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Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 15

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On the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem is the Kidron Valley, where thousands of graves are located. The bodies were placed with the feet pointed toward the Eastern Gate in the wall of the city, with the expectation that at the resurrection they would stand up and be facing that gate into which Messiah will enter. In today’s reading, King David escaped through this valley toward the east and the Jordan River, 25 miles away.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: 2 Samuel 15:31

Then someone told David, saying, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!”


Now, David prays. He’s in big trouble. From Chapter 12 onward, David’s story and that of his family reads like a horror novel. There is incest, murder, palace intrigue, outright treason, and civil war. David’s much-loved son, Absalom, after four years of political manipulation, makes his move to seize power, usurping his father’s throne. To King David, nothing was more threatening than that Ahithophel, David’s most trusted and wise counsellor, was part of the plot. David reasoned that if he could just outwit Ahithophel’s counsel, Absalom’s rule would be shortened and he would return to his throne. It’s worthwhile to note how David sets out to accomplish this. Firstly, David prays, not against Ahithophel personally, but against the counsel Ahithophel is giving to Absalom. Secondly, David composes the 3rd Psalm, David’s prayer and confession of confidence in God. To read David’s own words, click here.


Lord God, I pray for wisdom. May I learn to always put my trust in You, worshipping You and confessing my confidence in You, even when I may not feel like it. Please give me grace to back up my prayers with obedience. In the Name of the One who always does this, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


For about six months of the three years that Norma-Jean, our four little children, and I lived in Deep River, Ontario, the Atomic Energy of Canada’s residential area, we lived in half of a double house. In the other half of the house lived Amnon Gilat, along with his wife and son who was named Ittai. This is the same name as found in our reading. Amnon was an Israeli nuclear physicist on an exchange program between Israel and Canada. Mrs. Gilat had entered and won the annual Israel Bible knowledge contest. We had some great Bible studies together. I asked them one day as to why they had named their son Ittai. Ittai’s Mom quoted verse 21 of today’s reading and said that they hoped and prayed that their little Ittai would grow up to be as loyal to Israel and its legitimate government as the Ittai who was totally loyal to King David. My son, Ron, who sets up this blog format for me every day, and Ittai played together almost every day when they were two years old.

Also, I can’t help contrasting David’s entrance into Jerusalem from the opposite side of the city to his departure now. He entered with singing and dancing (2 Samuel 6:12-15), and now departs and “All the country wept with a loud voice.” Sin really messes everything up! No wonder God hates sin, but He loves sinners (Romans 5:6-8).

Yours for repentance and reconciliation with God, which results in rejoicing,


P.S. Perhaps I should point out that this chapter gives an example of a mistake in copying the original manuscript. In 15:7, it infers that Absalom was stealing the hearts of the people over a period of 40 years. We know that David’s reign spanned only 40 years. So what’s the problem? Perhaps 100 years after the original historically correct manuscript had been written, a copyist’s pen slipped and made the number 40 rather than 4. One little dot on the manuscript could’ve caused this and future scribes continued to copy a mistake. Josephus, the Jewish historian, may have gotten it right when he wrote that Absalom was four years undermining David’s rule and manipulating the people into rebellion.This in no way changes the “inerrancy” and “verbal inspiration” of the original writing. After sharing a scribal mistake, I need a lift. I found a rather irreverent piece of artwork of David entering Jerusalem with the Ark of the Covenant. If it looked anything like this, no wonder David’s wife, the daughter of Saul, was embarrassed at her husband’s gyrations (notice her in the window). Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Monday, April 13, 2015

