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Today’s Reading: Psalms 84-86

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Golgotha (meaning “skull” in Aramaic) also called Calvary (from Latin calva, meaning “bald head” or “skull”), may be at this skull-shaped hill in Jerusalem. It is an ancient quarry through which a main road passes just outside the Damascus Gate. The prophet Jeremiah wrote in Lamentations 1:12, “Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Behold and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow, which the Lord inflicted on me in the day of His fierce anger.” Thousands of people “pass by” each day here at the Arab East Jerusalem Bus Station. Without exception, the Romans always crucified people beside the most busy roads in order to show an example to as many people as possible.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Psalm 85:10

Mercy and truth have met together;

Righteousness and peace have kissed.

Our key verse found fulfillment at the cross of Christ! God’s mercy to the entire human race was made available at the Cross! God’s Truth and righteousness, for which Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, was satisfied. The Apostle Paul, a Jewish Rabbi, wrote, “Having made peace through the blood of His cross…” (Read Colossians 1:15-22).

Psalm 84 should cause us to ask of ourselves this question: When is the last time we longed to go to church with such an intense desire?

Psalm 85 is a cry to God for revival, a hymn to be sung in the house of God! After such a fervent prayer, confidence fills the heart and mind of the writer. “YES, the Lord will give what is good!” (Psalm 85:12a).

In Psalm 86, King David gives reasons why he believes that the Lord will hear his prayer, preserve him, save him, show mercy, teach him, deliver him, strengthen him and give him a sign. When we speak out our confidence in God, our faith is increased.


Lord God, You help the helpless. That’s me! I’m confident in Your salvation because You are my God and I trust in You! “You, Lord, are good and ready to forgive” (86:5a). “You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth” (86:15). Therefore, O Lord, I’m filled with faith in You as I kneel in Your presence to call upon You for this new day. I pray in the Name of the One who brought mercy and truth together, and through Whom righteousness and peace have kissed each other, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!!!


The eternal, all-powerful, all-loving, all-wise God has provided a way for His unchangeable “rule of law” to be satisfied. God’s Son, fully God, took upon Himself the punishment which I deserved, so that eternal justice has been satisfied. That “kiss” referred to in our key verse presents a picture of what happened as Jesus, fully God, suffered in my place.

I can do no less than give myself again to God for this new day and for the rest of my life. Again this morning I am quoting my daily confession, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Galatians 2:20).

Thank you for your prayers for me!!! The two-year journey through the Bible will take 730 blogs. Keep praying for this unworthy preacher.

Yours for another 230 more blog postings when we will complete our second two-year journey through the Bible!!!


P.S. Here is a link to yesterday’s 10,000th 100 Huntley Street telecast. Celebrate with us!!!

43 thoughts on “Thursday, October 15, 2015

  1. I certainly miss going to church!
    I have not been able to go to church Sunday mornings for a year (Nov 6/14)
    I have contacted our Ministerial in our community to consider having some services in the evenings on Saturday or Sunday!
    In my town of about 11,000, about 1/3 have a sleep disorder and about 40 people in my church also have a seasonal affected sleep disorder.
    Please pray that somehow, someway, we can have worship services in the evenings!
    I pray also that many communities would consider have Gospel concerts in their communities! In my area these concerts are very well attended!

  2. thank you for a wonderful godly journey that we had and have the experience of seeing – watching a program that shares the values of life and God’s word.
    It was an amazing view what you and Norma Jean followed God’s calling in reaching 10,000 programs. I am so grateful and appreciate all you did. To God Be The Glory.

  3. Wonderful celebration of the 10,000 program. Many, many, memorable folk in the audience and in front of the camera. Very amazing ministries. God is so good to have brought such wonderful people into the ministry. May He continue to bless and use this vehicle for His Glory.

  4. What a thrill to watch the 10,000th show last night and celebrate with you all! Just loved how all the glory went to Jesus!!!! Also so pleased to see you so full, of vitality and passion despite your illness. God gave you and Norma Jean such a huge ministry vision and you both have set such an example to innumerable people of obedience,dedication,loyalty, dependence on Christ ,perseverance during adversity, servants hearts and a love for all people.
    To God be the glory for the millions who have been touched with the gospel message presented clearly!

  5. Amen, David; it was wonderful to watch, yesterday–feeling honoured to have shared yours and Norma-Jean’s celebration of glorifying God, with all of you! As the deep shaped crevices are in the rocky hill in Jerusalem, so deep is our love for You, oh Lord! How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! Our souls yearn, even faint, for the courts of the Lord; our hearts and flesh cry out for the living God. Teach us your way, Lord, that we may rely on your faithfulness; give us an undivided heart, that we may fear your name. Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you! Such beautiful Psalms, amen!! Blessings most dearest and fellow saints! May it be a glorious day!

