Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Today’s Reading: John 9

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The southern tip of the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley with the Mountains of Moab in the distance.

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Key Verse: John 9:3

Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him…”


It is so typical of human nature that Jesus’ disciples wanted to lay blame on someone for the blindness of this man. A particular kind of venereal disease can cause blindness in a newborn. So often we see scandal when we should be seeing an opportunity to help. We fall into gossip instead of falling on our knees in prayer. For Jesus, this was an opportunity to bring glory to His Father. The Judge of all the earth did not judge. He who knows all things rejected speaking of the past sins of this man or his parents. Jesus did a creative miracle! The Pharisees are often seen as the bad guys, but here the followers of Jesus were acting like their opponents, abandoning compassion for criticism.


Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll grant me grace always to see human need with compassion and prayer. Help me to think, “What would Jesus do?” and act accordingly. Amen!


My mother died when I was 12 years old. My most vivid memory of her was not of her making dinner, but was of seeing her on her knees in prayer. After her death, my Dad was silent as we drove down Bank street in Ottawa, and finally he said, “I can never remember hearing your mother say anything bad about anyone.” This reinforced my positive memories of her. I do know that she visited the most needy families in the little village where we lived at the time. I marveled at the glowing eulogies given her. I didn’t think it was exceptional. I thought all mothers were like that. I know now that this is not the case. I also know that Jesus changed my heart to make me more like Him, and yes, more like Mother, Hazel Pritchard Mainse. Norma-Jean’s mother was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident when Norma-Jean was just 17. All reports are that Lillian Davies Rutledge was a woman of God. Neither Norma-Jean nor I have met our mothers-in-law. Just yesterday, as I meditated, I thought that no doubt they’ve met in Heaven. What a wonderful truth it is that I’ll see them both someday soon.

Yours for ministering to the needs of others,




11 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 25, 2016

  1. This is another time when Jesus was opposed by his enemies so as followers of Christ, we should expect a little opposition once in a while. Amen? I thought of my own mother when you spoke of yours and Norma-Jean’s David and would place her in the same category as a kind, loving, strong, patient Christian woman who raised 13 children with very little resources. God bless you.

  2. One day you’ll be caught up to be with the Lord, but I thank God for you.
    One day I’ll be here looking for you, waiting, but you’ll be home.
    One day you’ll see your Master face to face, and I’ll thank God because you were faithful even unto death.
    I thank God for you here, now, because your life, hid with Christ, shows Jesus to me.
    God bless you and yours and all God’s people throughout this earth. In Jesus’s mighty, matchless Name, amen

  3. What Would Jesus Do?

    What would Jesus do,if He were here today,
    Would He still see hope in we who follow
    And bring back the many gone astray,
    Filling the void in this land so hollow.

    What would Jesus say to those with no light,
    Would He remind them of His Father’s love
    That shines in those with souls so bright,
    Whereby they’ll share His home above.

    What would Jesus do with hearts of stone,
    Would He warn them of Hell’s damnation
    Where together they suffer all alone,
    As so many will find from this great nation.

    What would Jesus do where all else failed,
    Should He climb back upon His cross,
    To let them see where He was nailed;
    He did it once to save our eternal loss.

    What would you do to pay that holy debt,
    Would you wait to feel the fires of Hell
    Or would you see the Devil’s threat,
    Where so many will hear sin’s last knell.
    G W(Bill) Marshall /April 21, 2013

  4. Thank you, David. My father was killed in a n accident when I was 6 mon. old. My mom raised 6 children. She was a woman of prayer.

  5. I too would place my mother in the same category; although she was a widow, (my father died when I was four). Although their were six mouths to feed; during those days many men were out of work and travelled the road looking for work. We lived on a farm so that many who were hungry and needed a place to log for a night dropped in. Mother did not turn any away: She made sure they had a bed to sleep in if need be, even though it was in the hayloft; she also made sure they were fed before they left.
    She passed on to heaven at the age of 82, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again, soon.

  6. I don’t know if anyone has seen my posts letting you knowI that I’m receiving 100 words here in New Zealand. Because of the time difference, we are 19 hours ahead,the post arrives here in the middle of the night. Anyway, it still blesses me! It’s 3 pm in Calgary on Tuesday October 26, and 10 am in New Zealand, October 27. Blessings to all.

  7. Thank you Rev. David Mainse for sharing the story of beautiful women of the Lord in both yours and Norma-Jean’s families. God is so faithful and thank You God for answering prayers of your health. We love you and we are keeping you and 100 Huntley Street in prayers always. May the Lord bless you, keep you, shine on you, preserve you always.

    In His love, Theresa

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