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Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 11

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On the right are ruins of a corridor in Pergamum, in ancient Asia Minor, modern day Turkey. In the centre, idol worship took place at the Temple of Athena. In the world of King Solomon and his many wives, idol worship was the normal religious practice.

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 11:4

For it was so, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned his heart after other gods; and his heart was not loyal to the Lord his God, as was the heart of his father David.

In the world of the ancient kings, the most common way of confirming treaties was through marriage. Solomon, in his old age, became the master of this practice. Most often these arrangements had nothing to do with what we would consider emotional or sexual bonding, expressed in love as we understand married love.
We cannot help but notice the creeping progression of disobedience of Solomon to the God of his father, David. Yes, Solomon had wisdom, but if obedience to God is not the wellspring of wisdom, it becomes the wisdom of the human mind alone. The Apostle Paul, a brilliant academic, schooled in Hebrew learning as well as the learning of the Greek/Roman university city of Tarsus, throws light on this matter of wisdom (see 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 to read Paul’s take on wisdom). In 1st Corinthians 3:19 Paul comes back to “wisdom” again and tells us that, “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” Therefore, the things that often appear as foolish to the world around us are actually the “wisdom” of God. Take for example the last statement of 1 Corinthians 3:18-23, “…things present or things to come — all are yours, and you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s.” Now, that is “WISDOM.”


Lord Jesus, in You “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” I pray that I will continue to discover this hidden treasure. I’m reading, marking, memorizing Your treasure map, the Bible, every day. The cross marks the spot where You, Lord God, intersected with the human race. I may be here in one spot, but by faith I travel to Calvary, to the empty tomb, to the place of Your ascension, and on into Your very Presence where “You ever live to make intercession for me” (Hebrews 7:25). Thank You that I am discovering Your wisdom. Amen!


God willing, I plan to meet Solomon again when we arrive in our two-year through the Bible voyage of discovery at the book of 1st Chronicles, and then again in Proverbs. In fact, as I leave Solomon for now, Solomon wrote or assembled most of the Proverbs during those early years when he practised what he preached. My son, David Reynold Mainse, has my Dad’s old Bible as a treasure. Its words are underlined, commented on in the margins, marked by a caressing hand and sometimes tear drops. My most persistent memory of my mother, who died when I was 12, is of her kneeling in prayer for long periods of time. The picture that comes to mind of my Dad most often is of him sitting in his chair, his Bible open on his lap. He was schooled in undergraduate theology by Dr. Peter Wiseman, who, during the early years of the People’s Church, Toronto, was the Bible teacher of choice every Sunday morning. Founding Pastor, Oswald J. Smith, felt his main gifts in ministry were in preaching Sunday evening soul-winning messages of evangelism. My Dad earned a doctorate and to the day of his death (I’ve already lived more than two years longer that he did), he poured over the Scriptures, constantly reading, meditating, and inwardly digesting what he read, and praying for God’s wisdom to fill his mind. Dad was outside shovelling snow when he laid aside his winter coat and donned his heavenly robe. If I had the say about my time to go, I’d like to be reading the Gospels in the middle of one of Jesus’ statements and finish His sentence by memory as I take off for the celestial city.

Yours for wisdom, and grace to obey God,


P.S. I’ve asked my missionary/photographer son to take some pictures of my Dad’s Bible, of both the outside and inside of the verse mentioned earlier, 1st Corinthians 3:21-23. They should show up just below here.

8 thoughts on “Saturday, May 2, 2015

  1. Wonderful to see that well worn Bible of your Father’s, David, and his “working” with the Word. How many of those will WE leave behind who are working with the new technologies?? It touches me almost with the sadness of a rich goneby era.

  2. This is so wonderful to see such a beautiful legacy left by your father David and to see your children follow in his footseps and your grandchildren as well God has richly blessed you

  3. From Robin Aldrich (facebook page: Witness Stand )
    Here is my latest poem. You can find it and others which I’ve composed on my facebook page as above. Feel free to share them. Blessings !


    It was late in the morning
    and the Rabbi was sharing
    Prophet Jeremy’s words,
    in spite of our glaring !

    We joined the great crowd;
    at His feet then we flung
    this adulteress; caught sinning,
    instantly stilling each tongue !

    She said not a word,
    but in shame hung her head.
    Jesus paused in His teaching,
    and she shivered in dread !

    We confronted the Rabbi
    ( by his lips, He’d be caught ).
    We demanded His answer
    to the Law as it’s taught !

    “She’s to be stoned for her trespass
    Moses taught it. It’s clear !
    Don’t withold your agreement;
    don’t react to her fear”

    Jesus stooped to the ground
    and He wrote in the dust
    with His hand; from His teaching:
    outlining man’s lust.

    “I’ll put my Law in their minds,
    writing ‘cleared’ on each heart.
    They’ll then be my people
    for they’ll have a New Start”

    These words from the Scriptures
    eclipsed those on stone;
    showed the Way by how Father
    could make hearts His home !

    Jesus looked at each face
    which was frozen in shock
    and said ”Come now, someone
    without sin, throw a rock!”

    We withdrew, one by one
    in embarrassed retreat.
    Old and young; all ashamed !
    We saw only our feet.

    I stopped within earshot;
    Curiosity growing:
    the Rabbi stood up,
    and His face, it was glowing !

    “Who accuses you now?
    Is there still condemnation ?”
    ‘No-one Lord”, she replied.
    Her grief: now elation !

    “Neither do I condemn you.
    Get up off this floor.
    Return to your husband;
    Embrace sin no more !”

    I now follow this Jesus,
    crying, ”He’s the Messiah”.
    ‘Self-Righteous’ or ‘harlot’
    We’re each a Pariah !

    He is Mercy, Forgiveness
    and Love and Compassion
    whether Scribes or outcasts
    ‘New Creations’ He’ll fashion !

    ‘Religious’ or Sinner,
    let go of your pride,
    Ask Jesus to save you.
    You’re the reason He died !

  4. Love your poems. Thanks very much Robin and I’m sure God enjoys and revels in your poems praising Him. Blessings dear saint.

  5. How blessed you are Rev. David for the great heritage…and the legacy you are leaving for your loved ones…I pray the Lord Jesus continue to strengthen and encourage you and your family in all that He has entrusted to you.

    How true it is that with whom we associate…is what we become.

    Thank you for leading in prayer…I prayed with you in Jesus Name.

  6. Thank you David Maine and your family too, for all that you are doing for us all in your leading and sharing.

    I pray for all of my fellow bloggers.
    Have a very blessed day everyone!!

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