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Today’s Reading: Job 27-28

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Pictured are the remains of a copper smelting furnace from the Ramsesside Period (13th-12th centuries BC). One smelting process took 10-12 hours and produced 5 kg of copper. As well as copper, today’s reading refers to silver, gold, iron, sapphires, flint, onyx, crystal, coral, quartz, topaz, and rubies. The geologists of those days were well equipped for their profession.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Job 28:28

And to man He said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.”


It is a fact that Job had a sterling character. The Scripture tells us that the tongue is the most difficult member of our bodies to be brought under control. Job said, “My lips will not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit” (Job 27:4). No wonder God said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” (Job 1:8).

Another reading that will show us the character of Job is James 1:2-8. Before the Bible was written, before Jesus entered recorded history, before the coming of the Holy Spirit upon people, Job gives us an example of the fact that we can live in an upright way. We have great advantages over Job. We have no excuse for not living a life of integrity.

Again Job reveals his knowledge of nature. The barometer was invented approximately 400 years ago. It’s based on the weight of a column of air. Consider Job 28:25a, “weight for the wind.” Four thousand years ago wise people understood much more than we give them credit for. Many of our 21st century contemporaries seem to exhibit a pride of intellect which is not deserved. God reveals Himself to humble people!


Lord God, I worship You! You are great!!! Hallelujah!!! May “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” May I walk humbly before You in such a way that You will be honoured. In the Name of the One who pleased You always, the Lord Jesus, I pray, Amen!!!


Like Job and his friends, I’ve often wondered why injustice sometimes seems to triumph. I’ve come to the conclusion that on the scales of eternity, justice will indeed triumph. So I decided years ago to hang in there, looking to God daily for His wisdom, doing all I can do to alleviate suffering, hunger, strife, etc. in any way I can. When I’m able to do the right thing, I know that strength comes from God through seeking Him first every morning, and then keeping His ways in mind throughout the day.

Thinking of all the minerals mentioned in today’s reading takes me back to the five years that Norma-Jean, our children and I spent in what is Canada’s premier mining city, Sudbury, Ontario. Bill St. Pierre, who served as our Development Director for the Circle Square Ranches for many years, worked in helping to develop new ways of prospecting for the mining companies. I’m prospecting every day for the wealth waiting to be found in Holy Scripture. I pray fervently that this blog, attached to the Lord, will enable me to share the wealth with more and more people.

Yours, with a hope that all of us will “share the wealth” by sending this blog on to others,


Timna Park, located in Israel south of the Dead Sea, has many unique rock formations. In this area Moses and the Children of Israel pitched their tents. It is believed that King Solomon developed mining in this area and that even the Pharaohs of Egypt established mines here.

14 thoughts on “Monday, August 24, 2015

  1. Fascinating how Job compares the search for precious minerals as unequivocal to God’s wisdom and value in our lives. So true! His strength and blessings to all!

    • Thank you Pastor David, for you insight on the scriptures. It really does help me to understand the passages.
      I was at a funeral last Friday,of a dear Scottish lady 93 years young. She was a beautiful Christian and our Pastor made it clear to all that she was already with the Lord. We shall miss her but we can’t be sad because we will see her again. Amen and amen.
      Have a Blessed day all bloggers. Eleanor M.

  2. In my prayers every morning I ask God to put a guard over my mouth , and my
    tongue so I will only speak what he wants me to. Thank you for your personal
    words David.
    God bless you , and your families
    Lianne Hogg

  3. Good morning blog friends in Christ,

    I have a question today. Job is considered to be the oldest book in the Holy Bible. If this is true, then it was written before Genesis. My question is this: Did Job live before the days of Noah or after? If he lived before, then I have more questions and if he lived after, then I have more insight with respect to many passages of Old Testament history…

    Have a great day blog friends in Christ

  4. Amazing pics today of years gone by!
    Lapis lazuli is a gemstone (I had to look that one up). I’m a bird fanatic and there’s a lazuli bird named for its beautiful color. I love all God’s creatures but especially birds (most of them).
    Found a touching hymn, You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban.
    Wish I could help u D. Loewen but I’m just learning too:)
    Have a wonderful day all saints.

  5. Amen David. Hallelujah!!! Could anybody see God’s hand in the cloud picture yesterday? I saw His palm and outstretched fingers. I love clouds! Blessings!!

    • Yes I noticed that also, it’s funny, that I can see very clear, it gives great comfort to REALIZE THAT hE COVERS ALL OUR SINS WITH HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

  6. Impressive photos…thank you Rev. Reynold Mainse!

    Appreciate the tenacity with which Job continued to stand in-spite of the continued pressure from his so-called friends. And the understanding of who God is which he seemed to gain through and above the pain and discomfort he must have been in.
    It continues to amaze me…all that the ancient people accomplished without all the tools that are available now…what they built and made lasted…was preserved for years!!!

  7. thanks Kathie I did hear the song! It is beautiful and my favourite singer!
    I need to talk to someone! I find as I get older I am becoming more critical and I have to stop doing that, it’s not very becoming! Please pray for me, pray that I WILL NOT REACT BUT RATHER LISTEN, AND LISTEN AGAIN!
    Also please pray for rain, more fires are breaking out!
    I am so thankful the Lord removed smokes/alcohol from me 20 years ago, and took my broken leg and turned it into me learning to swim! It’s great and I meet terrific people!
    Lord God hear my prayers!

  8. Jobs final words to his friends are explicit and his interlude on where wisdom is found is profoundly beautiful. I keep re-reading this chapter and seek to memorize Job 28.

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