Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today’s Reading: Zephaniah 1

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Orthodox Jews reading the Scriptures and praying at the “Wailing Wall” or Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Today’s reading, Zephaniah 1, tells us of the day (a period of time) when Jerusalem shall hear “the sound of a mournful cry” and “a wailing!” (Zephaniah 1:10).

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Key Verse: Zephaniah 1:6

Those who have turned back from following the Lord,

And have not sought the Lord, nor inquired of Him.


Zephaniah is the great-grandson of King Hezekiah. Hezekiah led in calling the people back to the true God. But the king’s son, King Manasseh, reintroduced the worship of Molech (“Milcom” – 2 Chronicles 33:1-10), and Hezekiah’s grandson, King Ammon, continued the pagan practises (2 Chronicles 33:21-25). Ammon’s son, King Josiah, picked up from His great-grandfather, Hezekiah, and reformation and revival took place (2 Chronicles 34:29-33). So this makes Zephaniah and King Josiah second cousins. No doubt the ministry of Zephaniah was a big factor in the repentance before God, which began six years into Josiah’s reign and continued for about 25 years.

Zephaniah’s preaching and teaching is centred on the judgment which Judah will bring on itself if they fail to repent! He uses the word “day” 11 times in this first chapter. The Judgment Day is coming. Zephaniah, his cousin, King Josiah, and their generation were spared from the “trouble,” the “distress,” the “devastation,” and the “desolation” which would come later, after Josiah’s death, in the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar.

Let us NOT “turn back from following the Lord!” Let us NOT turn back from seeking the Lord and inquiring of Him!!! This blog is designed to help us SEEK and INQUIRE!


Lord God, I seek You today. Lord Jesus, You said, “Seek and you shall find!” (Matthew 7:7). I pray for persistence and consistency in inquiring of You, learning of You through daily reading Your Word, meditating on Your Word, and praying constantly for grace to apply Your Word to my life. I pray for this with all my heart in the Name of the One Who is in Himself the full expression of what You have to say to Your human family, the Living Word, Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


It will be four years on June 3rd, 2016, since I started this daily two-year journey through the written “Word.” On June 3rd, God willing, I plan to continue for another two years, beginning in Matthew’s Gospel, moving to Genesis, Mark, Exodus, and so on. It will continue to be fresh bread every morning with God, the Holy Spirit, as the Fire which bakes the bread. I’m up like a good baker, mix the ingredients, put them in the oven of prayer. The bread comes out of the oven at 6 a.m. and is put on a shelf for you to pick up (via the the Internet). I need help to advertise this bakery. Please tell others where to find this fresh bread. You can email or post on Facebook the link to Thank you for spreading the word!

Yours for fresh bread every day!!!


P.S. Speaking of fresh bread, the most delicious bread that I love to eat in Jerusalem is pictured below…big, soft bagels! You will find many street vendors like this man pushing his cart-load of bagels around the Old City!

Big Bagels

43 thoughts on “Thursday, April 21, 2016

  1. David, I am so happy that you will continue this daily blog after June 3. This will be your third time going through the Bible and I have enjoyed every day of it. Praise God for your faithfulness! And praise God for the incredibly lovely pictures taken by Reynold. Thank you both for enriching my life.

  2. Amen, David. Praising God for the morning and to worship another day. Blessings dearest saints in the Lord.

    “But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.” Proverbs 4:18, ESV

    Sweetly Broken & Spontaneous Worship, Bethel Church

  3. That’s great news!! Thank you, David! I have shared this blog with others and value my time with Our Lord and your insightful commentary every morning. His blessings and strength to all!

  4. Praise you David I have been reading your word for one year know you are a blessing to spreading the word of God. Each day you rejuvenate me to read study and pray. Like a saying I learned Good In good out God in God Out. God Bless you.

    • Praise The Lord for you Pastor David and for Reynold, Ron and Ann who help you with this blog. I am so happy that you are able to continue. I will figure it out how to put it on Face book. Blessings to all.

  5. Yes, I’m glad to hear that you are going to continue giving us fresh bread. Wonder what the Lord has in store and I’m believing for great things!

  6. Mr. Mainse,
    Thank you again. God willing, I will join you on another two year journey.
    I grow everyday reading this blog.
    May I request prayers for my brother Ron who is fighting with alcohol addiction.
    It has a hold on him. Please pray he is released from this addiction.
    And pray for his salvation and the salvation of all our loved ones.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

    Diane 🙂

    • Diane. I have prayed for your brother Ron to be released from his addiction to alcohol. Also for his salvation and others in your family.

