Monday, September 12, 2016


Today’s Reading: Luke 5

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Early morning view over the Sea of Galilee. No doubt when Jesus arose early every morning for His private time of prayer, He often viewed such a sunrise. Enjoy!!!

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Luke 5:11

So when they had brought their boats to land, they forsook all and followed Him.


It’s exciting to follow Jesus! In this chapter, Jesus filled two boats with fish, cleansed a leper, healed a paralyzed man, called another one of His disciples, attended a party, taught about fasting, and gave a parable about clothing and wine skins. We need to keep watching Jesus and listening carefully to His teaching. To follow Jesus, Peter and Andrew left their business behind, and Levi (Matthew) resigned his government job. If we want to follow Jesus as our vocation, we too must be sure of His call, leave all behind, and learn from Him 24/7. Do we cling to something that should be left behind? As in Jesus’ parable, the new cannot just be added to the old life. It’s a new beginning. Now let’s invite Jesus, as Matthew did, to a party with our friends and introduce Jesus to everyone we know.


Lord Jesus, I am determined to follow You. This means that there is a cross for me to bear, as well as the joy of Your Presence. Grant me Your strength, Your willingness to sacrifice, and the grace of obedience. I’m Yours Lord, now and forever! In Your Name I pray. Amen!


I’m committed to rising early every morning, spending time reading God’s Word and meditating on it. I give myself to prayer and then open my lap-top computer to produce this blog. In case a first timer has joined, let me remind everyone that if you start today, with daily persistence, you will complete the entire Bible in two years. At the present time in my life, this is what it means for me to follow Jesus. At other times, I’ve been a school teacher, a Bible College student, a Pastor and an Evangelist. To support my family, I’ve owned a little printing press and made business cards for all the businesses in the village, took a job in construction, knocked on every door in town to find children for Sunday School, and, yes, I hosted TV programs for 50 years.  At each “crossroads” in my life, I decided to follow Jesus. Never, for one minute, have I been sorry that I left other things behind in order to follow Him.

Yours for following Jesus,


P.S. Yesterday, as I reflected on September 11th, 2001, I recalled how my cohost, Lorna Dueck, and I were live on the 100 Huntley Street telecast when the news broke that a commercial airliner had hit the World Trade Centre. About five minutes into the start of the program, our producer, George McEachern, interrupted to tell us the breaking news. We cut to the live CNN newsfeed and went to prayer. HERE is a video clip of 100 Huntley Street that day.


17 thoughts on “Monday, September 12, 2016

  1. A sad memory of the Trade Center. I remember clearly watching the happenings on TV. I trust you are being strengthened each day, David. Would love to hear how you are doing. Placing you before the Throne each day. Bless you and Norma Jean as your 58th anniversary draws near. Thanks for this blog and all you do and have done over the years. God’s greatest blessings upon you both.

  2. Your blog is so meaningful to me today David. Jesus is a great healer and friend of sinners always. Must have been so exciting to follow Him around back then and is today also. Have been wondering how you are David as well. Remember how hard September 11 was to believe until we saw it on tv. Have learned we will be attending Pastor’s Seminars on this mission trip. The Lord was with me in my speaking yesterday at the church. God bless you saints!

  3. Yes, praying for you and wondering how you are doing, David. So sad, watching the video of 100 Huntley Street that day, with you and Lorna. It led me to watch others of 9/11; took me back to that tragic time. I love watching the old 100 Huntley shows, though, with you on them. It would be nice to post more of them regularly. Great photo Reynold and fantastic vlog, Ron–you do such an excellent job–thank you! Wishing all saints a blessed day, in the Lord!

    If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 NIV

    What Would I Do Without Jesus ~ The Spencers

  4. On September 11 I had a cold , and was lying on my bed then I turned on t.v.
    , and was shocked as everyone was . I could not watch it , and turned to each channel then I found vision 35, and saw you David , George and Lorna pray so I prayed for them as well . I did not see alot of the towers that day 100 Huntley Street
    was the only one I could . Thank you Ron for all you for all that you are doing , the
    picture Renold is wonderful .

  5. Tried signing up again, and a message comes up… that I’m already signed up… So forgive me for harping on this, but I still am not receiving this in my email inbox.

    Blessings everyone…

    • I am not sure if the following will help you David Loewen, but I will try anyway. I have kept a Crossroads Newsletter from June 2012 as “NEW”, so all I have to do every day is to click on “100 Words ” advertisement and thus, I never miss any day. May be there is one of these Ads in your “old mail ” file ? Forgive ,if I have mentioned this once before. I have also forwarded the above mentioned letter to some friends of mine. Blessings to all HIS followers and prayers for those who are yet to come!

  6. At the Annual Alberta Light for All Nations Fundraising Banquet, Saturday Sept 10th, in answer to many requests, your daughter Ellen gave a brief update on your health, which we were all anxious to hear. She mentioned that your immune system finds it had to fight the infection.
    Lord Jesus, I pray that your healing power within David Mainse’s system will intervene and restore the immune system so the infection will be totally cleared bringing complete health to Davidf Mainse’s body. I pray this in Your Mighty Holy Name Jesus, Amen and Amen!!!

  7. Thank you Ron Mainse for your faithfulness and commitment to bring this daily manna to us on behalf of your Dad. Well done, and Much appreciated!!!

    Thank for the beautiful sunrise Reynold Mainse!!!
    Probably many of the same for Jesus to see as He went up early in the morning to Pray to His/Our Father!

  8. I sat in unbelief as I watched the news early that morning of Sept. 11th. What kind of minds could conceive such atrocities??? What darkness and evil must be within them!!

  9. My husband and I were just returning home from Texas, we were visiting our daughter for the birth of her first child. We were almost at Branson Miss, when we heard the devastating news , live on the radio as the second tower came done. It was very scary but I prayed and cried and we actually went to the Ballnobber’s show that night as we felt so alone . It was very comforting as they prayed and presented a show with all the armed forces represented.. It is something we will always remember.
    Dear Heavenly Father I also pray that you would completely heal Dear Pastor David of this infection. We believe you are able to do all things and I know you are hearing all the requests that have been made to YOU
    for him. I pray this in the precious name of your son The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and anem.
    All glory be to the God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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