Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Today’s Reading: Psalms 95-97

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Israelis love their trees…Here in the Jordan Valley, you can see how the bulldozers moved the soil around the precious Acacia trees.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Psalm 96:7-8

Give to the Lord, O families of the peoples,

Give to the Lord glory and strength.

Give to the Lord the glory due His name;

Bring an offering, and come into His courts.


Psalm 95 is God’s invitation to “COME!” What do we do when we “COME!”?… We “SING!” “SHOUT JOYFULLY!” offer to Him “THANKSGIVING!” “WORSHIP! BOW DOWN! KNEEL!” 95:7b invites us to hear His voice. We hear with our inner voices as we read or we can hear by clicking on the above Scripture link and hear the Words being read out loud.

Psalm 95 was sung as the national anthem of Israel. In Psalm 96 we move beyond Israel to the whole world. All nationalities are invited to “COME.” By modern technology, Crossroads is inviting all peoples to “COME” and to “WORSHIP” the Lord in the beauty of holiness! What does crossroads360.com say to over 200 nations? “The Lord reigns!” (96:10-12a). The result will be that even the trees, including those Acacia trees in Reynold’s picture, will “REJOICE!”

Let’s not forget our key verse. When we come we give the offerings listed above, but we must not miss the exhortation, “BRING AN OFFERING!” Jesus watched as the widow placed her offering in the receptacle, and He announced that she had given more than all the others. When Jesus counts the giving of His people, He counts the level of sacrifice involved (read Mark 12:41-44). Psalm 97 carries on from Psalm 96.


O Lord God, Your Name and Your message must be communicated more effectively to all the nations. I pray for Crossroads’ Global Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John Hull, and the entire team of up-front people and those who make it all possible by working skillfully and by giving offerings sacrificially. Bless and strengthen us all in Jesus’ Name! Amen!!!


It’s a 50-year commitment I’ve made to treat all our children the same. It occurred to me that yesterday I had featured Ron and Ann. Therefore, today I’ll move to his older brother and his wife, Reynold and Kathy. They live in Uganda now and have launched a unique ministry called World Embrace. This is an apostolic work that seeks to answer Jesus’ prayer in John 17 where Jesus prayed just hours before His crucifixion “…Father, may they be brought to complete unity so that the world will know that You love them and have sent Me…” (John 17:21-23). Reynold and Kathy timed their missionary itineration to arrive for the birth of their first grandchild. She is Ruby Anne Lee of Regina, Saskatchewan. You may have seen our Africa missionaries on the 10,000th edition of 100 Huntley Street. They were TV on-air guests. In case you missed them click here and play the second video on the page. Also, their web site is www.worldembrace.org. You will see it is an exciting one-of-a-kind missions outreach. They have no mission society or denomination supporting them, and though they have been full time in Missions activities for over 15 years, this calling is relatively new. “Unity” is God’s call on their lives…and in reality, according to Scripture, we are all to have a heart for unity with other followers of Jesus. Norma-Jean and I, along with a small group of supporters, are coming alongside Reynold and Kathy financially. Any help you can give World Embrace would be such a big blessing!! At the foundation of God establishing His kingdom on earth is “Unity” within His church…His church made up of every nation, every tribe, every people, and every language.  And yes, man-made walls are coming down and bridges of relationship are being built. Praise God!!!

Yours for living as Psalms 95, 96, and 97 encourage to live!!!!


P.S. Reynold is our 100words.ca photographer. Thank you, son!

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  1. no matter what I do I can’t find the 10,000 program…I am not sure why….some internet watchers say that it is how the programmers set up the system….and some say it depends on the money aspect…so…maybe I will be able to watch in about 6 months or so……seems odd…..

    • Sah, Go to Thursday, October 15th post; directly under David’s name it says: P.S. Here is a link to yesterday’s 10,000th 100 Huntley Street telecast. Click on it and you will watch the episode.

      • Thanks Beverlee Key I’ve done that option and the message says “start up to long, past 10 seconds” others posted the same comment; I’ve tried every which way I can and I’ve had others try for me on my computer…..so…..don’t know why…….but as I stated a technician mentioned that sometimes programs are delayed primarily for financial gains…I might be able to see the program in about 6 months or so…..

  2. Three of my favorite psalms!!!
    What a special couple are Reynold and Kathy, may the Lord continue to keep them safe in all they do. Thank you Reynold for the spectacular pictures you have provided for this blog!!! Be strengthen in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  3. God bless Kathy and Reynold as they sacrificially give to The Lords work.

    Thank you Reynold for the beautiful pictures and Pastor David for our daily manna.

    Blessings fellow saints. Lord make us a blessing to someone today.

  4. Yes! Thank You Reynold for the pictures you provide. Not only are they very informative, they are also very beautiful photograph. What a talent!

    I am really enjoying 100 Huntley broadcasts and the individual people that help to anchor the shows, but please do not get ride of the Maines family from regular appearances on the program. We still want their ministry. I would not only like, not only to see more of Ron on the program, but I think Anne should be given a place to use her wonderful gift of teaching. Just saying my thoughts on this.

  5. One of the most overwhelming stories for me is the story of the Israelites in the wilderness. They ate manna, they saw the cloud by day, the pillar of fire by night, they heard God’s voice, they crossed the Red Sea, and yet, they did not enter into God’s rest – as we are reminded in psalm 95.

  6. I have to chuckle at myself Karen! God provides everything and yet I complain also, just like the Israelites!
    Reading this blog and the honesty of everyone, I am reminded AGAIN how God has provided! I have to smile! I know that God understands!

  7. Just wanted to make another special comment re Reynold and Kathy and their heart for needy people: The night they, as a family, spent the night sleeping on the street. At the request of their young son, whose heart was touched when he saw a young boy living on the street.

  8. Thank You Reynold and Kathy for the work you do with your Ministry.
    Thank you for the lovely pictures it really help when reading God’s word and see pictures related to it so grateful for this. Irene

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