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Today’s┬áReading: Job 34-35

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A nighttime view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Key Verses: Job 35:7, 10

If you are righteous, what do you give Him? Or what does He receive from your hand?…But no one says, ‘Where is God my Maker, Who gives songs in the night?…’


Many questions, but what about answers? Elihu picks up on some of the things Job has said. He points out Job’s statements and then leaves it up to Job to decide whether he is right or wrong. Perhaps we can learn from this. Rather than accusing others of wrong, we can point to God’s thoughts on the matter and the need to consider their actions and reactions toward God. Then we can pray fervently and leave it up to the Holy Spirit to do His work. Jesus said, “When He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13a). For a full description of the work of the Holy Spirit, we may want to take the time to read Jesus’ teaching found in John 16:1-15.

The second key verse speaks of “songs in the night.” God was there for Paul and Silas in jail: “But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them” (see Acts 16:25-34). We may have many questions that seem to be unanswered, but as we are faithful in reading God’s Word, His answers will be revealed.


Lord God, often I come to You in the night hours. I’ve been through what has been called “the dark night of the soul.” Every time You’ve been there to meet me. Sometimes I have had to learn to wait as You are accomplishing Your purposes in my life. I pray for continued grace to listen for Your words of comfort and guidance. In Jesus’ Name I ask this, Amen!!!


Two years ago Norma-Jean and I received a call from Myles Neilson, our 5-year-old great-grandson (now seven). He said, “I’ve had a very serious talk with my Mom [Sheryl] and it’s important.” At that point Sheryl picked up the phone and said they would like to come over to our apartment. They arrived around 5 p.m. in time for dinner, and I heard the story. Myles had asked his Mom why he did so many bad things, and even though he tried to be good, it didn’t work. Sheryl asked Myles if he had ever asked Jesus to come and live in his heart. He said, “No, and I’d like to do that.” They prayed together and Myles received Jesus. He had a question for me. He asked his great-grandpa (and he waited until I could write his question down), “When I pray at night, I ask God to help me to listen. I wake up in the morning, but I don’t think God heard me, because I mess up again. God annoys me because He doesn’t help me. What’s wrong?” I made an attempt at responding to Myles, but I want the help of my fellow bloggers. How would you respond to Myles?

When I wrote about this two years ago, I received the most responses in the history of (click here to read the amazing replies from two years ago).

Yours for “songs in the night,”


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  1. Myles, when you say “God annoys you” and you continue to mess up, it isn’t God annoying you , it is God the Holy Spirit WHO is trying to “get your attention” to NOT mess up, however you are learning to “recognize the LORD when you are tempted to mess up as you put it. Keep trusting the LORD as HE NOW lives inside of you in your heart and HE is trying to remind you at this particular time when you are about to mess up that instead of messing up, you need to concentrate on the LORD and resist the teptation to “mess up”. Remember Myles-JESUS said I will never ever leave you. Keep trusting the LORD and think about the LORD the next time you are tempted to “mess up”

    Rev. Terry FELVUS- Grassie On.

  2. Dear Miles: Jesus loves you and does not hold anything against you. He loves you with an everlasting love that endures forever -(Ps. 118:1) Once you are sorry, he forgives you. : I love this verse: John 11:41-42 ‘GOD I THANK YOU FOR HAVING HEARD ME, FOR I KNEW YOU ALWAYS HEAR ME’.

  3. Amen! Myles is not alone; this problem is common to all mankind because of the fall but we keep trying and asking for the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus and are able to resist sin and are changed into His image and from glory to glory. “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day.”(Proverbs 4:18).

  4. Thankyou Lynda & Beverlee Kay for sharing your precious songs
    about truly BELIEVING in Jesus Christ, even when things get tough.

    I needed those words of comfort and guidance today.
    May God bless you both, Amen!

  5. I believe that God wants us to be honest, believe, and LOVE.
    To me HE ANSWERS IN POSTS ON FACEBOOK OR AS THIS LAST SUNDAY, I asked God why I made so many mistakes, I WAS LISTENING TO JOEL OSTEEN ON TV, AND he gave a service on mistakes and how a farther on earth reacts with love, SO DOES OUR HEAVENLY FATHER REACT. When God does NOT ANSWER , then I KNOW that HE HAS something better for me.
    I’ve also learnt to BE PATIENT.

