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Today’s Reading: Isaiah 37-38

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Many believe that this southeast corner of the Temple Mount area is what the Bible referred to as “the pinnacle of the Temple” (the place where Jesus was taken by Satan, who tempted Him to jump off because the angels would protect Him – Matthew 4:5-6). The southeast point is the highest point overlooking the Kidron Valley below. This temptation came when Jesus was nearing the end of an extended period of prayer and fasting. As we will see in today’s reading, prayer and a Word from God are the means whereby we receive strength to overcome every attack of Satan.

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Key Verses: Isaiah 37:15-16

Then Hezekiah prayed to the Lord, saying: “O Lord of hosts, God of Israel, the One who dwells between the cherubim, You are God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth…”


Isaiah 37 teaches us that fervent prayer is effective to change circumstances in the world around us! Isaiah 38 teaches us that fervent prayer is effective to change our personal circumstances! In desperation, Hezekiah tears his royal robes, puts on sackcloth and goes to pray in the Temple. Isaiah’s advice to him was to “lift up your prayer!” (37:4b). When Hezekiah received the threatening letter, he again went to the House of the Lord, opened the letter, and “spread it before the Lord” (37:14). Then he “prayed to the Lord!” As a result, Isaiah received a message from God for Hezekiah…”Because you prayed to Me…!” On the personal matter of the terminal illness from which Hezekiah suffered, it appears that he may have just rolled over in his bed and “prayed to the Lord!” (38:2). As a result once again, Isaiah was sent to Hezekiah with God’s answer…”I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, and I will add to your life 15 years!” (38:5). What is the message for us? PRAYER! PRAYER! and more PRAYER!!!


Lord God, I’m praying some of the words of Hezekiah. For national and international concern I pray, “THAT ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH MAY KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE LORD, YOU ALONE!!!” For my personal needs I reverse the words of Hezekiah in 38:1b and ask that I will “LIVE” and not “DIE.” Grant that I may “take root downward and bear fruit upward!” (37:31b). “Undertake for me!” (38:14b). I pray this in the Name of the One “Who…offered up prayers and supplications with vehement cries and tears…” the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen!!! (Hebrews 5:7).


It’s time for my personal testimony of healing! Two years ago the cancer specialist, oncologist/hematologist, who had originally diagnosed my MDS acute leukemia said, “Remarkable” and “Jaw dropping!” From what looked to me in the mirror like a rack of bones in August 2013, I have gained 30 pounds and even my grandsons were impressed to feel grandpa’s muscle. “Remarkable” is the right word. Thanks everyone for your prayers!!! Also, as Isaiah prescribed a human remedy to Hezekiah’s illness (a “poultice” – 38:21), a bone marrow test was just done at the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, and I won’t have the report for several days yet. I believe that I may be like Hezekiah and have “15 more years.” Let’s see…in 15 years I’ll be 94! I can’t keep the smile off my face. Of course, like Paul, I long to depart and be with the Lord (read Philippians 1:19-26). But in God’s plan, I just may be needed down here for a while yet!

Yours for continuing in the centre of God’s will for our lives through prayer, prayer and more prayer, and through God’s intervention in response to our prayers,


21 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 6, 2016

  1. Beautiful David! Yes in Jesus Name, we pray that you will not die, but live. I claimed that verse before I had my open heart surgery. Like the Apostle Paul was needed in his time, so you are needed here in also troublesome times David. Trying to make that commitment in prayer and was blessed to hear about the glory coming down in your services saints. We do need to take care of our bodies and the Lord has challenged me in that area too. Love & Prayers, Ger

  2. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

    1 Corinthians 15:58

    Thank you, David, and all the saints. May God bless each and all of you.

  3. Dear David,
    We so need you in a world that is broken. You are our teacher, your 100 Huntley gets the day going in the word of the Lord.
    Thank you, thank you, David.
    We love you and your family.

  4. Good News!
    15 more years – I estimate that we will go through the Bible seven and half more times with your expert guidance and fresh bread.
    We may have just scratched the surface of understanding the gospel at that time?

