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Today’s┬áReading: Jeremiah 45-47

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This is the view from atop Mount Carmel looking west toward the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. It was from here that a “cloud the size of a man’s hand” was reported to Elijah (1 Kings 18:44). God spoke to Elijah as He did to Jeremiah. God’s love will find a way sooner or later to bring people back to Himself, but it must be a decision of human free will. That’s what true love means. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Key Verse: Jeremiah 46:27

But do not fear, O My servant Jacob,

And do not be dismayed, O Israel!

For behold, I will save you from afar,

And your offspring from the land of their captivity;

Jacob shall return, have rest and be at ease;

No one shall make him afraid.


Jeremiah 45 is Jeremiah’s word from God for his personal assistant and secretary (scribe), Baruch. Baruch’s prize was “Life.” He went as a guest of honour to Babylon where he was allowed to buy property and to prosper. There is an Apocryphal book called by his name. The Apocrypha is a collection of writings judged by the Jewish scholars as not inspired by God, yet somewhat valuable for study.

Jeremiah 46 tells us of Pharaoh Necho, King of Egypt. Necho had killed good King Josiah of Judah (2 Chronicles 35:20-27). After his return to Egypt, Necho deposed and deported Josiah’s son Jehoahaz, and made Jehoiakim his puppet king in Jerusalem. In 606 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon defeated Necho and world history was forever altered. Egypt would never again be considered a world power (46:13). In the midst of all this, God’s Word to His people is stated in our key verse. Jeremiah 47 tells us of the Philistine cities which were also caught in the midst of the wars between Egypt and Babylon (Iraq).

This Valentines Day let’s contrast the message of Jesus with that of Muhammed. The Koran says, “God loves those who love Him.” In contrast to this, the Bible says, “God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). Let’s take time to read 1 John 4:7-19 as our St. Valentine’s Day meditation. Recently a man from Mecca called in to the Light For All Nations Arabic ministry and received the unconditional love of Jesus by grace through faith.


Lord Jesus, I love You because You first loved me! Not as the Koran says, in effect, that You love me because I first loved You! You are the Initiator! You courted and wooed me! You won my heart!!! Increase my capacity to be filled with more of Your love than ever before, I pray. In the Name of the One of Whom it is written, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16a), Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


I have asked our son Ron to write the personal words for today. He posts the blog every morning for me at 6 a.m.

Hi Friends! The Bible tells us to “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). Dad embedded prayer into the DNA of Crossroads from the very beginning. I know this will take me well over the 100 words Dad asked me to write, but allow me to share a story that illustrates what I’m talking about…

When I was a teenager, I was part of our high school basketball team. I remember having to wake up extremely early one morning in order to attend a practice, which our overly zealous coach had scheduled well before the school day began. My teammates and I were far from enthusiastic about having to get our bodies out of bed that early, but that was the only time the gymnasium was available before our big championship game. So I set my alarm for “dark and early.” When the dreaded beeping noise hit my ears, I reluctantly rolled out of bed, got dressed, and tiptoed my way through the dark hallway and down the stairs, being careful not to wake anyone else in the family. However, when I got to the living room, I was surprised to see the lights on and hear someone speaking. When I looked to my left, I saw my Dad kneeling next to the couch with dozens of pieces of paper spread out all over the furniture. I paused long enough to figure out what was going on. Dad was in prayer, weeping and interceding before God on behalf of the many who had written to him as a result of the recently launched 100 Huntley Street daily TV program. He never saw me as I continued tiptoeing out the door and off to my practice. That experience deeply impacted me. It strongly reinforced to my heart the truth of Dad’s genuine passion for God and passion for people. He wasn’t on television because of any ego trip or because he needed a job. He was called by God to share the love of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. He lived what he believed about the infinite value of a soul. After that, I could think of nothing else I wanted to do with my life than work with my Dad.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,




18 thoughts on “Sunday, February 14, 2016

  1. What a remarkable person of God your dad has demonstrated not only in what he speaks, but in prayer and his actions to his family. What a role model not only to his family but for everyone. Thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine

  2. Thank you Ron for sharing that message with us. Like yourself I have always been impressed with your father’s life and dedication to prayer and have shared it with others over the years. I believe you also have a heart for God and people. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. God Blessings!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Ron
    Thank you for sharing this very special 100 personal words today. This is such an inspiring story of “love in action” and I know the fruit of those prayers is innumerable.
    May God continue to use you and Ann for His glory as well.

