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Today’s Reading: Luke 1

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The Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary, informally known as the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, is regarded by many as the burial place of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The church is located in the Kidron Valley on the foothills of the Mount of Olives, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The decor of these ancient churches is modelled after the Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed in 70 A.D.

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Key Verse: Luke 1:34-35

Then Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?” And the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God…”


Having completed Exodus, we arrive in Luke. Our readings from the Hebrew Scriptures to the Greek Scriptures and back to the Hebrew is for the purpose of balance between the two. Luke, the physician (Colossians 4:14), gleans his material as a journalist would, from personal interviews. He was the assistant to Paul, and as such, would’ve had at least two years in Palestine while Paul was in prison. No doubt he interviewed Mary, the mother of Jesus, those who knew John the Baptist and his family, the shepherds of Bethlehem, and others during those two years.

If we believe there is a Creator God who is involved in His creation, then it’s no problem for Him to perform ongoing miraculous acts. The conception of Jesus is such an act. The Scripture makes it very clear that Mary had not known a man sexually. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He had no earthly biological father. Therefore, He was uniquely “The Son of God.”


Thank You, Father God, that You, by the agency of the Holy Spirit, caused the conception of Your only begotten Son, Jesus. Even as Zacharias, Elizabeth, and Mary were moved to give magnificent messages from You, Lord God, I am moved deeply and I proclaim Your greatness. I worship You with all my heart, soul and mind. Speak through me, Holy Spirit. I’m available for Your purposes. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


Dr. Nelles Silverthorne was a frequent guest on the 100 Huntley Street TV program. He was a research pediatrician at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto (Sick Kids). At the very start of his career, he was an assistant to Banting and Best, the discoverers of insulin. He gave the very first civilian injection of penicilin to a 12-year-old boy who was dying. I’ve met that boy. He’s now a medical doctor. Dr. Silverthorne erected the very first oxygen tent at Sick Kids Hospital. He developed the vaccine for whooping cough. He also carried on a practice at his office on Bloor Street. Even though he was over 80, he took on my first two grandchildren, Sheryl and Christopher Stacey, as patients. He announced on live TV, “No woman ever came into my office who was pregnant and said, ‘I know not a man.'” God had met Dr. Silverthorne at a 1950’s Billy Graham meeting and the doctor’s life was transformed. He became an outspoken believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He believed in the virgin birth, and so do I.

Yours for the certainty that God became one of us, a human being,



37 thoughts on “Friday, September 9, 2016

  1. I googled Dr Nelles Silverthorne and found lots of tributes to him, including in the Museum of Health Care. Very inspiring to hear his story.

  2. Dear David
    Most sincere thanks for this blog, it has been part of my devotions each and every day since you started. I feel so blessed to start my day with this bible study. Your many experiences and works for the Lord are an encouragement to all who follow your blog.
    Praying that our Precious Savior and Lord will renew your strength continue to fill you
    with wisdom knowledge understanding and health Thank for spending your life
    teaching the Body of Christ about His love. And thank you for the daily blessing of this blog. What a commitment! Love to Norma-Jean also. God bless.

  3. Amen, David!! Indeed, we believe!! The problem with the virgin birth as emphasized in Luke 1:42: blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, is that it became misconstrued and evolved into the Roman Catholic worship of Mother Mary via praying the Holy Rosary, which is completely wrong. We are to pray to Jesus Christ, not other saints proposed by the Catholic Church. I say that not to insult them, as I was a Catholic for a period of time in my life, and took the classes, was re-baptized and confirmed. Praise God that we grow as Christians and our understanding of the Word. Wishing all saints a wonderful day, in the Lord.

    Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.
    James 1:12 KJV

    Chris Tomlin – We Fall Down (Lyrics)

  4. Prayed for you on hands and knees, Donna M. The Lord gave me a word for you, that there is a new church in your area, with a supportive pastor and congregation. There is a live-in caregiver position in the paper. Soak yourself in the Word, His Presence, and church. He loves you. You are a Child of God. All will be well.

    • Thank you for praying for me– although the word you have for me doesn’t make sense right now– I’m sure there was a reason our Lord gave it to you, so will be waiting for Him to provide the understanding behind it — but for now I will take the encouragement that all will be well

      • It will be well and I am sure He will reveal it all to you. I read the Bible this morning at the lake. God told me a few days ago to read the book of John. I didn’t know why at the time but I listened and He revealed answers to things I have been questioning. He knows so much about us, doesn’t He?

  5. Dear David,
    I have been with you since the very first day of the blog. My day starts with God’s Word, you and a cup of coffee. I have been blessed beyond measure.
    My faith has increased greatly in our all powerful loving God. The Joy of the Lord fills my soul each time I open His Word. God has proved Himself faithful.
    Thank you David for your faithfulness in sharing God’s Word daily. May God bless you with peace and inner strength to continue with the mission He has called you to. With a grateful heart for all that God has done in and though you, David and your faithful partner Norma Jean. Thank you

  6. Yes we fall down on our knees before the Great Savior and King Jesus Christ! Amen! Thank you again David for your faithfulness, also you Norma Jean and all the family! God bless you!

