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Today’s┬áReading: Nehemiah 3-4

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The Broad Wall is an ancient defensive wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. The wall was unearthed in the 1970’s by Israeli archaeologist Nahman Avigad and dated to the reign of King Hezekiah (late 8th century BC). This wall is referred to in Nehemiah 3:8.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Nehemiah 4:6

So we built the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.


Those who opposed the building of the wall tried to stop the project in several ways. Firstly, they used ridicule, mocking the vision of the Jews. Secondly, when their indignation had turned to anger, they conspired to use violence against the Jews. The response of those who had God’s vision for the wall was to have “a mind to work,” to make “our prayer to our God,” and to “set a watch against them [their enemies] day and night.”

In doing the will of God for our lives today, let us work hard, pray hard, and watch carefully for enemy activity. Why do we fight the fight of faith? Yes, for our own futures, but as 4:14b tells us, we fight for our families, “our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters [also for those in other families who have no one to fight for them], our wives [husbands] and our houses.” The imagery of a trowel (the work) in one hand and a sword (the protection of daily reading God’s Word) in the other hand, is powerful. A complimentary New Testament reading could be Mark 10:28-31, where we are promised by Jesus 100 times more in houses, brothers, sisters, etc. The best results come from doing God’s will in spite of opposition.


Lord God, I pray for daily strength to work diligently for Your cause, and to stand on guard against all attacks on Your great purposes for my life and that of my family. In the Name of the Carpenter who said, “I will build My Church,” and “I make all things new,” Jesus, Himself, Amen!!!


In Canada’s national anthem we repeat several times, “We stand on guard for thee.” This brings to mind a story from my Dad and his partner in guard duty at Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, during WWI. Private Mainse and Private Hawley were on night duty walking the circumference of the Fort outside the walls. They would meet, salute, turn about face and walk the opposite directions until they met again. Each time they met they would each quote a sentence from the Bible which they had memorized the day before. The son of Private Hawley, Martin Hawley, confirmed this story to me not long ago. Both Privates became Generals in my books. It’s no wonder that they both were called of God into His service. They became ordained ministers of Christ.

The last building project in which I was involved was the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario (picture below). The building houses 143,000 square feet of TV studios, offices, a restaurant, and convention facilities. I invite all our readers to visit. I traveled to a quarry in Muskoka to choose the great stone you see pictured outside the entrance. The Scripture below the stone says, “Thus saith the Lord: stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ancient paths where the good way lies, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls!” Jeremiah 6:16 (NRSV).

Yours for having “a mind to work” and “rest for your souls” and “to not be afraid,”


The Crossroads Centre, Burlington, Ontario, opened in 1992.

6 thoughts on “Saturday, July 25, 2015

  1. What a superb bldg.for Crosswords in Burlington. Must have cost a fortune to build and complete with all those roof lines.
    Just visited Ontario and went on a cruise around the Thousand Islands. Each island had a house or structure on it. Very beautiful and hopefully all built for the glory of God like the Crossroad’s bldg. Thank u for all your info and pics Rev. Mainse et al. God bless.

  2. What blessings Ezra and Nehemiah were who were born in and came out of the captivity! The Lord can make the”wrath of God” to please Him. It was also a blessing and privilege to be at the opening of 100 Huntley Street in Burlington. Thank you for your encouragement today, David.

  3. Thank you for the pictures, what an impressive building built for the Glory of God to be used for His Glory.

    What strength there is when people work together in unison for the Glory of God, even under opposition, standing strong; standing on guard, watching and praying. The picture of the wall is special, preserved history.

    May the Church come together in unison, working for God’s Glory as ONE, Jesus I pray!!! Amen

  4. last year I talked to an individual about their sponsorship for a certain activity in our community I mentioned that I was very disappointed in this group because they used the Name of the Lord God in Vain and I wondered if this sponsor was aware! HE WAS NOT! He said :they` never use God`s Name in Vain, he thanked me for bringing it to his attention:

    I smiled when I read the piece and thanked God for this blessing! It went on to mention that the company chose this company because they had great integrity in their business dealings! PRAISE GOD!
    I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God!
    I also received a blessing!
    Someone invited me to an outing on August 1st, which will take place in the afternoon which works in with my sleep disorder! I was thrilled that someone would think of asking me to join because it fits in perfect with my sleep schedulE! PRAISE AND THANK GOD FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS!

    PRAISE AND THANKS TO GOD FOR SOME RAIN! We need more, but we had about 2-3 hours of gentle rain! Thank God! Thank and praise His Name, AMEN AMEN AMEN

  5. What a great picture! To see this very ancient wall and on the other side a colorful playground.
    Thank you David for sharing that great story of your dad and his partner. I could just envision it.
    Blessings to everyone!

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