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Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 21-22

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From Joppa you can see modern Tel Aviv and the beautiful beaches. Today Israel is a prosperous modern state. Obviously God is not finished with His ancient people. He still has a purpose for Israel. Joppa, or Jaffa, as it is called today, is a Palestinian suburb of Tel Aviv. Jesus taught in word and by example that His Father cares for all people.

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Key Verses: 1 Chronicles 21:1, 22:19

“Now Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel…” “Now set your heart and your soul to seek the Lord your God. Therefore, arise and build the sanctuary of the Lord God, to bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord and the holy articles of God into the house that is to be built for the name of the Lord.”


The first and last verses of today’s reading begin with the word “now.” “Now” is an action word. Satan moved David to action, and God urged David into action. In the first instance there is no record that David prayed about his action; he acted without God’s blessing. In the second action, he had clear instructions from God. David learned a very hard lesson, repented, prayed much, and then he started action preparing for the building of God’s Temple. David did his best to rectify the problem resulting from his failure, but not without cost. Ornan offered David the land for the erection of the Temple for free, but David wisely refused and paid the costs himself (21:23). Would any of us do the same? This sacrificial act by David showed his repentance was sincere. Let us ask ourselves, “Are we as ready as David to recognize our sin and do something to make wrongs right?” We will bring judgment upon ourselves and others if we fail to genuinely repent. It’s like the natural laws such as gravity. We break these laws and we suffer the consequences. What we sow we will surely reap (Galatians 6:7). Here’s a suggested New Testament reading: Galatians 6:1-10.


Lord God, grant me, I pray, the grace of true repentance, whatever the cost. I want to do Your will NOW and FOREVER! In the Name of the One who always did what He saw His Father doing, the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask. Amen!!!


As a result of today’s reading, I ask myself this question…What on earth could be wrong with taking a census? Here in Canada, the present government has introduced a much shorter census form, asking less intrusive questions of us. There was harsh criticism of this action by the political opposition. Why? Does anyone in authority today actually pray about the decisions that impact millions of people? I pray daily for those who are in authority over us as the Scriptures teach me (1 Timothy 2:1-8). A census is far more than simply finding out how many people live in Canada. It’s about political control. It’s about identifying the concentrations of people power, so that by catering to certain interests, political leaders can perpetuate themselves in power. Of course, some of those in authority have better motives. They want to know the census results so that they can serve in a better way.

Recently, my friend, Lois Neely, an excellent journalist, author and editor, sent me a copy of The Toronto Daily Star from the year of my birth, 1936 (the paper would later be renamed just The Toronto Star). The entire front section of that 1936 paper was filled with the passing of King George V and Prince Edward’s ascension to the throne. Lois also sent me an even older copy of a newspaper, The Globe (later becoming The Globe and Mail). I was surprised to read the date on the paper being Monday, July 1st, 1867Canada’s Confederation Day…when the original four British colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Lower Canada (Quebec) and Upper Canada (Ontario) joined together in unity (I also noticed the paper referring to a recent census that had been taken).

I’ll ask my son to take a couple of pictures of these yellowed and tattered papers, and if possible include them below. In case the print is not readable I’ll quote from a portion of the 1867 Globe: “Let us gratefully acknowledge the hand of the Almighty Dispenser of Events in bringing about this result, pregnant with so important an influence on the condition and destinies of these provinces, and of the teeming millions who in ages to come will people the Dominion of Canada from ocean to ocean, and give it its character in the annals of time.” I believe God has a purpose for all the nations on earth!

Yours for God’s will being done “on earth as it is in Heaven,”


P.S. It’s 38 years ago today that the 100 Huntley Street daily TV ministry first went to air on the Global TV network. For 15 years before that, our weekly Crossroads program was on the CBC independently owned stations and on the CTV network, and for several years with the Circle Square children’s productions. PRAISE THE LORD!

P.P.S. Below are the photos of the newspapers I referred to above. Click on them to enlarge them (and print a copy if you wish)…

The Toronto Daily Star newspaper from Tuesday, January 21, 1936.

The Globe newspaper, July 1st, 1867 – Confederation Day

Photo zoom in of The Globe front page article. Note the teaser copy related to some of the census information contained inside the paper.

Another excerpt from The Globe article.

14 thoughts on “Monday, June 15, 2015

  1. Thanks Pastor David for today’s message, giving us food for thought.
    Yesterday we were privileged to have a young Pastor from Iraq at our service, God is doing amazing things over there, we hear so many negative things that it was so uplifting to hear that many people are coming to the Lord. This young man started. a church just over one year ago in the Northern part, they started out with 12 people and now there is over 300 and growing. He says the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, so we need to prayer that the Lord of the Harvest will send out more help. Would you lease Pray for these dear people in Jesus Name. Enjoy hearing from all blog friends, have a blessed day.
    Eleanor M.

    • TY for your post! I know that GOd is doing wonderful things over in the Middle East and we all need to pray for the people and thank God for those who minister to them .
      I need to remember that the news only reports negative, BUT GOD REPORTS THE POSITIVE, PRAISE AND THANKS TO OUR GOD, FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

  2. Amen! ” HE shall have dominion from sea to sea…”Zech.9:10. Last week I sat in the presense of a preacher from Prayer Canada stirring up revival and giving out prophecies. Very interesting posts David. Thank you for sharing. Also your song Beverlee.

    • I am praying that we can have a revival prayer meeting in our community, for everyone, in our park, we need this desperately in my town! Lord God send the right person to hold such a service in my town for everyone to attend. Lord God I yearn for such a service! In Jesus Name we Pray AMEN

  3. I found this very interesting . How times have changed it is a different world.Please pray for me, I am going through a difficult time with my health.
    God bless you David for all the bllogs I look forward to them each day.

    • Father God You have healed me of many issues! I pray that You will heal Elizabeth Kyle of all her health issues. I pray that You dear Lord will bless her and grant her total healing, great happiness, great prosperity and great love from You, our Lord and Saviour! In Jesus Name we Pray AMEN

  4. Heavenly Father I bring Elizabeth Kyle before you and in Jesus Name I ask you to touch her with your Healing ointment, Your anointing oil from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, every joint and marrow, and flow through her with Your Love I pray, thank You Jesus, Amen!!

  5. David, you mentioned Lois Neely. The name sounded so familiar. Then I remembered that she wrote a book that I have, “God’s Fire On Ice”, with Kayy Gordon back in 1977. A very interesting and good book!
    We continue to appreciate your blog very much! Thank you thank you and thank you!!! Blessings to everyone!!!

  6. I always thought King George V was very handsome!
    Yes, I do believe that God’s Hand was definitely there when Canada was born, what I find hard to understand:
    Yes,. I do believe God was present, however, the evil entered in and it is still not settled, so much racisim, prejudice, dear Lord, this is not right and it is not from God, please help us all to be tolerant of all people, to love all people as You have commanded us to do. Forgive us for the evil we have caused, I am so truly sorry for the problems of people against people! Help us Lord God! Please help us!

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