  5. Dear Lord Jesus, thankyou for hearing our prayers for peace on earth.
    May Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Amen!
    Thanks for healing Pastor Mainse & enabling him to continue teaching us Your Word, Amen!

  6. Hi David!
    We shared a taxi 2 years ago I escorted you to the airport with Pastor Moshe in Israel (remember he was a former) Tank commander? This is Joel from Church of Zion you asked me to go With Moshe to pray for the ex Muslim boys he was Caring for…. I have some pictures I would like to send you. I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THE Way God has kept and healed you. JOEL

  7. I say Amen to all of the above comments , Let us all stay close
    to our Lord Jesus and He will stay near to us all God Bless us
    one and all,,,,R,,,,

  8. I prayed in agreement with you David…and thank God that He hears and answers prayer. What a comfort to know that Jesus hears and answers prayer and we can trust and acknowledge Him in all our ways. God is faithful, Praise His Holy Name. He loves us with an everlasting Love!!!

    In Jesus Name, I pray for a good report to your test!!!

  9. Amen and Amen, wonderful news, Pastor David You are needed so much by all of us. I am agreeing that the Lord will extend your life, He did it before and He can do it again. Blessings to all you Saints.

  10. Thank you so much, once again, David, for your great and good and godly reflection.
    Thank you for your Blog.
    I, too, am praying for your health, strength and your [as well as, your beloved Family’s] well-being.
    The picture in Today’s Devotion is magnificent!
    The poem that Bill Marshall wrote re. You, is wonderful. It catches your fire!
    The suggestion that Graham gave re. a new Bible, has been taken, and ordered.
    The Bloggers on this site are inspiring.
    Thank you.

  11. Dear David, I am one of many who are grateful to God for creating you, commissioning you, and using you — and pray that He will bless you abundantly as you continue to draw strength from His inexhaustible supply! We need you, precious brother! Remember that Jesus NEVER said ‘No’ to anyone who came to him for his touch! Your victory in Him brings glory to His Name — and frees you to continue to minister for Him. We so appreciate your devotion to the Lord and his service! May His blessings only increase in your life, in all you are and all you do!

  12. I do pray in agreement with all the others for 15 years more. That would be great for the people here now and for those who will join in future. Bless you David and Norma Jean and all the family.

  13. Pastor David. Continue to pray for you. Eph. 2:10 “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them” KJV

    Two suggestions regarding the blog. At the end of the June, the second round of reading the scripture through, that the photos & brief description be put on a DVD and that the daily Scripture Plan, your comments, prayer, etc be put on a separate DVD
    or a combination of the two, and offer them as a fund-raiser for 100 Huntley Street.

    Eph. 1:3 for all of us for the New Year.


    • an added note; if not on a DVD, then turn “100 words” in book form, Vol. 1 &2 Just a thought. Maybe the editing of both of the two year periods can be combined as one devotional book – which would widen the challenge to get on board with this two year Bible Reading Program.

      I have always loved the Old Testament. These chapters on Hezekiah are priceless – what an example when facing a crisis – turn to God – run to Jesus – fall down on our knees – spread it before the Lord! the ultimate battle is the Lords – to God be the Glory! Samuel

  14. Mr. Mainse thank you for sharing the tests you had done! We pray that the bone marrow tests bring good results I think it is very helpful to pass this info on to others, in my town several people took chemo and then went on treatments done intavenous of Vit C, Zinc & Mangnesium 3x a week for 12 weeks and this resulted in no radiation and cancer is gone these these treatments are done by Natropath, the people are happy and healthy and holidaying……
    another treatment is called Geneotic Treatment or Gene Therapy , this happens when a group of doctors study the person, their blood and other organs are checked and then a certain “receipe” of drugs are made up for just this specific person and administered for 2x a week for 3 months and this treatment seems to work very well with 100% results… far as I know this treatment is done through the British Columbia Cancer Agency, I don’t know the location! Again,those that I know have done these treatments and they seem to be ok………………..
    I thank God that there are many more treatments available for cancer than there has been in the past! AGAIN, WE ALL SING PRAISES AND THANK THE LORD FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE! AMEN AMEN AMEN

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