son, Reynold, for a garden picture. The Garden of Gethsemane was the place where Jesus gave everything back to His Father.

I find it interesting that throughout this present age, the age of the Church, a wide variety of giving practices has been employed. For example, my Father, Rev. Dr. Roy Mainse, in his ordination commitments, was not to own property personally. He was 40 when I was born in 1936, and he wrote that while his brothers received an inheritance, such as the family farm, he would not receive an inheritance. He was in the ministry (Methodist/Holiness Movement) and his needs were provided by the congregations, college, and missionary society which he served. During my time as a boy living at home, the residence, complete with old furniture from the 19th century, was provided. I remember the red-letter day when Dad came home with a new fridge. We actually owned it. Things changed along the way, and Dad and my step-mother owned a home when Dad retired. He passed away 42 years ago next month. I’m older now than he was when God took him home. He was removing the snow from his driveway and steps when his heart simply stopped. My memories of his total dedication to the cause of Christ are a motivation for me in my service to God and people.

Yours for learning how to give back to God that which He has given me,



19 thoughts on “Thursday, December 29, 2016

  1. Praise God for your father, David. And for you, fine sir. Enjoyed reading the story of Ruth, again. By grace through faith, brought near by His blood. Christ our peace, Christ our cornerstone. Wishing all saints a safe day in the snow and blessings from above.

    “….All my springs are in you.” Psalm 87:7 ESV

    Chris Tomlin “Jesus”

  2. David,

    My father has been gone 42 years last October. Sometimes it feels like a million years ago. Just thought I would share that with you. I am not in my eighties though as I was only 15 when he died. Killed in a car accident is how that happened. May GOD bless you and your family.


    • Vicky:
      you touched my heart! My dad also died on October 30, 1970, killed by a drunk driver! I think about him all the time!
      I saw him 3 weeks before this happened! He showed me all his financial records and said that everything was up to date! I asked him why was he telling me this! He said you never know when he might die. Yes, 3 weeks later he was gone!
      Another miracle from God! My dad was an alcholoic! I was always horrified he would hit and kill someone will driving drunk!
      Another miracle! dad had quit drinking and smoking in 1968! He did that with with the help of a radio Christian program!
      Another miracle! Dad had a COMPLETE medical one month before he died! HE WAS IN 100% good health!

      another miracle! The next day I went to see the young person who was driving the car! He was only 20 years old, I told him I forgive him and I explained the fear I had of maybe my dad hurting or killing someone when he was drunk! The young man fell into my arms and we both cried! I told him again, I forgive you.
      my mom was not happy but I knew I had to do that for the young boy!

      Now, a very sad thing happened: a few months after the accident the young boy took his life! I am so thankful to this very day that I told him I forgave him!

      I washed I had told my dad I loved him more than I did! I was close to dad, in spite of his drinking, and of course little did I know that I was bi polar, so, everything I did with my dad, I learned alot from him…….

      My dad went to get some gas in his car and get ready to go fishing the next morning! I`ve always been aware of those small trips and how they can change a life!

      I am so glad you wrote your blog Vicky, God bless you and God bless David Mainse………..

  3. Thank you for sharing God’s Word and your insights into it. God bless you, David, and all your family, and all you who also read this blog. May God strengthen all His people throughout this world and may His will be done on earth as in heaven. In Jesus’s name, amen

  4. Some of the “law” directives in the old testament are hard to understand. Like the one where the wife in attempting to rescue her husband should have her hand cut off…a difficult concept especially in our modern world. Lord I ask for clarification from your spirit and not from my own feeble attempts as reason. Amen

  5. Greetings…
    We recently were on a Canadian Christian Tour to Israel with our guides, your son Ron and Ann…
    For us, this was a trip of a lifetime…
    Your beautiful picture of the rock in the Church brought us back precious memories of this beautiful Church of all Nations…
    My husband took pictures of us laying our prayers request on the rock…A powerful moment for both of us…
    Reading your blog of 100 words every day, refreshes our memory of our wonderful trip to Israel…
    Continue to bless us with your blog 100 words…My husband especially looks forwards to reading your blog every day…What an encouragement you are to us all…
    Blessings for the New Year 2017… to you David, Norma, Ron, Ann and all your family…Earl and Rolanda…

  6. Friday December 30,
    Oops ! This study has been issued two days in a row by mistake. Hopefully we’ll have the correct study issued before the end of today, so that I can post it on my KOTTON CANDY facebook page ( link as ‘website’ entry )

  7. no blog on December 30? is it just me or have others had the saem experience!
    Praise and thank the Lord for all the blesings of this day!

    amen amen amen

  8. I so appreciate people replying to each other! This means alot to me! I am off to swimming; I hope many have read my response to Vicky (above)
    It’s about forgiveness and I am so thankful that the Lord helped me and many others to forgive others!
    A new Year is approaching; I encourage any and all who are still dealing with unforgiveness to seek some counsel, write it on this blog if you so desire, remember every time someone speaks the truth,, this empowers many who wish to do so but have a fear…I’ve always been so impressed when David Mainse speaks out about an incident that involves the truth!
    I went through an incident at the pool and I realized that some children will lie and parents/care givers will enable! I have learned not to argue with someone who believes they are right! I have learned to take it to the Lord in prayer IMMEDIATELY!

    Please pray for healing for a family that went to see family at Christmas and all the family came down with a very serious virus and are very ill! 2 members in the hospital! Pray the Lord will heal them completely and pray that the Lord will remove the virus completely….


  9. Trying to do catch-up …so extending God’s blessings on this 29th day of December…Thank you Pastor David for sharing …especially the life’s way of your Dad!!!!

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