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Today’s┬áReading: 1 Kings 13-14

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You can still see the enormous cut rocks that were thrown down onto the street from the upper walls of the Temple Mount by the Roman soldiers during the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: 1 Kings 14:22

Now Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord, and they provoked Him to jealousy with their sins which they committed, more than all that their fathers had done.

“Here we go again.” This was a defining line spoken by candidate Ronald Reagan to President Jimmy Carter in an election debate in 1980. As President, Reagan used the word “evil.” The chattering class was incredulous. An American President had actually used that word to describe the relationship between North Korea and Iran. He also used that word to describe the Soviet Union, calling it “the evil empire.” As Governor of California and before that as a young actor, he had benefited from the outstanding Bible teaching of a solid evangelical by the name of Henrietta Mears, as well as one of those she mentored, Reagan’s Pastor at the Bel Air Presbyterian church, Rev. Don Moomaw. Another one she mentored well was Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. Reagan learned to tell it like it is, as the Bible does. In our reading today the “here we go again” cycle begins. But let us not be discouraged; every once in a while we’ll read stories about kings like Asa, who “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.” Imagine, a man with the fortitude to remove his own grandmother from the position of Queen Mother because she had created and erected a pornographic image of a pagan goddess. We’ll keep watching for the good guys in upcoming readings.


Lord God, the wheels of justice grind our deeds, as the saying goes, “exceedingly fine.” As Job 23:10 tells me, when You have tested me, may I “come forth as gold.” Grant me the grace to obey You as Job did, and most of all as Jesus, who lives within me, did. In His all-sufficient Name I pray, Amen!!!


One story in my latest book is about my last grandson, Nathaniel Shaheen. The account is longer than I have space for here. You may be interested in ordering my book by calling Crossroads at 1-800-265-3100. He was born in the Hadassah hospital on Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, in November of 2000. A serious bowel restriction almost took his life at birth, but his Dad, Nizar, and his Grandma, Norma-Jean, took a handkerchief, poured oil on it, and had our tour group, who were visiting Israel at that time, lay hands on the cloth and pray. At least one of our group touched God, because as the hanky was laid on Nathaniel, he began to improve. Five months later, his mother Ellen travelled to Canada to visit us, and Nathaniel was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis. He was dying. He was rushed to McMaster Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. As the surgeon came into the waiting room following the operation, I said, “Doctor, just before you tell us the results, take a look at the TV. There on CTS was a repeat of 100 Huntley Street which I had hosted earlier that day. The children in the studio audience were joining me in prayer for Nathaniel and his surgeon. Doctor Walton’s first words were, “Well it worked! I was able to remove the dead bowel tissue and connect perfect pink tissue. He will be fine.” Click here to see that video from 2001 (I want to thank Joan Rock of our Crossroads/CTS team for digging out the video from our archives).

Yours for knowing a personal God who cares about us all,


P.S. Below are photos of Nathaniel Shaheen as a baby and as a 14-year-old young man. He’s quarterback for his high school in Burlington, Ontario, today.

Nathaniel Shaheen

Nathaniel Shaheen, age 14.


5 thoughts on “Monday, May 4, 2015

  1. I was very touched by your blog today Pastor David . I remember when all the prayers were going up for Nathaniel. Praise God he is a handsome healthy looking boy. Also you mentioned Rev Don Moomaw. I met him at Knox Pres. Church in Toronto some 61 years ago when I was around 14. I think he was a football player at the time. He gave me a verse which is my life verse Phil: 4v13. I also remember him seeing him on TV at Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. Thanks for your faithfulness over all these years and for your wonderful family. God Bless all my fellow bloggers have a wonderful day.

  2. GOD IS FAITHFUL HE HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYERS…Especially the hearts of the innocent…
    What a handsome grandson…thank you for sharing!!!

    When my youngest son was nine years old…I was in the process of needing to move: After much searching, put a bid on a home I felt was the one we were to buy…it was the week-end and we were waiting for answer…Sunday morning while at church, my nine year old son turned to me and said “Mom the home is ours”.
    When we got home the Real Estate agent called to say the offer was accepted. God is so faithful!!! He cares about all our needs.

    He removed smokes/alcohol from me “just like that” 20 years ago!
    He turned my broken leg into me learning to swim!!!!! And do I ever enjoy that exercise!
    I am praying the Holy Spirit will bless me with abundant prosperity so that I am able to clear debts and help family and friends and invest rest and enjoy these latter years swimming,, talking to people, sharing the God’s love and mercy to people. amen amen amen


  4. amazing the huge stones/boulders that were used…thanks Reynold for the amazing picture…and thanks Rev. David for the pictures of your grandson..both as a baby and at 14.

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