Friday, July 15, 2016


Today’s Reading: Genesis 34-35

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Damascus Gate is the main entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. It is located in the wall on the city’s northwest side where the highway leads out to Nablus, and from there, in times past, to the capital of Syria, Damascus. As such, its modern English name is Damascus Gate.

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Key Verse: Genesis 35:1

Then God said to Jacob, “Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there; and make an altar there to God, who appeared to you when you fled from the face of Esau your brother.”


“Bethel,” “House of God,” “Dwell there,” is the best guarantee of living in the Presence of God. Anna (Luke 2:36-38), an 84-year-old widow, “did not depart from the Temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day” and was blessed with a revelation of who Jesus is when Jesus was just eight days old. It’s IMPORTANT to spend quality time in the House of God, “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is” (Hebrews 10:25). It’s IMPORTANT, if at all possible, to get to Church this Sunday, and any other services the Church provides. Go “back to Bethel” again and again. “Bethel” is the place where, on most occasions, God reveals Himself to you. Like Jacob, “purify yourselves,” and “make an altar.” An altar is a place of consistently meeting with God. Your daily devotions, the family altar, the “House of God” will grant God the opportunity to speak to you, guiding the direction of your life.


Lord, like Jacob (Israel), reveal Yourself to me so that I may follow You into the land to which You have called me. By Your grace lead me by Your strong, protecting hand. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!


Today and tomorrow, I want to share some examples of comments left by some of your fellow blog readers:

God’s voice speaks to the listening heart! God loves “MAN” and spending time with MAN! “Morning, afternoon, night!” Yes, you may call it a MANifestation! ~ Connie

David, my husband and I have to make a very important financial decision today. Praying about it and while reading your blog the first thing I look at, “I am with you” “God listens.” What a mighty God we serve, cares for everything in our lives. Thank you again, David, for the daily blog. ~ Thelma

I have always found it harder to lay down my strengths than my weaknesses. Somehow we have to find that balance of allowing God into our “best laid plans of mice and men.” ~ Yeurgen

Thanks to all of you who have responded from day to day with such thoughtful comments,


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10 thoughts on “Friday, July 15, 2016

  1. Saving faith is impossible without willing obedience. To try to have one without the other is to be not a Christian, but a student of Christianity merely. Genuine faith generates obedience to the one in whom our faith rests.
    – A.W. Tozer

  2. Your blog today addresses a challenge I got on facebook yesterday, so will post it. My heart and prayers go out to the people of France and the family of the little girl in Calgary. Blessings everyone.

    • Amen, Ger. Praying with you. Lord God, may Your heavenly arms and Holy Word bring comfort to those who need You because of the loss of their loved ones to unspeakable horrors. Strengthen them and quiet them in the stillness. We know not why there is such pain and suffering but we know that You are the source of solace to which we speak.

  3. This daily blog keeps me focused on God and His Word.
    His Word builds my faith in Him as I seek to walk by faith and not by sight. There are always challenges daily were I must choose to keep my eyes on Jesus and trust Him for He knows all things from beginning to the end. In Him only do I find my comfort. Knowing Jesus and His love for me, I can rest in Him and find perfect peace. I love you Jesus.
    Thank you David, your faithfulness is encouraging others.
    God bless you.

  4. Wow, I have missed the blog as I have been away. I just listened to Genesis 31-35–some of my favourite scripture, minus the troubling treatment of women during that era. It brings to mind one of my favourite novels, ‘The Red Tent’ by Anita Diamant. It is a first-person narrative told by the remarkable heroine Dinah, daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph. The red tent was a place of refuge, in which the women of Jacob’s tribe, according to the ancient law, had to take refuge while menstruating or giving birth. There in the red tent, they found mutual support and encouragement for one another, through their mothers, sisters and aunts. A wonderful story, it takes the reader into their lives during a time that seems so incomprehensible to imagine; and yet, here we are reading the scriptures about those very people period and place. Thank You God, for giving us the richness and blessing of Your Word. Amen! Blessings dearest saints in the Lord!

    “If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.” 1 COR 12:17–18 NIV

    Good Good Father, Chris Tomlin

  5. Some of us for good reason can’t make it to church on Sunday. Perhaps we are in a “Care Home” or perhaps we are physically incapable to make the effort or perhaps our work schedule doesn’t provide for that opportunity… Yet we believe Christ is the Son of God and Lord of our lives, body and soul and spirit…

    We have our own place of refuge at a time each day where we can commune with our Lord Jesus. Many of us have access to today’s computer technology as well as the TV where we can watch great Christian programming like “100 Huntley Street”…

    As I understand it Christ meets us where we are at for his work to be done through us as a conduit between Heaven and Earth…

    Have a great day blog friends in Christ and God Bless…

  6. I fell during a seizure earlier this month , and just found out I have a concussion.
    My sister in law copied down some notes of what my doctor said , and email
    me of some instructions. One is being not using my computer or ipad or not that
    much which is not easy to do so if you don’t hear from me or see a comment this
    is why . When I feel better I will coming back

  7. David-your constant faith is a spring of hope to many-praying you are strong aand healthy-God is not finished in your purpose on this earth

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