  7. Thank you David for continuing this blog each and every day. It is such a blessing to have it sent to me in my personal email every day… However, while away searching out some of my ancestral roots recently, I was unable to follow your blog for about a week or so. When I arrived home, I noticed that I no longer am receiving it directly in my email. Is this a change, that I am not aware of? If not would you or your staff please correct this so that I can receive your blog directly in my email again…

    Thank you David and may our Loving Father continue His good work in and through you for many more years to come… God Bless

  8. Have enjoyed the blog since it began and never miss a day. It is good to have a routine to daily read the scriptures. I met Dr. Silverthorne with my children. He also was involved with my sister, who would have benefited from the Penicillin shot but it was not given at that time. She was 14 mos old and was greatly affected by a fever of 106. The Lord has looked after her throughout the years and I thank Him so much for that. Donna Lea is deteriorating now in her mid 70s and I visit her everyday in Long Term Care. Monday I will have a 14 day heart monitor as my heart has been acting up. I pray that I will be here to see my sister go into the Presence of the Lord (or that we go together).

    • Amen Doreen, I pray the Lord fulfill the desires of your heart and that of your sister. The Lord’s Will be done! Amen!!

  9. Thank you Jesus for a new chapter! …a new chapter in life! Blessings David and thank you for sharing the great Exodus with us… and Moses! 🙂 and now on to a new chapter of hope through our Saviour!
    Continued prayers that the Holy Spirit will give you healing right now David! YOU are blessed!

  10. Pastor David, thank you for all you, and your family, do to prepare this blog for us each day. I have been with you since the July after the blog started. I had never read through the Bible until I began this blog, so thank you for making it easier for us to accomplish this. I pray for God’s richest blessings to be upon you and your family. God still has a plan for us all, as Jeremiah 29:11-13 says. I hope your infection has cleared up by now, and that you are on the way home to Norma-Jean. Also this blog has given me another “family” and I have been blessed by their comments. Thank you.

    • Mary thank you for your comment that this happened has given you another family I feel exactly the same way so thank you for your comment may God richly bless you amen

  11. Thank you for your prayers and comments, on what I shared September 5th.
    Since then I have called my Pastor, and talked for over 35 minutes to him. He and the deacons had been praying for me the night before and he had planned to call me the day I called him.
    I asked for forgiveness for my critical attitude of him and the members of the church. And he forgave me. There are a few possible reasons why no one has been in contact with me. My name was accidently omitted from the church directory, at the last printing.
    I came across this note I had written some time ago,
    ” When you criticize, it is against God”.
    The Holy Spirit knows when to remind us of truths, when we need it most. Thank you for your care for me. And for your advice. God Bless you all abundantly.

    • Yes, amen, Mary. Happy to hear you have rectified the situation with your pastor and church, especially that they are praying for you. Thank you for sharing the principle on criticism–a great reminder for me–one of my worse faults. God bless you dear sister-in-Christ.

  12. What a blessing this morning has been in reading the Word and all the comments. Thank Pastor David, and I pray for complete healing of the infection, and renewed strength, Amen!!

  13. Thank you Ron Mainse for sitting in for your Dad on the Vlog. That was a nice surprise. God bless you ! God bless Crossroads Ministry!

  14. Yes, I ditto Eraine’s comment. Thank you Ron. You did a great job on the vlog. It was nice to have the message read to us. We miss you, David, and are praying for you to gain strength and that the infection be completely healed. Amen!

  15. Yes, thank you Rev. Ron Mainse for filling in for your Dad with the vLog: Well Done!!! Praying for a quick, complete, Divine healing for your Dad. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!!

  16. Thank you everybody for your comments today it was greatly appreciated God bless you and amen and yes David I pray an agreement with everybody else on this blog that I hope that you are getting better and stronger and we are believing all those bloggers that ear infection will be healed and you will be home again and thank you Ron for stepping in 2 for your dad I haven’t watched the block yet but I will so I understand from a couple of blockers that you did a really good job but I still need to view it and I’m sure I will agree so thank you everybody and God bless you all I meant

  17. Sorry for the video typo I’m not sure what kind of infection if it has but I’m sure it’s not in his ears so sorry about that everybody oh yeah sorry thanks God bless bye

  18. Sorry again I meant to say that Ron was doing the voice sorry again for the typo but when I when I post these comments I don’t on my cell phone I don’t have to type them in I could I could speak the comment into myself and my cell doesn’t always pick up the proper words so sorry about that I meant to say block not block thank you sorry again God bless

  19. I’m sorry again my cell phone is not cooperating I meant to say blog blog not block I hope my cell phone will pick those up sorry again everybody for all these comments thanks thanks God bless for now amen

  20. I’m sorry again I tried typing it and it’s just not working so sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for all these bloopers and these videos I meant to say blog but when I speak it into my cell phone it doesn’t seem to pick it up so it’s vlblog. Not blog.

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