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Today’s┬áReading: Jeremiah 3-4

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You can still see the enormous cut rocks that were thrown down onto the street from the upper walls of the Temple Mount by the Roman soldiers in 70 AD.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 3:14a, 4:19a

“Return, O backsliding children,” says the Lord; “for I am married to you…”

…O my soul, my soul! I am pained in my very heart! My heart makes a noise in me…


In today’s Bible reading, the word, “BACKSLIDING” is repeated four times, and the word “RETURN” five times. Taking note of significant words repeated over and over lets us know what the writer is trying to emphasize for our benefit! God’s message to the backslider is “RETURN!” Ask ourselves this question and let’s make it personal: “Have I ever loved and served God in the past more than I do today?” If so, “RETURN.”

Jeremiah, in our key verses, expresses the heart pain that God feels…the pain of a Parent rejected by His children…the pain of a Husband who truly loves His bride and wife but has been rejected in favour of other lovers. Some who read this may have experienced such pain, which is not only crushing emotionally but also produces devastating mental anguish and even has negative physical effects. As a prophet, Jeremiah represents God and is feeling a measure of God’s pain. As a priest, he represents the human family before God in intercession. He identifies with the pain of our separation from God. We are beginning to understand why Jeremiah is called “The Weeping Prophet.”


Lord God, my eternal loving heavenly Father, I return to You and run into Your loving arms, which are wide open and waiting for me to come closer than ever. Lord God, You have described Yourself as my Lover/Spouse. I do love You with all my heart. Give me grace to be 100% true to You at all times. Forgive me of my backsliding. Thank You for promising Your willingness to forgive and restore. I pray these mercies through Jesus Christ, the One who never backslid and, therefore, never needed to return. Amen!!!


The person who loves the most is most deeply hurt when rejected by the one they love. The mother who has nursed a child at her breast and then lives to be rejected by a son or daughter knows the pain of which Jeremiah writes. The husband or wife who has given themselves totally in love with their spouse and is then rejected knows such deep inner pain, such that it’s impossible to describe in words. I have never felt that rejection personally, but I’ve put my arms around many whose body is wracked with such immeasurable pain. All I could do was to be there, as there were no words which I could speak that would be adequate. Surely God, Whose very nature is infinitely loving, must feel this pain much more than man. This is the pain Jesus bore when He suffered on the cross…the pain of rejection, separation and loss. I can’t even begin to imagine His pain. All I can do is cry and say, “I’m here Lord. I’ve returned! I’m determined to move closer to You and not backslide!!!”

Yours for loving God faithfully and showing love for Him by our love for others,


17 thoughts on “Sunday, January 24, 2016

  1. Loving You, Jesus, all the more, and thanking You for blessing the healing of my back. This morning, I did my prayers and readings; just before I was about to post on the blog, the Spirit called me to go for an early morning walk. The sunrise was spectacular, ever breath-taking, and all transforming; as the colours changed and merged into each other, from one moment to the next. Thank You, Lord, for showing me Your Face in the sky. All for Your Glory! God’s blessings dearest saints!

    “I have appeared to you for this purpose…” Acts 26:16

    Good Good Father, Chris Tomlin (so awesome–so in the Spirit when we sing this song at church–amen!!!)

  2. Perhaps it surprises some people to realize we can hurt God’s feelings. God is vulnerable to our actions– not in the way mankind views vulnerability as a weakness, but God’s love for us leaves Him open to the pain we can inflict when we abuse, reject, ignore or dismiss His love and His heart for us.

    But the good news is God never abuses, rejects,ignores or dismisses us in return. We may doubt God goodness towards us and misunderstand His silence at times. Yet He is faithful. I supposed it is because our love is immature and flawed it is difficult to comprehend the kind of love God gives, because He is Love — He gives Himself. It is simple and profound at the same time.

  3. Thank you Beverlee and Donna I so appreciate your encouraging words. Glad your back is better Beverlee.
    Great bog to remind us how God is waiting to restore after we repent.
    Blessings to all . God is Great.

  4. Hi David and Blog Family, Thank you David for your humility. l thought l should tell you what happened yesterday. My husband came down with a nasty virus, he had a fever that hit 103, and he was a little dis-oriented, no appetite, headache. We were about to go to the urgent care clinic, when the Lord told my husband to read James Chapter 5, which l read to him. There it was James 5;14 ” Is anyone amoung you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. V25 And the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins he will be forgiven”. l had some anointing oil in the bedrom, so l got it and anointed him with it, praying for the Lord to heal him. He bounced back, was able to eat a good meal and was singing and almost dancing around! He was so happy to be well again and prayed for all the people who were sick that they too would be made well. It is so amazing that we were studying that same piece of scripture around this time! You must wonder how l qualify as an elder of the church, l have taken many positions, so l guess l was accepted…..Praise the Lord, more importantly we are his children!( By the way, we are away on a vacation) Awesome God!

  5. Anen to all the comments today. So encouraging. Had a wonderful time at Church, hope you all are having a Blessed day. Eleanor M.

  6. Glad to hear today there is hope for the backslider as the Lord’s admonition is to return. Also good to hear your testimony Christine and that God has blessed your back healing, Beverlee. This portion of scripture reminds me of Rev. Charles Price’s sermon today on”I am the good shepherd.” Jesus knows us all by name and calls us by name. Blessings fellow saints.

  7. Just recently I sat in my living room looking up at the sky and saw something unusual. The whole sky was clouded over except for one small circle of light. I watched it for a few moments and then the circle slowly closed up (not a cloud passing over it or anything like that). It just shrank away! I thought after, God is looking down at us, but of course, He doesn’t need to make a clearing to see us. He was showing me (and maybe many others) that He IS NEAR and IS WATCHING us). I thought it was a remarkable site.

  8. Today’s reading was for a time as this. I read in my journal from the early 2000’s tonight and came back to my Father. Then when I read today’s readings, I was blown away. Today’s message has my name written all over it. I renewed my commitment to Jesus. Also this evening my husband retired. Pray for us to build our faith as we go into our golden years together. May we put God first in our marriage of 43 years. It has never been that way. God is so good. Blessings to all.

  9. if I don’t ask I’ll never know…where does one obtain the anointing oil? I just heard of some elders visiting someone and anointing them and praying for their healing, and the people were healed….I couldn’t ask any questions as the group left immediately…….
    I feel the pangs of not being able to attend church on Sunday mornings….I have been attending the odd evening service in other churches, but it seems most services are in the morning……
    I am very thankful for this sleep disorder and my mental illness, God knew that swimming would be very good for me, and He also knew that I didn’t need to be smoking or drinking anymore, He did it all for me….as I say I am thankful……

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