  6. I am fainting from JOY over this child Myles! God bless this boy!
    He has asked questions and made comments that millions of people have asked and made and have said the very same thing WHAT IS WRONG! WHY IS GOD DOING THIS TO ME! I SURE HAD QUESTIONS SO THIS IS A WONDERFUL WAY TO DISCUSS THESE VERY REAL QUESTIONS!
    I’m a senior and I pray at night and in the morning, and it only takes a “FLASH” and WHAM I messed up AGAIN!
    I just messed up a few days ago, I couldn’t believe how the devil tripped me up! I posted prayer asking the Lord to help me not to REACT, BUT TO LISTEN , LISTEN AND LISTEN!
    Myles you have been greatly blessed because you recognize the issues and you ask the questions?
    I wouldn’t want God to be any other way, because as human beings we don’t particularly like when someones says ‘YOU HAVE TO AND THAT’S THAT! We then say, OH REALLY and then starts the problems.
    It is a blessing you have Christ centered parents, grandparents to discuss these issue with and God has blessed you with discernment, you realize that things get mixed up, and that was not YOUR plan to start with.
    Keep praying Myles, keep talking with your family, and remember whether your 7 or 70, we all go through this plan of Salvation, sometimes we get it very mixed, sometimes we get it right and the angels are rejoicing!
    Thank you so much David Mainse for sharing this story! I’m pumped because I’ve had this conversation with many people over the years!
    Lord God whatever Your plan is for Myles, continue to bless his ability to know that something is just not quite right! Every step, every minute is a learning curve!
    One day he will be able to understand someone talking about this very situation and Myles will then be able to thank His God for helping him get through this time in his life and be able to continue to walk with the Lord!

  7. Dear Myles;
    First of all, tell God Thank You for listening to your prayer, and then thank Him for answeing it because He already has. That is His promise to you! He’s working on you right now but He wants you to keep on praying every single day(or night) until He is finished. When you make a mistake, be sorry and try again. When you do good, thank Him for that! One day you’ll be saying more “thank yous” than “sorries” and you will get better and better and better at being good!

  8. The fact this got the highest amount of responses two years ago and continues today just go to show us we all have been there. We have all at some point felt as St. Paul did when he said he doesn’t understand why he does the things he knows he shouldn’t do and can’t do the things he knows he should. The struggle between our old sin nature and the nature of Christ will exist on this side of the grave. Often it is the struggle itself that is necessary for growth– growing pains of the spirit.
    But I have found in my own walk with God that it is better not to focus on trying to live a good life by trying to be good, it is better to live the redeemed life and focus on love– that way it becomes less about ourselves and more about giving others what they need by loving them– it becomes less about trying to do what Jesus would do and more about treating everyone like they were Jesus–slight shift in perspective doesn’t remove the struggle, but it makes it easier and less prone to self condemnation and beating ourselves up for not being able to be what know we will be in world to come.

    • Thank you Donna M, I found your comment and insight very helpful on Aug 28, 2015. I have copied out much of your statement as a go to reminder.

  9. I agree with Donna, focusing on my sin has left me feeling helpless and hopeless. It’s only when I realize that God is with me, and He will never leave me or forsake me, and I focus on Him and His great love and compassion and forgiveness that I find the strength to turn from the darkness in my own soul towards the light that is found only in Him. Sometimes I think I can close him out of the dark parts of my life and then pick Him up again, but once I realized He walks through the darkness with me, it gives me strength to follow Him out into the light. He knows the “true” me and has died to save me from myself.

  10. Wow…such an insightful little boy… screams humility. I really enjoyed reading all the responses as well. Love the daily devotionals and pictures.,,,often forward to others….although I`ve never been to the Middle East I almost feel like I`ve visited Israel via the beautiful photos with comments! Keep it coming! God bless all of you-sincerely Sue Bauer.

  11. Dear Myles; Jesus is in your heart and always will be and now you are perfect in Him! He wants you to hold onto His hand and trust in Him with all your heart and He will teach you and protect you and show you how to love and help others!

  12. Miles, keep your eyes on Jesus every day and don’t look to the left or to the right! Follow the ways of the Lord and not man or their ideas but the ONE who has created us. I pray that God will show you all things that is coming to us at this time.

    God bless and keep you in the palm of His hands and lean unto Him.

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