Monday, June 13, 2016


Today’s Reading: Matthew 12

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


Located in Nazareth, the first century “Nazareth Village” re-enacts life from 2,000 years ago.


Key Verse: Matthew 12:35

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.”


It was 4:00 a.m. and there it was…City of Toronto garbage truck #100 stopped on Jarvis Street picking up garbage. Just the morning before on the 100 Huntley Street TV show, we had suggested that everyone put the accumulation of their life’s “garbage” out at the curb and Jesus would take it away. Any evil things you treasure will eventually destroy you if you fail to get rid of them. As you join me daily in reading the Word, you’ll know what is evil and what is good. This blog is good treasure. Store up the good things consistently every day. You’ll bless others and yourself with good things!


Dear Jesus, forgive me for all the sin and wrong I’ve done. I put all these things out of my life. You promised to take away all my sin. Thank You! I treasure the good things You’ve given me. I will bring them out to bless others. Amen!


Before moving to Burlington, Ontario, our TV studios were located in downtown Toronto. Every morning at approximately 4:00 a.m., I would drive up Jarvis Street for my early morning time in God’s Word and in prayer. I had committed to spend at least an equal time in prayer and the Word as I would spend that day on live TV (90 minutes). During the drive, a huge billboard faced me with a picture of a scantily clad woman. I was angry. I wanted only to think of my beautiful wife. After a couple of days of putting those evil thoughts “out at the curb,” I would deliberately look to the other side of the street before that billboard appeared and would pray fervently for the people of the night, that our Nite-Lite show — on ’til 4:30 a.m. — would reach their hearts with the love of Jesus!

May God bless you with lots of GOOD today,


22 thoughts on “Monday, June 13, 2016

  1. God has given us the ability to choose. He will never force us because He has given us this responsibility of freedom of choice. Unfortunately we don’t always choose the good or right things and sometimes fall into sin. The other factor is that Satan can and will tempt us especially when we are feeling low, weak and vulnerable. As David said, if we study God’s Word, pray and continually choose that which is good and righteous over that which could lead to sin, we will be living out of the spiritual and not the carnal. The Holy Spirit is ever before us, pleading for us and will never let us go; Jesus loves us, and we must always remember that we are children of the King.

  2. May GOOD things happen to you today! I pray for complete healing that The Father isn’t done with you any time soon, the world needs you, I need you David! Bless you and yours.

    • Thank you for your devotion to the Lord David. We love you and you are such a blessing and a beautiful example to us all who seek and love and serve the Almighty God in humility. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Draw close to God and may the Lord prosper you in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

  3. Good Morning. Thank God for another beautiful Day. Blessings to David and Family and all fellow bloggers.
    It is possible to put up the link to the vlog again please. Thanks.

    • Saints, the VLOG portion of is listed as VIDEO VERSION at the top, underneath the photo of David Mainse,
      beside Home, About 100words, About David. About the Photos. It is better as a link, as it was, as David N. has suggested. But it is there for people to hear David’s message today of Matthew 12.

  4. Amen David. God bless you, Norma Jean and family today. Is it possible to make a link from You Tube to so I can post some songs easier. Thanks! Been praying about the Orlando shootings. What tragedy!

  5. Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day …
    for this is the Lord’s Day and I will be glad and rejoice in it!!

    Joined in prayer with you!! I pray the Lord’s healing touch on you this morning and always, thank You Jesus, AMEN!

  6. Prayed your prayer for today Pastor Mainse.
    Trust our Lord Jesus will bless you with good health.
    You are much needed & appreciated on this vlog and blog, thanks for all
    you do in obdience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. having visited “Nazareth Village” during my two visits in Israel, which was a special time..seeing the beautiful photo of it…is a great reminder of that time. Thank you!!

  8. amen to all above Ger if you have a utube account /page of your own when
    you press on the link of Beverlee’s songs that she puts a link to it automatically goes there so you can listen to it . I hope it helps
    Have a great day everyone finally the sun is shining in Charlottetown

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