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Today’s┬áReading: Psalms 103

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Heading south in the Kidron Valley you come to the Pillar of Absalom or Absolom’s Monument. 2 Samuel 18:18 tells us that, “Absalom in his life time set up a pillar for himself…..he called the pillar after his own name, and to this day it is called Absalom’s monument.” The Kidron Valley, also known as the King’s Valley, is located between the eastern walls of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives.

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Key Verses: Psalm 103:15-16

As for man, his days are like grass;

As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.

For the wind passes over it, and it is gone,

And its place remembers it no more.


We remember Prince Absalom, son of King David, who committed treason in trying to overthrow his father’s reign in Israel. Absolom’s untimely and violent death may have been in David’s mind when he penned the words of today’s reading. David grieved so very deeply over the death of his son (read 2 Samuel 18:9-33). Paul preached in the Antioch synagogue telling all that God said, “I have found David, the son of Jessie, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will.” The Apostle went on to say, “From this man’s seed, according to the promise, God raised up for Israel a Saviour – Jesus!”

David had reason to grieve, but he ordered his soul to “BLESS THE LORD!” Six times in today’s reading these words appear. What does it mean to “BLESS?” It means that we are to make someone joyful! Let us ask ourselves this question: Does the smile of God’s approval rest upon our lives? My father often prayed at our family altar, “May the smile of Your approval to be on our lives this day and always.” If we don’t have the assurance that God is blessed by our lives, we need to repent, ask forgiveness, and then look up again. Look for His joy to be revealed. Our souls will know when God is blessed!


Lord God, may the smile of Your approval be upon our lives this day and always. I pray that my soul will BLESS YOU, LORD GOD!!! Amen!!!


Bob Code, a man whom my mother led to Christ, along with his wife and daughter, would often say, “Bless the Lord!” I was about 13 years old then and I questioned how Mr. Code could bless God. I thought, “God is the One who does the blessing.” And God does bless us in awesome ways, but I’ve learned that blessing is a two-way street. God blesses us and we bless Him! Amen!

I’ve often read our key verses while standing at a graveside. I’ve just read again the verses just before, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear [respect, awe, worship] Him. For He knows our frame; that we are dust” (Psalm 103:12-14).

Yours for being blessed and for blessing God and all with whom we come into contact!


The view from behind Absalom’s Monument. His pillar is sculpted out of the bedrock in the valley below the city walls. Tourists don’t usually see the sculpture from this angle. Our photographer, my son, David Reynold, was determined to get the best pictures for these blogs. Thank you, my son!

23 thoughts on “Friday, October 23, 2015

  1. I must comment on the beautiful photography of Reynold’s. So often during these three years, I have marvelled at the beauty of each scene. I know that these photos are God anointed because the weather conditions, the lighting, the angles from which they are taken, are all so perfect, just amazing works of art. They are such a blessing to us all.

  2. thank you for your son great photos that we have been enjoying. How marvelous and beautiful so amazing. We appreciate all he has done to show us the beauty of pictures related to the scriptures.

  3. Yesterday my sister and I walked on the most beautiful Boardwalk and spent time in prayer. Then she left and had lunch with her grandson. Our prayers were answered, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savour. Bless the Lord oh my soul, and tears of joy. A teen for Christ.

  4. Praise the Lord for a new soul coming to Christ! Thank you everyone for your prayers! I am home from hospital in just over 24 hrs! Surgery was tricky and supposed to take 4 hrs (they had to collapse a lung to see where to cut) it only took 3 hrs. God is good!

  5. Praise God for answering prayer for this grandson and Joan’s operation. Also thank you again David, Norma Jean, Ron and Ann, and Reynold for this blog. I recommend it to others whenever the opportunity rises. Am understanding the themes of the Psalms much more this time.

  6. Praise the Lord for answered prayer for the salvation of this precious grandson! l actually gasped when l read your report Karen, l was so thrilled! O that many souls would come into the kingdom, here in the west more and more, so that l wouldn’t react as though an unusual thing had just happened. Let’s continue to pray and expect them to come to Jesus from the north, south, east and the west! God is so Faithful!

  7. My heart is full of Blessing to our Lord. For answered pray for Joan and Karen’s sisters dear grandson. One more to add, my daughter-in-law Monica does not have cancer in her Thyroid. They may have to take part or all of it out, but we are very grateful to The Lord His mercies endure for ever. Thank you dear friends for your prayers. Eleanor M.

  8. Beautiful photography Reynold – a blessing to all us “blogers”

    Thank you
    David for your faithfulness in doing this blog for us each and every day. It sure is a blessing to each of us.

  9. I gasped also when I read of the grandson accepting Jesus CHrist as his personal Savour! A teen no less! WOW! When Jesus speaks things really happen! What a wonderful day of celebration and dancing for Joy! Praise the Lord for Joan’s successful surgery! Another reason to celebrate the day! WOW! Truly the AMAZING GRACE OF GOD!

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