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Today’s Reading: Psalms 130-134

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This is a model of the Temple from the time of Jesus. The Temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. Today, a Muslim mosque, known as the Dome of the Rock (seen in the background), is located on that same Temple Mount. In the time of King David, people from all 12 tribes would sing his songs as they walked from all over Israel up to this mountain top to which David moved the Tabernacle of Moses and then David’s son, Solomon, built the temple here.

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Key Verses: Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

For brethren to dwell together in unity!


Psalm 130 provides us a meditation through a prayer of repentance in which the person experiencing the depths of a dark night of the soul rises to the heights of hope.

Psalm 131 takes us to the point where the writer no longer has to depend upon the things of this world, but his hope in God brings calm and quiet in all circumstances!

Psalm 132 may have been sung as the visitors to Jerusalem travelled along the same route taken by King David when he brought the Ark of the Covenant back to its place in Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:12-15).

Psalm 133 may have been composed as King David watched people from all 12 tribes of Israel streaming into Jerusalem for one of the feasts. 2 Samuel 3:1 tells us of the long civil war that had divided the people. Now, under David’s leadership, God brought unity.

Psalm 134 may have been the benediction song as those who had travelled to Jerusalem prepared to leave for their homes. This exhortation comes to us also to make sure that in our generation, we, as servants of the Lord, continue to bless the Lord wherever we are, carrying out our sacred duties to which God has called each of us!


Lord God, I pray for a heart of repentance, for a total dependence upon You, and for a song of rejoicing in You! I pray the prayer of Jesus, “That they may be one…” (John 17:20-26). Lord Jesus, I ask You for the grace of consistency in my worship of You and in my service for You. In Your Name I pray, Amen!!!


In one of the congregations I served as pastor, one of our deacons who came to Canada from Scotland, complete with his unique accent, would rise during a service every few months and quote Psalm 133! I knew it was coming and I stopped my words and waited for him. What an important message! Unity! In fact, that church had a wonderful unity. I felt it from the very first Sunday I stood in that pulpit. Because of that unity God was able, within His self-imposed restriction of not violating human free will, to do an amazing work of grace in many lives. As Psalm 133:3b says, “There the Lord commanded the blessing!”

Yours for the unity of all believers, “that the world may know…”,


20 thoughts on “Friday, November 6, 2015

  1. Thank you dear blog friends for your guidance and prayers.
    I am praying for his salvation and the salvation of all of our family, extended family and friends to come to know and accept Jesus. 🙂
    Amen !

    Diane 🙂

    • Amen, Diane! Praying for your uncle and that you bring him to repeat a prayer that claims Jesus as His Saviour. The last time I saw my dad at his hospital bed, I asked him to repeat a prayer; it wasn’t a formal sinner’s prayer. But he said he believed in and loved Jesus and claimed him as his Lord. I told him to call out to Jesus when he felt he was dying and that He would save him. I pray your uncle does the same, Diane, and I pray for your strength; what a wonderful gift!

    • Thank you, dear Lynda, for posting this link–truly divine!! I listened to it twice–it sounds like angels singing in heaven, with the choir, Andrea, and orchestra, to our precious Lord! SO beautiful!!!

  2. Praying for your granddaughter, Rosemary; that the biopsy comes back benign.

    Thank you, dearest fellow saints, for all your prayers. I returned home from hospital, Tuesday; have not had the energy to post. It was a successful surgery; un-pinched the nerve and removed arthritic bone from around the spinal column. Rest and home physio for 6 weeks; have services coming to help. Post surgical pain but I know it will resolve over time. I am worried about an infection right now as there is a smell and the bandage is open at the top; water may have gotten underneath yesterday. Please keep me in your continued prayers of protection. My thoughts this morning were for renewal in Christ and to have a more disciplined prayer life. The following scriptures came:

    Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

    I will guide you in the way of wisdom and I will lead you in upright paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered, and when you run, you will not stumble.
    Proverbs 4:11-12

    Jesus He Loves Me, Chris Tomlin

  3. Please pray for my friend Rod. His cancer has spread to his brain. They will be doing surgery. This man has touched so many lives, not only in the horse world but all over. Please unite with me to prayer for this this kind, gentle man. Thank you.

    • Lord, God, you are the almighty healer and we call upon You, to work through the hands of the surgeons operating on Rod’s brain cancer so that it will be removed and completely healed. Bring Rod strength and protection through Your almighty mercy and army of angels, and hold him in Your loving arms, Lord. For this we pray, in Jesus’ precious name, amen, amen, and amen.

  4. Thinking of your statement David of the importance of unity in the church for the Lord’s blessing. So good to see you back Beverlee and hear that the operation is successful. Praising God with you. We missed you and your prayers. Will pray that the infection will be kept under control, right now in Jesus Name and Beverlee will be strong “in her going out and coming in.” Agree in prayer for your granddaughter, Rosemary as well. Wonder what would happen if all the church came together in prayer for salvations and other needs.

    • Thank you, sister Ger! I wonder the same thing, if the power of all the saints of all the churches came together–a global prayer time or place of meeting–a phenomenal power of prayer and unity, praising our Saviour and Risen King!

  5. Also unite in prayer with you Donna for Rod and this cancer of the brain that the Lord will look down upon him and heal him, in Jesus Name. Amen!

  6. Welcome back Beverlee:)

    Agreeing in prayer for all the above prayer requests.

    Thank you for the music links, healing of soul and spirit!!! Just received word that my friend Betty’s husband Jim died suddenly at 4:00 a.m.this morning.

    Also asking for prayer for my niece Patricia. She had eye surgery a few days ago and it is not doing well.

    Prayed the prayer with you Pastor David, including Jesus’ prayer for us. Thank you for your guidance and explanations of the scriptures/psalms.

    • Thank you Irene, and bless you! Sympathy and prayers for your friend, Betty, and her family in losing Jim, suddenly. God’s comfort and care to them. Prayers for your niece, Patricia, following eye surgery; for God’s healing hand to be upon her and comfort to come to her eyes; with a feeling of peace and calmness, and her eyesight to be fully restored. In Jesus’ mighty Name, we pray, amen, amen and amen.

  7. Prayers of healing for all who have had surgery, for those waiting to have surgery, prayers for all the care givers in our communities, give them strength, guidance, patience, Thank you Heavenly Father for Your protection over all on this blog!
    Thank you Lord for swimming!
    Bless and heal a little baby, who had its shots and has a horrible reacton, big blisters all over, parents are very upset, Lord God send the parents some information on how to care for this precious baby! They are very angry right now, felt the Health Unit should have not given so many shots, it is hard to figure out right now, please Lord Heal this baby and help the parents calm down!

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