  1. From Streams in the Desert 1, April 13th

    I laid it down in silence,
    This work of mine,
    And took what had been sent me–
    A resting time.
    The Master’s voice had called me
    To rest apart;
    “Apart with Jesus only,”
    Echoed my heart.
    I took the rest and stillness
    From His own Hand,
    And felt this present illness
    Was what He planned.
    How often we choose labor,
    When He says “Rest”–
    Our ways are blind and crooked;
    His way is best.
    The work Himself has given,
    He will complete.
    There may be other errands
    For tired feet;
    There may be other duties
    For tired hands,
    The present, is obedience
    To His commands.
    There is a blessed resting
    In lying still,
    In letting His hand mould us,
    Just as He will.
    His work must be completed.
    His lesson set;
    He is the higher Workman:
    Do not forget!
    It is not only “working.”
    We must be trained;
    And Jesus “learnt” obedience,
    Through suffering gained.
    For us, His yoke is easy,
    His burden light.
    His discipline most needful,
    And all is right.
    We are but under-workmen;
    They never choose
    If this tool or if that one
    Their hands shall use.
    In working or in waiting
    May we fulfill
    Not ours at all, but only
    The Master’s will!

    “God provides resting places as well as working places. Rest, then, and be thankful when He brings you, wearied to a wayside well.”

    Dear Heavenly Father, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit, I pray for all saints, today. Shine your light and send forth rods of strength and healing to all who need your help. For You, oh Lord, are the beacon of hope, rock of salvation and living stream of water, which we claim. Oh Holy Spirit, flow and live and breathe through us, that we are fortified to forge forward, unto this day. Dear God, we wear your mighty armour as holy warriors. In Jesus name we pray–amen, amen, and amen!

  2. Always sense a refreshing after reading this blog and appreciate the comments that others leave! Thanks for the little chuckle today David! 🙂

  3. King David seems to be a bit of a chump. I find it difficult to trust anyone after being raised with 9 brothers who played tricks on us younger ones throughout our childhood. Loved them all but couldn’t fully trust them. Absalom was a smooth operator for sure!
    Love the pic of the dancing King David. Small wonder indeed his wife was distressed. King David didn’t seem to be thinkig too far ahead.

    Another quote to ponder:

    “How we live today determines how we are remembered tomorrow. So let’s pray urgently for the Holy Spirit to form the character of Christ in us (Romans 8:29). Would those who know you best call you a “Christian”?


  4. Yes, we need a time for a chuckle…thank you David for the picture of King David’s rejoicing!!
    I truly appreciated all you shared today, especially the 3rd Psalm…it was part of my prayer this morning together with the prayer you prayed.

    Thank you Beverlee for sharing and the prayer you prayed for us.

  5. please pray for me…this is the explanation:

    In order to explain the situation, this may be a bit long. I believe all this is a trap from satan.

    My former Dr. retired, so for the past three year Dr. Dalia Abdelatif has been my Dr. Her practice is under the Alberta Health Physicians and Surgeons.

    She has been very diligent re my state of health, I feel overly so! However, we did get along well.

    At the end of Feb/2015 I received notice she will be leaving April 30th. She’s expecting a baby in May.

    I wanted to see her before she leaves so, without looking at my “driver’s license, I booked an appointment for a driver’s medical, feeling quite secure about it: and made a “Thank you” card for her.

    However, this turned out to be the biggest mistake I made, as I do not need to have a driver’s medical until March, 2016.

    The driver’s medical includes an eye test, as well as “short-term memory test”. My previous Dr. never gave me a “short-term memory test”.

    Unfortunately, I did not do well on the “short-term memory” test. The scale of this is from lowest score of “34 and passing test is 70….my score was “64”

    The Dr. said she was surprised at the score and said maybe it was because there were other persons in the room along with the examiner. However the score was to stand and was a legal document.

    Due to the score of “64” she insisted that I should take a computer driver’s test: through what’s called “Drivable: Consent for Driving Assessment ” I took the test March 31, 2015.

    Unfortunately, I did not pass that test: It is apparently a test that was initiated at the University.

    My feeling is that it is an unfair test that was apparently meant for young drivers.

    When on Wednesday April 8th I met with Dr. Abdelatif, I was informed that because I did not pass that “computer” test, I was no longer allowed to drive a car.