    • TY Lord God for all the blessings in our lives! We ask that You would talk to Ron and give him the motivation to want to quit drnking! Let Ron meet people who are good role models, if he is not involved with a non-alcoholic group, lead him into a group! Lord Ron perhaps has some issues from childhood that need to be talked about with other people or a good friend; let him know that God is able to help him clean up his health issues, if he confesses his sins, God forgives immediately! Ron can be a much happier person, live life on a much more calmer and happier circumstance. Speak to him how much more healthier he will be and perhaps, he needs to get involved with a good exercise program that will build up his strength, his muscles, his overall perfiormance in life! Let him know Lord God that he could be so much more happier! No addictions of any kind! Lord I thank you for removing smokes/alcohol from me 21 years ago; for giving me swimming almost the same time.
      Thank you Lord God in Jesus Name we pray AMEN

  7. Thankyou Lord Jesus for empowering Pastor David Mainse to
    continue this blog. It is a blessing to everyone who reads it.
    Praise God for His guidance in this troubled world, Amen!!

  8. Thank you to all who contribute and participate in this 100words fellowship. May God bless each and every one of you.
    Please pray for my niece Tatiana, 14 years old, born to parents too young to care for her, adopted by grandparents, one of whom died, the other parenting from a distance (different continent). She thinks she can raise herself, doesn’t need anybody, shuts them out if they say anything she disagrees with…
    Don’t know what to do.

    • Rob, I hear your concern about Titiana, your niece. She may be only 14, but much older in wisdom – a child that was forced to fend for herself – assuming a more adult role over her life. In a sense, she has lost her childhood and taking responsibility for her own life is her mode of survival. She has experienced abandonment, grief, loss… she is dealing with grief in her own way. I think you can come along side of her, encourage her, support her, validate her (maybe only child inside but acting like an adult).. try and align your support (not what you think should happen) but how she is responding to life and it’s challenges. Let her know how proud you are that she IS taking care of herself…but as you love her, affirm her, hug her…just let her know that YOU ARE THERE FOR HER..if she runs into a snag, or needs to bounce things off someone she can just…right now…just gently build a trusting relationship… if she does have an emotional crash…she will know that she can come to you. In the meantime, love her, encourage her, and affirm what she is doing to take care of herself….AND PRAY for her, and Pray for wisdom and understanding – not judgment, no guilt trips – you could be the most important person in her life…she will know.. who cares…who she can trust…who she can turn to if the going gets tough…let her know you are there. Don’t force your way…just build a relationship…listen to what she is saying…”zip the lip” – listen, stand alongside..take her for lunch…let her talk about whatever…trust God….if you love her, God’s love is a thousand fold more…but he is demonstrating His love through you…remember, she has another turbulent world going on in her inner life…she doesn’t need more stress…she needs to feel someone is there…(even if, like a typical teen…she may not want anyone around). Why am I sharing this with you…because my daughter died when my grandson was only 12 1/2..he is now 19…I continue to be his ‘life line” as he continues to struggle with grief…as he continues to determine his path…O yes, it is agonizing…but grief is a very slow process…pre-teens and teens need to take all the time in the world to grieve in their own way. The bottom line is “surrender yourself, the child, the circumstances all to God. Recognize that God is ultimately in control…in charge of his or her life…our business is “to be there – to stand along side – listen – love – understand – pray, pray, pray” (God has chosen us to represent Him as an instrument of love, to those who are hurting. Take it from a grampa who is still in the middle of it..with God’s help..

    • Lord God I pray for Tatiana. What a difficult time in her life. Holy Spirit I pray You draw her out of herself, that the rebellious nature be broken, the anger. and frustration, and the aloneness, and abandonment, she must feel. I pray for Your intervention in her life, for Your Love Jesus to encompass her, and keep her safe from the enemy. Lord Jesus I pray for her salvation. Amen!!!

    • Lord bless this young girl; Rob read the reply from Samuel Fame! He has very good points! Let her know that you love no matter what she does, hug her, let her know that she can talk to you and be heard, support her education, Lord God I ask that You would belss this precious girl, she is 14 years old, she has had many circumstances in her life that have been challenging, her name is beautilfu, Titiana, beautiful, hug her, let her know you love her unconditionally, let her know that she can talk to you anytime, God bless this beautiful young lady, giver her wisdon, strength, give her good health, thank you Lord that people are praying for her! God bless her as she grows up! in Jesus Name we Pray AMEN

  9. How wonderful to know you will start another two years providing our daily manna and knowledge we learn a ew each time. This will be my 3rd. Time God willing and I am thrilled.

