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Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 3

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This photo looks east across the Jordan Valley to the mountains of Moab in Jordan. An acacia tree is seen in the foreground.

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Key Verse: Deuteronomy 3:22

You must not fear them, for the Lord, your God, fights for you.


In today’s reading, Moses recounts how the Children of Israel were a few short weeks from entering the Promised Land. En route there they won several battles. For Moses personally, the big battle was within himself. He made an impassioned plea to be allowed to enter the land. God answers his prayer with an adamant “NO.” He tells Moses to never speak of the matter again. God sends Moses to the peak of Mt. Pisgah to view the Promised Land, and He tells him to commission Joshua as the new leader. God tells Moses to use his authority to “command” Joshua. Moses was still God’s leader, and his “commands” were a source of encouragement and strength to Joshua moving forward.

When God says “No,” He has other plans underway. We need to learn that God’s purposes are His #1 priority, not our plans which we may seek to implement. God’s will be done!


Father God, help me to always be totally obedient to You, never questioning Your authority. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


I identify with the Apostle Peter who, on one of the occasions when Jesus spoke of His impending death, said to Jesus, “Far be it from You, Lord, this shall not happen to You!” (check out Matthew 16:21-26). I’ve learned from this that the word “no” and “Lord” must never be found in the same sentence! If Jesus is not “Lord,” then I can say “no.” I have the free will. But if He’s my “Lord,” and He is, I can never say “no” to Him. From time to time I’ve sought to put my own plans in place. They never succeed. I’m 80 now, and I look back over 8 decades. I’ve learned some hard lessons. This blog is one way to pass onto others the wisdom of those lessons. God willing, in another 18 months, I’ll complete this third two-year blog journey through the Bible. You can start anytime and 24 months later you’ll read the Bible’s last word. Therefore, stick with me and we’ll be equipped for living life God’s way. I’ve said to Norma-Jean many times, with a smile on my lips and a twinkle in my eye, “Stick with me, baby, and I’ll give you diamonds as big as your eyes” (I’m sure that’s a quote from some scriptwriter). Of course, I gave her a little diamond upon our engagement (a magnifying glass would have come in handy – my excuse was that I was a student). Then in a burst of enthusiasm, I bought her a larger one about 30 years later when I spotted a bargain in a foreign country. Unfortunately, when I had it checked at a local Canadian jeweller, it was flawed. It wasn’t a bargain after all. I know she still loves me, and I also know that she’ll stick with me. I’m a blessed man!

Yours for “sticking” with the plan,


P.S. Norma-Jean also has her mother’s engagement diamond, and she is blessed and content!

11 thoughts on “Friday, December 16, 2016

  1. I have very much appreciated your wisdom from the years you have lived David Mainse and I’ve also appreciated very much your honesty in sharing this wisdom! The incident with the apple spoke volumes to me! I’ve had many “apple” incidents in my life! I’ve been very much ashamed of my actions BUT I learned that I can confess these sins to God and He listens and forgives! That was a BIG learning curve for me and I truly believe many others have been blessed by these incidents and your sharing on this blog! I enjoy it very much!
    This is a tough time for many with shorter days and a chemical imbalance to deal with and I pray that everyone who reads these blogs will receive some peace and encouragement to keep going forward!
    May the peace of God be with everyone today, may you feel the Lord’s presence surround you.

  2. Amen Sah. Blessings to all and for your words Pastor David, it made me chuckle when I read about you and Norma Jean. You have a great sense of humour.
    Off to see my brother who is married to my husbands sister, for the weekend.

  3. Strong words in Deuteronomy, to hold onto, “You must not fear them, for the Lord, your God, fights for you.” Amen! Thank you David. Still with you–running the race to victory with Jesus. Wishing all saints a blessed day, in the Lord.

    The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. Psalm 33:11-12 KJV

    Mighty To Save

  4. Thank you so much for sharing honestly your experiences and lessons learned. I pray we wiĺl all grow in wisdom and obedience

  5. G’day,David,I smiled at your reference (and always do) to having a blessed marriage.You inspire me with your love for the Lord and your understanding of ‘obedience’.After I ‘surrendered’ myself to Him but shortly before I was baptized,I began writing poetry ‘right out of the blue’.I did not save them then until a friend convinced me to.(She (Shirley) and Norma Jean had a mutual friend,an Anglican priest’s wife((?)) in Brighton in the early 60’s,I believe.)I was ‘led’ (no other way to put it) soon after to a ministry with grieving mothers using the poems for about 1 1/2 yr.until my poems turned from poems of comfort to poems of faith.It’s a long story.I’m including this poem,one of my first,with necessary notes.Thank you again,David.God bless

    PS:Don’t forget,I was a baby Christian when I wrote this and did not yet know John and Shirley

    Sweet Jesus I owe everything to you and to you alone,
    You have shown me my home,you are my anchorstone,
    You have saved me always when stormy winds have blown,
    You have always been my rock,the truest friend I’ve known,
    So why do you think me worthy as a seed you have sown
    What can I ever do to earn all the love you’ve shown .

    Let me know sweet Jesus, let me know beyond my days
    Let me know my Savior,when I bow down to You in praise,
    When my time here is drawing short and coming to a close
    And they carry me away after leading the life I chose,
    I pray that I will leave not sorrow for those that I love,
    But instead to know the joy that waits for us above.

    I am not a wealthy man but I am very rich by far,
    When I walk my journey You’re my guiding star
    And You know that I am honest in all the things I do,
    I have never born false witness,I only say what’s true,
    You have strengthened my soul before I even knew
    Of life’s losses with Your love to see me through.

    You have always had Your hand placed within my soul,
    You have shown me Your light that has made me whole,
    I have never known this love that comes from Your grace,
    Nor have I known compassion that shines from Your face,
    For I am still a sinner and You are the son of God,
    I can only meet You at the end of the road I trod.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/ June 6,2011
    Second published poem. (No copyright intended)

    A melody started in my head,repeating over and over,
    followed by the first line of the chorus,then I had to get
    up at 3:30 AM and finished this at 4:16 AM.June 6,2011.I
    was baptized at our biblecamp June 26,2011.
    I corrected two typos but this is as it was written.I firmly
    believe it was an inspired writing but at the time I felt too
    unworthy to believe this.Written 2 weeks before I was
    baptized but after I had ‘surrendered’ on my knees.

  6. Beautiful postings today David and fellow bloggers. You are blessed David and Norma-Jean. I always enjoy your personal stories Pastor David. God bless you all.

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