    “O break my heart; but break it as a field
    Is by the plough up-broken for the corn;
    O break it as the buds, by green leaf seated,
    Are, to unloose the golden blossom, torn;
    Love would I offer unto Love’s great Master,
    Set free the odor, break the alabaster.

    “O break my heart; break it victorious God,
    That life’s eternal well may flash abroad;
    O let it break as when the captive trees,
    Breaking cold bonds, regain their liberties;
    And as thought’s sacred grove to life is springing,
    Be joys, like birds, their hope, Thy victory singing.”
    —Thomas Toke Bunch

    Better Is One Day, Chris Tomlin

  6. Enjoyed watching the 10,000 program. It was great to get a better idea of the key people and their roles on earlier years
    Congratulations. Very well done

  7. I so very much enjoyed the program yesterday, it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces from the past, to again remember the part they played in the ministry. It was also great to see Kathy and Reynold , I have missed seeing them on the program but am thankful for the updates you give on them Pastor David.. May God continue to give you strength to continue this blog, you are a Blessing to all of us. Have a great day everyone. Eleanor M.

  8. I watched 100 Huntley special program yesterday, You, David looked great and did very well, Wonderful to see your Family there and Cal B.` Norman, ` Ray David, and George “` and Lorna “ I am a Life Saved by the Lord through 100 Huntley Street so I just loved seeing all the (old) Faces from the Past, Just wanted to say …. to the People who gave …. Thank you for Giving to the Lord …. I am a life that was saved … Twenty Years ago ““ God Bless and Keep you strong and Fearless in His Name ( Jesus ) The Name above All Names ( To God be the Glory ) Always “ Numbers 6. 24,26

  9. Yes it was a blessing to all of us. And to see all the people again who have been inspired to start their own ministries. Truly an amazing thing to see! Also to see you David and Norma Jean looking so well! To God be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done!

  10. Congratulations David and Norma Jean and most assuredly to the holy Spirit Who is the Power behind it all.
    Today’s key verse brought this poem to mind:
    A Kiss By Love

    The vastness of the sins we wrought
    Was cancelled by one wooden cross,
    For there alone forgiveness was bought
    By the Gift of His Son Who took our loss.

    What caused this Man of holy reign
    To take our sins of unholy shame
    And with His blood give hope again,
    When He was least of all to blame?

    This King of kings who rose above,
    Broke the serpent’s strangle hold,
    For hate was given a kiss by love
    In the greatest story ever told.
    G W(Bill) Marshall / June 08, 2013

  11. Watched you 10,000 Telecast on internet as way not able to in the morning telecast. Congratulations to you and Norma-Jean and your family, and all who contributed to that Great accomplishment!!! The Joy of the Lord was evident in the presentation!!! May God continue to keep you in all His ways!!

  12. WOW!

    I felt that the “unworthy” preacher was full of grace and charm as he hosted one hour of live TV yesterday so effortlessly.

    Your “interviews” with some of the many people on the team who have joined you at 100 Huntley Street were awesome. It is remarkable what Jesus has achieved through you and Norma-Jean who has helped to make you worthy.

    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  13. Very nice celebration of your 10,000 show. It was great to put a face to the names we’ve read about and heard about over the years.
    So wonderful to see so many good people in one spot yesterday. Continued blessings to all.
    God bless my blog friends and thanks for such a fine example of living a Christian life.

  14. What a testimony to faith in God! That your show has always made Jesus the center is surety the 10,000 reasons for such success.

  15. Amen to all above my mom’s surgery was successful it was a weight off my shoulders.
    Now she has to recover , and that will be for awhile yet in , in and out of hospital.
    Thank you everyone for your prayers
    Lianne Hogg

  16. thanks Kathie, I tried that and this message came up:”
    setup timeout error: setup longer than 10 seconds to complete

    so I’ve tried just about every other website I could find and received the same message!!!!!!!!!!!

    anybody else got some suggestions!!!!!!

  17. Thank you David and Norma Jean, the celebration was fantastic. I remember all the people you mentioned as I have watched since the beginning . I shed a tear or two. You did a super job David. Love and prayers colleen.

  18. What a lovely celebration!!!i have been watching ‘forever’. It was wonderful seeing everyone. I felt as if I was there with all of you. THE LORD IS SO GOOD!!! I’m at that age where I treasure all those years ( some happy, some painful) that have gone by so quickly.What a legacy you are leaving behind. I also appreciate your blogs. Reynolds pictures have been such a gift.I have never been to Israel
    So am enjoying the pictures.
    What a blessing both of you have been! Thank you.

  19. God Bless you David and your Ministry! You have brought many lost souls to salvation! Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for your prayers, especially for our children to come to know the Lord!

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