    I pointed out that my license was still valid and felt I should be permitted to drive. At this her answer was that if I do I would not be covered by insurance.

    Then I insisted on having a “Road Test”, and said I would make arrangements to do so.
    But the appointment was to be made through her; and she would send an e-mail to Motor Vehicle’s for me to have a “road test”.

    And I was not allowed to drive until I took the “road test”.. to-date I have not heard anything from the Dr. or Motor Vehicles.

    So I’m asking for prayer for this whole mess so that I can get my life back.

    Sorry for it being so lengthy.


    • It’s such a distressing time of our lives, for us and doctors. Doctors don’t enjoy taking our drivers licenses away from us. They have parents too. I’m dreading the day I lose my license also. Doctors are like police and have to ensure the rest of the public is safe.
      Am praying for you too Irene and all of us who are approaching losing our independence. God is good and understanding. May God bless you.

    • Lord God I pray the Holy Spirit to enter in and change this situation! I pray that Irene will be able to drive and she will drive safely! In Jesus Name we Pray AMEN

  6. Thankyou Beverlee Kay for praying for us all today.
    I really needed it especially at this time.
    May God meet everyone’s needs, as we trust in Him.
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  7. I’m sorry for your problem, Irene. Maybe a friend will drive you in the meantime? Would an electric bicycle be a good choice for you now that the weather is warmer? A scooter? We pray that the next test will be most successful for you.

    My dog, “Destiny” has her name in the Bible (even with the capital D} This is in the N.I.V. version – Isaiah 65:11 I was surprised to see it!

  8. Thank you Beverlee for the beautiful poem and your prayer. I so need it today.
    Please pray for me as I have been quite sick since Easter.
    To those who are worrying about their drivers licence. How I can feel with you. My driving is very important to me to get to my church and Bible studies. I am a widow and so need the independence of my carl
    We will pray for one another. God bless.
    We will al keep praying.

  9. What a blog today! Enjoyed all your postings! Thank you. I noticed and was surprised at the number forty years too David. I’m glad you explained that. Your posting really blessed me Beverlee, and I was sorry for your misfortune Irene and I pray for God’s intervention and help. Blessings to all.

  10. I enjoy the journey through the Bible in 2 yeas.I am a senior and still am able to drive.I truly count this a blessing.I have been wondering for some time.——-maybe I have missed it along the way—–does the Ark of Covenant still exist and if it does –where is it?. God bless you

    • No one knows what happened to the Ark– it is lost. When Babylon invaded and destroyed the 1st Temple, the Ark wasn’t there, the theory is they hid the Ark somewhere to protect from being taken. When the 70 years in exile was over and Jewish people returned the Ark is no longer mentioned, so it could still be out there, but no one has found it yet. Some think it is in Egypt which was the premise in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, some believed it was buried under Temple, where the Dome of Rock now sits, and some think it is in some caves in the area. Some say it is in Africa. The Ark is mentioned in Revelations, but most say that is not the earthly Ark, but the heavenly one that the earthly Ark was modeled on. But others say it is the same Ark that will be found in the right moment in history. If you need more information just use Google, it will give you lots of websites that discuss this topic

  11. Dear bloggers .I have been in this perdicument for one year now also…
    My husband died in Dec. 2013 .And 3 wks. later was asked by ICBC
    to go to the Dr. for a test….Which was a miny mental.. I fail it I was grieving
    and wasn’t thinking streight . the doctor she would test me in a year again
    so far I have’nt heard … It is a scarey time in our old age ..I pray for us all who are in this situation . May God Have Mercy…..R…

  12. I so appreciate all of our bloggers and their comments, always at the perfect time. Thank you Beverlee for your posting today and all of you are in my prayers.

    Once again Pastor David your explanation of our reading becomes clear and helps us understand the actions at that time. Praise God for His Word!!!

  13. Thank you all for your prayers for me…how blessed we are to be able to uphold each other in prayer in time of need…and always. God Bless you…and give you peace in Jesus Name I pray. Amen!

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