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Today’s┬áReading: Psalm 35-37

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In 1667, Pope Clement X commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to build a second fountain in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, which closely followed the design of the Maderno Fountain on the north side of the square. The Bernini Fountain was completed in 1677. In the distance you can see St. Peter’s Basilica and its dome. In our reading today, the psalmist, David, wrote of the Lord, “For with You is the fountain of life” (Psalm 36:9a).

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Key Verses: Psalm 36:8-9a

They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

For with You is the fountain of life.

This is not a dull, unexciting existence, but a life of fullness, a river of God’s pleasures, and for us, a “fountain of life!” In the first eight verses of Psalm 37, the words “DO NOT FRET,” begin and end a list that can guarantee us a joy-filled life. (1) Trust in the Lord. (2) Dwell in the land. (3) Delight yourself also in the Lord. (4) Commit your way to the Lord. (5) Rest in the Lord. Now, let’s go back over these five and ask ourselves whether or not they are happening in our lives.

The results of practising the above are summed up in Psalm 37:23-25. We may want to reread these verses, taking time to meditate on them, and then pray the following prayer.


Lord God, Grant me the grace to not fret! I am trusting You! I am dwelling with You! I am delighting myself in You! I commit my way to You! Having made this confession, I now rest in You! I pray that the One who lived this way 100% of the time, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I’ve invited to live in me, will enable me to live as He lived! Amen!!!


Psalm 37:37 brings laughter to me as I read it. When I was a student at EPBC, now Master’s College and Seminary, in Peterborough, Ontario, we, a few students, carried out an odd practice for about two weeks. Some of us would carry in our pockets a marker pencil, and if anyone came across less than humble in a statement or attitude, out would come the marker, and an “X” would be placed somewhere on that person. The original English translations rendered verse 37, “Mark the perfect man!” We had a great deal of fun, but there were actually two messages here. First, I must not think of myself too highly, and second, I should not be so judgmental of others. The New King James translation, which I use for this blog, does not use the word “perfect,” but “blameless.” I learned that I am “in Christ,” and because of Him and Him only, can I be “perfect,” which I’ve come to understand means “complete” or “blameless.” For a New Testament reading, I suggest Ephesians 1:1-23. The words “in Christ” or “in Him” are repeated at least a dozen times. So…as the old English says, “Fret not thyself!!!”

Yours for Joy in our Journey!


P.S. I was checking out and came across Ron’s “Stay in Touch” segment on “Joy.” It seemed appropriate to suggest that, in the light of “fret not thyself,” all of us watch this (click here).

Another photo angle on the Bernini Fountain in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

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  1. Thank you David,and Ron for your message this morning. It ministered to my heart; Oh, what Spiritual Blessings we have in Christ and the Lord has given me pure joy and opportunities to minister to a family member. God bless you saints for your prayers. Only eternity will reveal what all will be accomplished. Check back sah to yesterday for a short message from me. When I read Mark the perfect man, I remember someone using this verse to refer to Mark Buntain. He was a good man for sure.

  2. Oh, saints, I just typed the beautiful prayer by Ron out, and lost it; will try to do it again, later. Thank you for the beautiful scripture verses and message, today, David–Psalms by David; Esphesians by Saint Paul; and James. My surgery date is October 30th; thank you for your continued prayers, as I pray for you–oh beautiful saints.

    The King is Among Us by Elevation Worship

  3. beautiful pictures, particularly the light around the fountains and extending in and throughout the pictures!!! thank you Reynold

    Joined with you in prayer. Thank you David for the links and thank you Ron for your encouraging words.. What healing verses are the Key verses!!!

  4. Please, Producer of 100 Huntley Street, let’s have teaching segments like the one I just heard, from Ron, as a regular occurrence on the daily 100 Huntley Street program. Ron is really gifted in this area and such teaching from him would be greatly appreciate. Please give this serious thought. Thank You!

  5. I have tried to resubscribe several times. I had been receiving your blog since you started it, but I must have unknowingly unsubscribed as the last one I received was Sept 16th 2015 Would you please reinstate me onto your list to receive your blog
    of “100 Words” I have really enjoyed reading through the Bible with you !
    Thankyou , God Bless you!!

  6. I too would like to see more of Ron on 100 Huntley St Ilike him in his teaching sessions and as HOST. Please bring him back !! I feel like he has been ‘crowded out’ And Moira too !! Miss her as co-host

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