  4. Thank you Ron for that beautiful tribute. What an example of the role a parent can play by what their actions, how they live their daily life. Your dedication to the prayer lines speaks loudly of that influence and now you are passing that on. Thank you both. Happy Valentines Day all!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, saints in the Lord! Thank you, David, and Ron. Sorry to read of your broken elbow/arm, Nizar Shaheen. You are doing wonderful work in the Holy Land. God bless you and Ellen with your upcoming tour in October. You follow in your father-in-law’s footsteps–with the outreach of your television ministry–Light For All Nations–on four satellites, broadcasting four times daily, with a potential viewing audience of over 400 million people – covering all of North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf countries, much of Europe, and aired on local and national stations, in Sudan, Lebanon, and Tanzania. Bravo and well done, oh good and faithful servant! Praise the Lord for spreading the seed of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!!

    Be filled with the Spirit… Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord. Ephesians 5:18-19

    Elevation Worship–Here As In Heaven

  6. Thanks Ron for your post today in the personal words. I too am impressed by the example that your dad sets for ministry. Pray, Pray, Pray. His example was used by God to revolutionize my life. I am forever grateful.

  7. Thank you Ron. What a beautiful tribute to your dad & what a blessing to see you follow in his footsteps. The Mainse family has been an inspiration to me for countless years. God bless you all. Praying for continued health & strength for you David & Norma Jean.

  8. Ron,……Today I say thank you for praying parents. We were always covered under the praying hands of our Mother, who has now gone home to her Lord. In fact, it was because of Mother’s dedication to 100 Huntley Street and her prayers for your Father and Mother, and their children, that led me to watch the programme, which, of course, has ultimately led me to this walk through the Bible. How great is the faithfulness of those who watch and wait on the Lord. Thank You for that great cloud of witnesses. I love You, Lord. Amen.

  9. Jeremiah…What a great drama of God’s love and compassion for His people…in His disappointment in Israel’s disobedience and rebellion…He yearns for His people to turn to Him but they won’t. Although He must and does discipline them, for their own good. His love is revealed in His promises of deliverance. He opens His heart and a way for their return. If they will obey Him.

    Holy Spirit cause me to hear Your still small voice, and to obey…Jesus I pray in your Name. Keep me in Your way. Amen!!

  10. Thank you Ron for that special tribute to your Dad…although I have heard this testimony before, I never tire of hearing it!!! How special!!!! The spiritual dedication of your Dad carried on through these many year, not only to and through his family, but through his ministry in various ways, including this blog.
    God Bless you Norma-Jean as you stand with your husband, extending your love and respect to him, ministering together in love!!


  11. My eyes are leaking after reading today’s blog. How wonderful to have parents like yours Ron. I had heard that story before also. Gets me every time.

    I am so thankful for this blog. God bless, Mainse family, Happy Valentine’s Day .

  12. I am a little into my third year of reading this and I remember reading this before.I’m glad you left it as it was written then.It is very inspiring to read Ron’s account.I wrote this in 2013 also.It’s admittedly not a great poem but the sentiment is genuine.Thanks David and Ron,God bless
    In The Blood (4 Pst.David Mainse )

    I pray for healing in the blood,oh Lord,
    I pray You will stretch out your hand,
    That You,my Lord,with Your fiery sword,
    Will show justice and not let evil stand.

    I know,my Lord,that Satan has cursed me
    And that only you can remove this hex,
    For it is you,Most High,that none can see,
    Who can take any scourge from our necks.

    So I pray for healing in the blood,my God,
    That you allow me to serve you,
    So as I spread your word all may laud,
    The name of the Father in all we do.
    G W (Bill) Marshall / 12 September, 2013

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