Saturday, July 2, 2016


Today’s Reading: Genesis 11-13

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Here is a self portrait…well at least those are my feet. I (Reynold Mainse) am looking southeast toward the morning sun. In front is the famous mountain of Masada, and beyond is the Dead Sea. At the bottom left of Masada you can see 2,000-year-old Roman Army encampment sites. The protective walls the soldiers built are in the shape of rectangles.

Key Verse: Genesis 13:14b-15

Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are — northward, southward, eastward and westward; for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendents forever.


Abram (his name changed later to Abraham – father of nations) showed himself to be a generous man. His heart was being changed over time so that he now could give his nephew, Lot, first choice in land. God honoured Abram by promising him all the land for his descendants…eventually. Abram is father to both the Arabs and the Jews; his offspring have taken over the entire Middle East. Notice what happened before God made such a promise. Abram obeyed God! He left his home. Abram honoured God! He built altars with which to worship God and to make fresh commitments to God. Note the word, “ALTAR” (12:7,12:8,13:4,13:18). He “pitched” his tent, but he BUILT altars. The tent represents the temporal, but the ALTARS represent the ETERNAL! We need to ask this question, “Am I putting up and taking down eternal things and building only the temporary, or am I building that which will be permanent, forever?” Let us search our hearts, asking hard questions such as, “What are my priorities? Is God in first place?” Abram’s actions brought God’s blessings during his life here on earth and will continue to do so throughout eternity!!!


Lord God, You responded directly in proportion to Abram’s obedience and faithfulness. Please give me the grace to learn from Abram. Amen & Amen!


I think it’s time to introduce my eldest son, David Reynold Mainse. Reynold spent over three months in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Greece, and Turkey (lands of the Bible) photographing pictures for this daily blog. He is a professional photographer & video producer. Thank you, Reynold, for your time and for sharing your gifts with us. His full time work is as a missionary in Africa. He is an ordained minister who has given his life to world missions. His wife, Kathy, his children, Rachelle, Elizabeth (and her husband David Lee), and his son David Peter, share his passion to reach the world for Jesus. For years he led the Crossroads Missions Group, and then stepped out of the Crossroads Ministry to lead the “Heaven’s Rehersal” events (click here). These are unprecedented gatherings where the only Name mentioned is “Jesus” and where worship and the reading of Scripture is the total content. Check out for more about their missions work and for more about his photography. They lived with Norma-Jean and me for three years. We know the depth of their commitment to God, and to His cause.

Building an altar for eternity,


P.S. Remember to watch my new daily 100 Words “vlog” (video blog), which corresponds to this daily blog. HERE is a link to my vlogs, arranged by date, on the 100 Huntley Street website. You may want to watch the one from yesterday, July 1st, Canada’s birthday! All this month, the vlogs are originating from Braeside Camp in Paris, Ontario.

9 thoughts on “Saturday, July 2, 2016

  1. That’s a great thought to ponder David …. are we involving ourselves only with temporal things on a day to day basis, or are are we focused on that which is eternal? Where we place our resources …. our time, our energy and our money, will quickly tell the story. Time is a fleeting resource; it cannot be re-gained; therefore it’s often good to take stock and evaluate one’s spiritual barometer and adjust accordingly.

  2. Building our altars to You, Lord God as we consider the example of Abraham in Genesis. Praying for you, today, dear David. Thanks for the splendid photo, Reynold. Blessings dearest saints in the Lord.

    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 KJB

    “FROM every stormy wind that blows,
    From every swelling tide of woes,
    There is a calm, a sure retreat;
    ‘Tis found beneath the mercy-seat.

    There is a scene where spirits blend,
    And friend holds fellowship with friend;
    And haven comes down, our souls to greet
    And glory crowns the mercy seat.

    Talk with us, Lord, Thyself reveal,
    While here, o’er earth we rove;
    Speak to our hearts, and let us feel
    The kindling of Thy love.

    Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay,
    And bid my heart rejoice;
    My bounding heart shall own Thy sway,
    And echo to Thy voice.

    Thou callest me to seek Thy face,
    ‘Tis all I wish to seek;
    To hear the whispers of Thy grace,
    And hear Thee inly speak.”

    Charles Wesley 1707-1788
    JULY, Echoes of Eternity, Helms

    From Every Stormy Wind That Blows by Charles Wesley

  3. Thanks Reynold, for your photographs, and the accompanying information. They really add to the blog. I haven’t been to “Bible lands” (yet!) , so it is especially meaningful to me. What a great idea to produce the vlog. It adds another dimension to 100 Huntley

  4. Wow! What a blog, vlog and photo today! Requires some pondering and heart searching. Thank you David, postings and poem Beverlee. Is wonderful that you and Norma Jean are at Braeside Camp David. Blessings!

  5. Wonderful challenge in our blog g/Vlog today. Thanks to everyone for the links and sharing your thoughts. Blessings dear saints.

    Jesus is everything to me!!!

  6. Great feet Reynold…what a great view particularly the glorious morning sun !!!
    thank you Reynold!!

    Good to have an update on your eldest son Rev. David Reynold Mainse !! May the Lord continue to bless and protect him and Kathy and their family in all they do. Amen!!

    A lovely quaint cottage, I can appreciate why you love to be there and have fellowship in the Lord with all in attendance at the Bible Camp. I pray you and Norma-Jean are restored and refreshed during your stay there. I pray this in the Name of Jesus, Amen!!!

    May the “Joy of the Lord be your strength”!!

  7. Every so often, I put on the DVD of “Heaven’s Rehearsal”…and am blessed afresh as I join in worship and glorify the Name of Jesus!!!

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