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Today’s Reading: Nehemiah 9

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Another view of the Wetsern Wall of the Temple Mount (also known as the Wailing Wall). Many Jews come to this special location regularly to pray because it is close to where the Temple once stood which housed the Presence of God.

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Key Verse: Nehemiah 9:2

Then those of Israelite lineage separated themselves from all foreigners; and they stood and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers.


Not only did the people confess their sins (a prerequisite to effective prayer), but they also confessed the history of God’s “amazing grace” through the centuries since Abraham. This is a thorough review of the past. Verse 36 brings the story to the present, “We are Your servants today!” “We are in great distress” (9:37b). Then we read the conclusion for the future: “We make a sure covenant and write it.” A “covenant” is the most solemn and binding agreement possible between two or more parties. In this case, it was a legal document between God and the individual person. It was most important that the “covenant” be witnessed and sealed by leaders, priests and Levites. We may want to conclude our meditation on chapter 9 by reading out loud from Nehemiah 9:5b to 9:38, the end of the chapter. Next, we may want to write our covenant with God and others over the next few days. For those people in Jerusalem, this process took 12 hours. Don’t rush it. You may want to share it with me and others as a comment on this blog at www.100words.ca (just click on the comments bubble at the top, then scroll down to where it says “Leave a Reply”)…and also share it with your leaders in faith. Perhaps this could even be a part of your last will and testament. Be generous with your family members, and then they’ll pay close attention when, by law, the lawyer is required to read it out loud. On second thought, it may be too personal to share it with me. You can leave that out, but I would be very interested to know that readers have taken me up on this suggestion. Believe me, it will be worth the huge effort required.


Lord God, I confess my sins and trust You for the forgiveness You promised (2 Chronicles 7:14 and 1 John 1:9). I also confess as the people did. It is taking longer today, but You are not in a hurry. I pray that I will slow down and take more time with You. I pray this in the Name of the One who told the story of the Jew who collected taxes for Rome and prayed a short prayer, “God be merciful to me a sinner,” and who, according to Jesus, went to his home justified (made right in God’s sight), Amen! Amen!


I confess that I’ve gone well over my goal of 100 words. Please forgive me, and I’m sorry to report that I’ll probably do it again. I’m so full of God’s Word! Norma-Jean and I are here at an old fashioned camp meeting on Manitoulin Island for a few days. It’s called Spring Bay Pentecostal Camp and the morning speaker is Rev. Jim Cantelon and in the evening it’s Jim’s cousin, Rev. Brent Cantelon.

From time to time I have written out a statement, put it in my top centre drawer in my desk, opened the drawer first thing each day, and read the statement. It was a very effective way to focus myself on those things that are really important! That statement was not what I want put in my will, but a sentence, using as few words as possible, to describe my commitment to God and to others. For example, when the Crossroads Ministry had a big financial need, I would write something like this: “I am absolutely sure that God will meet the needs of the ministry, providing sufficient funds to pay every bill!” What about that!!! The ministry is still moving forward after 53 years. Thank You, Lord!

Yours for spending whatever time is necessary on putting first things first, and as someone has said, “Keep the main thing the main thing!”


18 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 28, 2015

  1. Amen, David, amen! Thank you for such an encouraging blog
    message and prayer of commitment in covenant to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Covenant writing–what a wonderful way to stay true to our God! Enjoy your camp meeting with Norma-Jean and the Cantelons! There is no greater time that I enjoy than camp in the summer! I have been fortunate to attend Sydenham Camp for a few evenings and now Bethel Camp in Odessa. What a revival we had Sunday night with Rev. Ken Bombay! The Holy Spirit was ever present in the tabernacle with hands on healing and prayer at the altar–so powerful–singing and praising the goodness of our Lord!!! Amen!!! Blessings fellow saints!

    The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. 1 Cor. 2:10

    • Great to hear from you again Beverlee! We all love you & your posts. May God bless and keep all his people, & help us to be faithful to His purposes.

      • You’re so sweet, Rob; thank you so much, dear brother-in-Christ! I so missed all of you–our wonderful blog family!!!

        Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor (Rom 12:10); addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart (Eph 5:19); that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ (Col 2:2).


  2. Amen Amen David!! I NEED to go to a Camp too! I’ll ask Audrey if she knows of any because she’s been onRetreats before.
    Amen Beverlee! Heard some more lyrics today:
    Hello my name is “Child of the One True King.”
    Amazing Grace is the Song I Sing!”
    It’s nice. Glorious day to all!

  3. Hi David
    Thank you for your post today….am at a bit of a crossroads regarding future focus and your words were particularly pertinent and helpful. I haven’t said hello often and I don’t get to all of your posts but they are always appreciated. My wife Carlene and I met you in Florida at the University restaurant and look forward to seeing you again this year. Keep up the Good Work. Onward and Upward Brother…In His Light Ron and Carlene

  4. Thank you, David, for your continued faithfulness and servant leadership. It’s been a joy to journey with you daily since you began this blog…Blessings to you and Norma Jean.

  5. Welcome back Berverlee…that you for the Song …yes, “I AM A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING” the past no longer is a part of me….what a comfort to know that truth!!!

    Enjoy your camp time with Norma Jean and the messages by the Cantelon’s…be refreshed and renewed as you enjoy your time there.

    Thank you for your commitment to this blog…fresh new manna today, Amen!!!

  6. Thankyou David .M. You are so faithful to this blog
    Even on you hlidays , for that I give you thanks, Thank you all
    bloggers love all your comments. I was at V B S with nearly 60
    childern in attendense . they were so happy learning of Jesus
    Praise the Lord for all the teachers and all the workers…..R…..

  7. Thank you David for your continued inspiration and thank you Irene, Kathie and Liane for praying for Billy. He is on the emergency list for the operation now. Good to have you back Beverlee. I went over to Campmeeting this morning which is all about the book of Acts and being Spirit filled. Am reading, “The Blessing” now. I also want to be full of God’s Word so when I get up to teach, it will flow out of me. Amen! Blessings saints!

  8. Thank you David for your faithfulness. Your daily blogs are such an inspiration and encouragement for me. I share them with family and friends. I will try your suggestion to write a covenant. Greta

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