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Today’s┬áReading: 2 Chronicles 24

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The hill of Golgotha, next to The Garden Tomb. The Cross of Christ and the empty tomb are the solid bedrock of our faith! (John 19:41; Matthew 27:59-60). The north face of a Mt. Moriah quarry has the appearance of a skull, if one uses his or her imagination. The stones used in the Temple construction probably came from this quarry.

Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 24:2

Joash did what was right in the sight of the Lord all the days of Jehoiada the priest.


Yes, as long as Joash had the powerful influence of Jehoiada, he did well, but when Jehoiada was gone, he was like a ship without an anchor. He moved with the next wind that blew. The new influences moved him away from God to introduce idolatry back into Judah.

What more could Jehoiada have done to cause King Joash to be unmovable in his faith and service to the true God? Perhaps Jehoiada kept control for too long. After all, he had ruled as regent while Joash was still a child. Let us who are in the older generation be sensitive to the next generation. In wisdom, let us know when to back off our authority, using our influence wisely, so that those who follow us will become strong in their own relationship with God.

Jesus said that the wise man built his house on a rock (Matthew 7:24-27). It seems that Joash had built upon shifting sand.


Lord God, I need to understand in a greater way that You, and You alone, are my solid Rock! By Your grace I pray that I will build my life on You, not being moved off my foundation by the floods of the current opinions of those who would push me away from You. Also, please let me know how and when to use my influence, so that those who follow after me will not be so dependent upon me that they will not be strong in You themselves. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!!!


Today is “Independence Day” in the United States. The time came when the leaders of 13 of the colonies of the United Kingdom had to stand on their own, not being ruled by King George III and the government across the Atlantic. The Americans had a faith in the God of their fathers and honoured Him in strong statements of their faith, which are found in the documents of the new republic. It was obviously important for these colonies to take a stand. The result is there for all to see. Happy 4th of July to my American blog readers. There is a book I’ve read more than once called, “The Light and the Glory” by Peter Marshall Jr. and David Manuel. To any who want to know the true history of the United States before the historical revisionists wrote their books, this is the one! (click here for information on getting this excellent book).

In 1982, Crossroads produced video segments honouring the United States and highlighting their Christian roots (click here for a sample of our efforts).

Yours for a strong Rock-solid foundation on which to build our lives and our countries,


The signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776. The Founding Fathers of the United States believed that their reading of the Bible gave them the right to resist tyranny. They had a “Rock solid” conviction that they had the blessing of God.

My son Ron with his wife Ann in Washington DC earlier this week. They were visiting Ann's brother, Frank Duracher, who is a major in the Salvation Army and Assistant Editor-in Chief of the War Cry magazine (the photo was taken by Frank's wife Libby, also a Salvation Army Major). They are standing next to the Lincoln Memorial and behind them in the distance is the Washington Monument.

My son Ron with his wife Ann in Washington DC earlier this week. They were visiting Ann’s brother, Frank Duracher, who is a Major in the Salvation Army and Assistant Editor-in Chief of the War Cry magazine (the photo was taken by Frank’s wife Libby, also a Salvation Army Major). They are standing next to the Lincoln Memorial and behind them in the distance is the Washington Monument.

7 thoughts on “Saturday, July 4, 2015

  1. WOW!
    What a powerful message from “agnostic” Ben Franklin.
    Many thanks for your on-going daily dedication to this blog which is so important to many of us.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  2. Thank you to all who prayed for me, my intent was to show that no matter where we read in the Bible, God can use His Word, when reading 1Cronicles with all the names, I was discouraged. Then David M mentioned that people and their names were important to God, I needed that, that particular day. It also reminded me of a verse of the poem God gave to me. Why not put your name in instead of mine.
    Mary, you are my child and I love you.
    By your side I will always remain.
    You stole My heart with one glance of your eyes.
    You are Mine, I know you by name.

    Thank you David for your insite, and encouragement. Also your stories, we learn more about our history, and the people who have influenced it. Thank you again.

  3. Happy July 4th to our American neighbours! You are our rock and foundation, Lord. To You, we give all the praise and glory. I am reading a delightful book, Joy In Your Life by Charles Spurgeon, which I highly recommend; especially to those facing current or upcoming trials. We hold fast to the strength of our Lord, our rock and foundation, and are not dismayed, but glorified by His almighty presence in our lives. Wishing all saints a wonderful Saturday of relaxation calm and restfulness.

    How Firm A Foundation

  4. Your prayer and information are appreciated, Rev. David…thank you for your faithfulness in presenting this blog each morning, with pictures of affirmation!

    Lord God Almighty keep us on Your Solid Rock…In the Cleft of the Rock in the Palm of Your Hand, I pray in Your Holy Name Jesus!!!

    Thank you Beverlee for the link!!

    God Bless America….I pray they return and stand on their Firm Foundation!!

  5. Thank you Pastor Mainse for your amazing insights that cause me such enlightenment! Thank you for this opportunity to renew my covenant with Him each and every day! It really is the only way!

    Thank you Mary for sharing your poem. I read it aloud with my name and it made me tingle all over!

    Thank you Beverlee,as always, for your links to worship songs that just round out the whole experience beautifully!!

    Abundant Blessings upon ALL!! Sing praise!

  6. Thankful to everyone that makes this blog possible. For David’s faithfulness and love for people. These words have been life to me at times of great sorrow. So keep up the good work and encouragement that you offer in his word the Bible. Christ is faithful and we need to tell others.

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