    This pictures from Reynold adds so much and your faithfulness even in adverse health times is an inspration to all of us.

    Blessings to all.

  10. Thank you David and family for your faithful work of this blog
    I am so thankful that you will continue it is so refreshing to read
    it morning by morning day by day….R…..

  11. Lord willing I will follow the daily Bible readings and the blog.
    Thank you for making it all possible Pastor David.

  12. Pastor David thank you for this delicious fresh bread baked and out of the oven this morning. What a feast!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

    I’m asking for prayer for my sister Ollie, as she mourns for loss of her husband who suffers from Alzeimers.
    After being her husband’s caregiver for many years, it has taken a toll on her life, so that she is no longer able to live in her own home here in Edmonton.
    On April 2nd she moved to BC, where she will be in a condo, close to her daughter. Although her daughter and son-in-law have been very helpful in this move, Ollie needs to find fellowship within her own place. A difficult adjustment this late in life.
    Ollie grew up and lived in Alberta and lived in Edmonton until this time. She is finding it hard to adjust.
    Please pray for someone to come along on a day-to-day basis for fellowship.
    Thank you and God Bless you!!!

    • Thank you Lord for Irene and her care and concern for her sister Ollie! Yes Lord it is difficult to move to a different place, please give Ollie rest! Bless her new surroundings and may she find others to talk with, have coffee with, perhaps go for a slow walk, may the weather be warm, let her know Lord that You are right beside her, give her comfort, give her rest and humour and good friends In Jesus Name We Pray AMEN

  13. I think that if you withdrew the blog suddenly and did not continue, we would have withdrawal symptoms! It is really great and I do see things that I had never realized before. Thanks again for this 4 years and for the upcoming 2.

  14. What an amazing God we serve! Thank you David for your decision to put your faith in our wonderful heavenly Father! He loves us so much! You are great at showing us all how to practice our faith with your decision to keep the blog going!

  15. What wonderful news Paster David. I will continue as well Thank you soooo very much! I am visiting my sister in Germany at this time and am so very happy that I have taken my I pad along and therefore have not missed one single day following your blog! I will be returning home to beautifil Canada on April 27th and would appreciate prayer from you wonderful bloggers for a save journey back home together with my son Russel. God bless you all. Auf Wiedersehen !

    • Lord God I pray for Eraine and her son Russel’s trip home from Germany. I pray for your angels guard over them and over every vehicle they will be travelling on. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!!

    • Hear our prayers Lord, hear our Prayers! Thank you for Your unconditionaly love forever! Thank you Lord, bless Eraine and her son as they travel back to Canada! Thank you that Eraine could visit her sister! Bless all relationships Thank you Lord In Jesus Name We Pray AMEN

  16. My husband Jack and myself are ever so grateful that you are going another 2 yrs. We were just saying to each other , what we would use for daily devotions I after June as we have both used this daily since you began. We are praying for you and your family. Thank you David.

  17. Dear David…we are so grateful to you and to our wonderful,God for giving you the desire and health to “bake bread” for these hungry souls again for another two years! We are thrilled and so blessed. God bless you and your whole family richly!

  18. I cannot believe in June it will be 4 years since I discovered this blog. Thank you for introducing me to the bible! God indeed lead me to this website. This keeps me faithful and very thankful on a daily basis. Thank you David.

  19. David Mainse, how gracious of you in sharing this space for the prayers and wisdom of deeply concerned people of others, re :Samuel Fame’s sound forward moving, of thought, of action and simply “BEING” for this young lady, His beloved niece Tatiana. Rob, her uncle, would do well to visit this word from Samuel regularly especially on the rougher days. It is almost like a creed for all the silently suffering – teenagers- soldiers from wartime served,it has the profound touch of our Lord on it. David, the comments show how we can receive “our daily” bread through the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s faithful. many we all continue to aspire to the perfecting work in each and all to His Mighty Glory and Kingdom. P.S. While reading Rob’s request for Tatiana ,I placed my hand over the comment immediately and prayed so deeply for her and her needs, then carried on to read below, only to find Samuel’s kind and loving encouragement straight as straight, how quickly the Spirit moves. Thank you for this space and time…p.s. I know Tatiana well without even meeting her. Itoo had a special uncle and his friendship, I could always count on the truth and his sense of optimism and fun….for you David Mainse I pray one more crown to cast upon the glassy sea. Amen.

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