Sunday, October 25, 2015

“PRAISE THE LORD!” (the last words of today’s reading)

Today’s┬áReading: Psalms 105

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


The Giza necropolis, situated in the immediate vicinity of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo, is home to the most famous ancient Egyptian monuments. The Great Pyramid of Khufu (on the right) is the oldest and sole remnant of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Over 2 million blocks of stone were used to construct the pyramid during a 20-year period, concluding around 2560 BC, at about the same time period in which Chinese became the world’s first written language (don’t miss the amazing message from a Chinese Pastor in Singapore attached to yesterday’s blog). The pyramid is awe-inspiring, rising 139 metres (455 feet) high, making it the largest pyramid in Egypt. Abraham would have passed by this pyramid on his way into Egypt, and the Hebrew slaves on their way out of Egypt.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Psalm 105:1-3

Oh, give thanks to the Lord!

Call upon His name;

Make known His deeds among the peoples!

Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him;

Talk of all His wondrous works!

Glory in His holy name;


Those first three verses of today’s reading sum up what we should do daily. (1) Give thanks! (2) Pray! (3) Communicate! (4) Sing! (5) Testify! These are the five essential elements of our mission!!! How long are we to do this? Psalm 105:8 lets us know the answer, “For a thousand generations!” Our responsibilities are not over yet! God remembers “His holy promise.” He promised Abraham that in his seed (105:6) all nations would be blessed! Together we will help make the blessing of the “Seed of Abraham,” Jesus, known to the whole world! Read Genesis 22:1-18. God spared Abraham’s son but did not spare His own Son. Our job is to make this known to all generations!!! EVERYBODY HELP!!!


Lord Jesus, I pray with thanksgiving for the entire Crossroads team. I ask for Your Holy Spirit to communicate through them in a powerful way. Lord God, please encourage the Crossroads team by our support. Thus, all of us together will enable the leadership and the Board to establish the plan in following God’s instructions given in our key verses! In the Name of the “Seed” (singular) of Abraham, Jesus, I pray! Amen!!!


I ask for grace from readers as I have about 300 (I believe they are important) words below. I’ll make a big effort to stick to 100 tomorrow.

As founders of the Crossroads Family of Ministries, Norma-Jean and I have experienced such “joy” and “gladness.” We read those words in verse 43 of today’s reading! We’re now in our 54TH year of soul-winning television productions for children, teens, families, and people of all ages. A quarter of a million children and teens have spent at least a week each at the Circle Square Ranches, approximately 60% of whom came from homes where they don’t attend Church. About 100,000 of these have made first-time decisions to give their lives to Jesus! We have graduates from our School of Broadcasting and Communications in over 80 countries of the world, and many of them are reaching their own people on television with the message of Jesus! I could give more examples of what has been accomplished (“remember” as Psalm 105 tells us), but the reason I’m telling this story again is that I know what it is to carry the heavy burden of leadership. It is a huge responsibility before God to make sure sufficient funds are on hand to do all that God expects of us! My heart is heavy for John Hull and our team as they carry out this Fall’s fundraising effort. Norma-Jean and I, at our ages, 79 & 76, are pressed financially in various ways, but we are cutting back on other things in order to give. Our offerings are automatically taken out of our bank account each month. It saves having to remember and saves on stamps and the time to write a cheque and mail it in to Crossroads. Dr. Hull, former Pastor of the great missions church, “The People’s Church,” Toronto, has taken on this heavy load. I get the picture in my mind of lifting a piano. Every hand giving a lift makes the move possible. Here’s John with a statement he made on the 100 Huntley Street telecast recently (click here).

Yours to help Crossroads not only to survive but to thrive in the saving of precious souls for time and for eternity!


P.S. I’ve just watched that clip of John on I know John is feeling the heavy burden of his leadership responsibilities. Let’s all respond so that when he hosts 100 Huntley Street his body language, as well as his words, will continue to show, as in today’s reading, “joy” and “gladness.” You could send an e-mail to John encouraging him in his calling ( I sense that he needs our uplifting words. Please everybody, please do this! Thank You!!!

The Luxor Temple is located on the east bank of the River Nile in the ancient city of Thebes and was founded in 1400 BC during the New Kingdom, about 100 years after the Hebrew slaves had escaped their bondage in Egypt. Today’s reading tells us that, “Egypt was glad when they departed for the fear of them had fallen upon them” (Psalm 105:38). Let us consider the impact of these visual temple scenes on the people! Today’s visual support for our message is television!!! Imagine the cost and sacrifice involved in building the pyramids and temples. To fulfill the Crossroads mission, it requires all who will to give sacrificially so that the “Glory” of His holy Name will be seen and heard all over the world!!! Together we are building, not a temple of stone, or a memorial to a dead Pharaoh, but a worldwide communications network potentially reaching every person with the saving message of Christ.

11 thoughts on “Sunday, October 25, 2015

  1. Thank you David for your hearts cry God always provides for every ministry as we trust Him We ve come this far by FAITH Hes never failed us yet The good work that He has started He willfinish until He returns I believe it Amen

  2. Amen Lily May.
    I just listened to the video about the Chinese language from yesterday. I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot. God is at work in China, Amen and hallelujah!!!

  3. Have responded to your request David. Good photos Reynold. Took a few lessons in Chinese but did not know it was the first written language. Has anyone heard from Beverlee?

  4. That was an amazing video of the Chinese minister. I heard it yesterday and saved it to “Pocket”. Now when my son visits, I will have to ask him to show me how to get it FROM “Pocket” and record it! I have been a monthly contributor for quite a few years and it is great not to have to think about it each month. It just comes out of my account without my intervention. I like that. I will e-mail John Hull.

  5. Hi Ger

    I received a blog from Beverlee Kay on October 20. perhaps we can continue to pray for her and for her surgery to go well and that she will be back enjoying life to its fullest…….

    • Also Ger, she posted a blog on the l5, l6 and l8 and then sent me a blog on the 20 regarding how to find some programs on 100 Huntley Street……

  6. Thank you David and thank you everyone for your encouraging messages. Please continue to pray for the ministry of 100 Huntley Street and for all our team here at Crossroads.

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