Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 36

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In Jerusalem, you can still see the enormous cut rocks that were thrown down onto the street from the upper walls of the Temple Mount. Evidence is everywhere of the destructions of Jerusalem through the centuries.

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 36:16

But they mocked the messengers of God, despised His words, and scoffed at His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, till there was no remedy.


Ezra is probably the one who compiled the Chronicles. The book that bears Ezra’s name is our next study in the Hebrew Scriptures. In today’s reading, Ezra starts with the Egypt-Babylon war. Israel was caught in the middle and choice young men like Daniel were taken as captives to Babylon. Then in the final verses, Ezra jumps seven decades to his own story, when he was allowed to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem by King Cyrus of Persia (Iran) who had conquered Babylon (Iraq).

It is sobering to realize that the destruction of the Temple and the city need not have happened. God had repeatedly called His people to repentance. Sometimes they did repent, but finally, God, who has given humanity a free will, was so hurt by rejection that He withdrew from Israel. Jeremiah the prophet, who was ministering at the time, was known as “The Weeping Prophet” as he mirrored the heart of God. “There was no remedy.” How very sad! For followers of Jesus who recognize our rebellious natures, there must be a commitment to a continuing correction of our lives, keeping in line with the Word of God, which we are reading in this blog every day. How absolutely essential is that? AMEN!!!


Lord God, I thank You that even in the decline and fall of Israel, You still had a remnant of the people, prophets, and priests who were loyal to You and Your Word. May I be one of these on whom You can count to love and serve You with all my heart, my mind, and my entire being…all that I am and ever will be. I pray for this grace. In the Name of the One who always served You at 100%, Jesus, my Saviour and Lord, Amen!!!


I’m thankful that turning around from our own destructive ways to God’s ways is possible. I was reading recently from a book called The Blessing, by Thomas Trask and Wayde Goodall. This book is excellent in its thorough coverage of the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s people. One person can make a huge difference (click here to find this book). On pages 166-169 there is the story of Steve Crew. His life was a total mess, and but for the grace of God, he would’ve spent years in prison. Instead, he repented, was transformed by Christ, and became a preacher of the Gospel. He was the preacher for several weeks in a church in Brownsville, Florida, when God poured out His Spirit in what became known around the world as “The Brownsville Revival.” It is a fact that God, with the co-operation of His people, does come in power to revolutionize His people. My former co-host on 100 Huntley Street, Lorna Dueck, interviewed the Pastor of that Brownsville church. I recommend that for encouragement everyone should take the time to view this interview. I am greatly encouraged by this story (click here for the interview).

Yours for revival while there is still a “remedy,”


More evidence of the past destruction of Jerusalem through the centuries.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 14, 2015

  1. Praise God! Thank you Pastor David for posting that interview. When that Brownsville church pastor heard the wind and felt the Holy Spirit flow through him, the Holy Spirit within me affirmed that wonderful miraculous testimony. Praise God! Amen!

  2. Thank you Pastor David for this mornings blog…looking forwarding to viewing the interview later in the day.

    “Leaning on the everlasting arms” one of my favorite hymns …thank you Beverlee

    Have a Blessed morning all!!!

  3. Amen, David. Amazed and captivated by the blog today. Was up early and in prayer all am. I am greatly encouraged as well. Just ordered the book from Amazon. Will relax now with your song Beverlee. Blessings!

  4. Thanks for the link…what a blessing when the Power of God falls!!!

    Have been studying the Gospel of John: today’s scripture in John 20 speaks of Jesus’ resurrection and His appearing to Mary Magdelene; what a joy when He appeared to her!!! She was looking for Jesus’ dead body, but found the resurrected and Living Christ!!!

    Today’s scripture reading in 2nd Chronicles, shows once again the sinful nature of man…and the Just and Loving God!!!

    Thank you for your prayer David…I prayed in agreement with you…”may I be one of those He can count on to love and serve Him with all my spirit, soul and body”…I pray in Jesus Name who gave all!!! Amen

  5. Wow to the interview with Lorna Dueck and Rev. John Kilpatrick. That message is right on target. “God has life fixed, that won’t work without Christ… God has shown up in these last days with his weighted presence and glory. If man will line up with God’s plan through the cross, the glory of God is coming back on people… God has not postponed his prophetic plan. The coming of the Lord is still right on time. The clock is still ticking. He is about to come and revival is all a part of that. But if people come to church and want to live Godly and Holy there and feel the wonderful feelings there, and then not clean their house out and go home, they are going to live a double life. The spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said if my people don’t get the leprosy and sin out of their homes, I have sent my glory to the church, but it won’t remain there long, I will lift the glory off the church and I will send judgement.” Rev. John Kilpatrick, Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensa Cola, Florida.

    Hearing the message you have sent, loud and clear, Lord. Here’s to cleaning out our houses and having our churches remain Holy in honour of You, God. To You, we give all the praise and glory. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen, amen and amen.

  6. I so appreciated your link today Beverlee! It’s going to be my new song for awhile.

    God Bless everyone on this blog and all those around them! In Jesus’ Glorious Name, Amen!

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