Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today’s┬áReading: Isaiah 49-50

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“Morning by morning,” Orthodox Jews read the Torah and other holy books in a library that is part of the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) of Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Isaiah 50:4

The Lord God has given Me

The tongue of the learned,

That I should know how to speak

A word in season to him who is weary.

He awakens Me morning by morning,

He awakens My ear

To hear as the learned.


No doubt the people of Berea, Greece, read Isaiah. They did as we are doing daily in this blog. They “searched the Scriptures daily to find out if these things [the message Paul preached] were so” (Acts 17:10-12).

Search Isaiah 49 and discover the birth of “Messiah,” and that “He” (God) would tell Messiah’s mother what His Name would be. For the third time Isaiah speaks of Messiah as a “Light to the Gentiles” (Isaiah 9:2, 42:6 & 49:6). Messiah was rejected (49:7a). Messiah’s mission statement is introduced (49:9). Let us think of a Person who lived among us whose life and death fits these descriptions, who arose early every morning to pray (our key verse). Search for and read Mark 1:35. Jesus did this! Whose back was struck and whose beard was plucked out? (50:6). Let us take time, “Morning by morning” to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!”


Lord God, I pray, as our key verse says, that I will “know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.” Awaken me “morning by morning.” Awaken my ear that I may “hear as the learned.” Then grant me, I pray, that I will, with wisdom, boldness, and consistency, share with others what I am learning. I ask these blessings in the Name of the One who never failed, Jesus Messiah (“Christ” in Greek), Amen!!!


There are great places everywhere in which we gather to worship. I expect that Pastor Blackburn will bring a strong message from God’s Word which will nourish and strengthen us for living! It was after a week of fasting and prayer by members of this church that I was awakened the second Monday of January four years ago and I heard that “still small voice” prompting me to learn to do this two-year blog journey through the Bible!!!

Yours to encourage us all to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!!”


P.S. In yesterday’s blog I wrote some things about China and the people of Chinese descent who live by the millions all over the world, blessing the countries where they live. In today’s reading, Isaiah 49:12b speaks of those from “Sinim.” This is China! While seeking to have a Christian pavilion in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, I found an amazing story of Chinese Jewish people who lived in an area of Shanghai where Jews had lived since the Assyrians practiced ethnic cleansing on the northern Ten Tribes of Israel. The Chinese are proud of the safe haven they provided for Jews during the Nazi-inspired Holocaust.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  1. Thanks, David, for sharing that the Chinese sheltered Jews during the Nazi invasion. Good always overcomes evil, amen! Holding Mary and Catherine in my prayers! Hang in there, both of you. The Lord and saints’ love is with you! God’s continued blessings to all saints, today. Keep warm, safe, and dry! Here is some music to warm your ears!

    If You Could See Me Now, Josh Groban

    “The hawthorn hedge that keeps us from intruding,
    Looks very fierce and bare
    When stripped by winter, every branch protruding
    Its thorns that would wound and tear.
    But spring-time comes; and like the rod that budded,
    Each twig breaks out in green;
    And cushions soft of tender leaves are studded,
    Where spines alone were seen,
    The sorrows, that to us seem so perplexing,
    Are mercies kindly sent
    To guard our wayward souls from sadder vexing,
    And greater ills prevent.
    To save us from the pit, no screen of roses
    Would serve for our defense,
    The hindrance that completely interposes
    Stings back like thorny fence.
    At first when smarting from the shock, complaining
    Of wounds that freely bleed,
    God’s hedges of severity us paining,
    May seem severe indeed.
    But afterwards, God’s blessed spring-time cometh,
    And bitter murmurs cease;
    The sharp severity that pierced us bloometh,
    And yields the fruits of peace.
    Then let us sing, our guarded way thus wending
    Life’s hidden snares among,
    Of mercy and of judgment sweetly blending;
    Earth’s sad, but lovely song.” Streams in the Desert, January 12

    • Thank you, Beverley, for this song by Josh Groban. Another song, “You raised me up” as song by a little boy and girl. Powerful, uplifting.
      Prayers for David, Mary Stewart, Natalie & Wilmot and others who have special needs today. “What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sings and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer. “Tjouch me again, Lord. Touch me again. This moment I feel afresh thou can’t heal, so touch me again, Lord, touch me again. Samuel

  2. Thank you Beverlee, Catherine and Sah and all others who may have prayed for my family’s surgeries. I believe God is answering your prayers already as I feel it in my spirit. Thank you so much and may God bless you! Will keep you posted. We go to Fredericton this morning for my brother’s oral surgery. Remembering Mary and Catherine as well.

    • It is stormy weather, here, in Kingston, Ger. May angels travel with you and your brother, today, to Fredericton. Holding him in prayer!

  3. Yes David; Pastor Wayne Blackburn is indeed sharing ‘strong words’ at this time of Prayer and Fasting at Victory Church in Lakeland, Florida. Exciting times as Pastor shares with us a series of messages titled ‘Stuck’ ( rather , ‘how to get UNSTUCK’ ) . The movie ‘War Room’ was shown to a huge congregation of regular attendants and visitors last Sunday night and there was a significant response to the appeal for Salvation.

  4. What a great picture!!!…
    When my family and I were in Israel in 1975…my son took a picture of this sect of Jews and they were upset with him…perhaps the regulations have become less stringent.
    A powerful pray…and I prayed in agreement with you David!!

  5. I find it very disturbing to watch some of the documentaries from the past involving Chinese and the Japanese. I was so very upset how the Canadian government treated these people when they came to Canada! I don’t understand how some of the politicians felt they were god and made horrible decisions in the treatment of these people! I get the same feeling when I see the programs of how the First Nations were and still are being treated!
    I’ve watched programs where the above groups forgave those who mistreated them years ago when they came to Canada! I am so thankful for the Christians in China and Japan! May God continue to bless them all!

    I would encourage everyone to pray for our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and if anyone feels so moved to send an e mail to him letting him know that peole in this country are praying for his office as a Prime Minister, praying for him and his family that they stay safe and healthy.
    Can you imagine if the Prime Minister’s office received 500 e mails all saying that people are praying for the PM’s office and his family. the impact that would have on the staff as well as the PM!
    Please pray for our leader! God bless you!

  6. That’s a good idea Sah. Thank you also Samuel Fame for praying for my family today. They both did very well and Beverlee we had a perfect travelling day with sunshine and bare roads and snow is coming tonight so today was the best day to go. Your prayers do make a difference. Am thankful for the faithful friends on this blog. God bless you!

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