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Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 1

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“Shiloh” is referred to in 1 Samuel 1:3. Its ancient ruins are in this hill area where an Israeli settlement now stands.

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Key Verse: 1 Samuel 1:10

And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish.

Today we begin 1st and 2nd Samuel. These books tell us of the life and times of Samuel — Judge, Prophet, and Priest. It was Samuel who appointed the first two Kings of Israel, Saul and David.
The birth of Samuel is a miracle of God. His mother, Hannah, was childless. Like Sarah before her, she experienced intense sorrow because of her inability to conceive. She took her anguish to God again and again, so much so that Eli, the Priest, thought she was drunk. God intervened for her and for His long-term plan to raise up a mighty man of God. Let us remember that “fervent effectual prayer avails much” (James 5:16). God does not violate human free will; therefore, the high level of fervency is a sure sign that our wills are surrendered to God’s will. Hannah and Samuel teach us that God responds directly in proportion to the level of our obedience and fervency in prayer.


Lord Jesus, I pray, as Your disciples asked You, “Lord, increase our [my] faith!” Your response to this request called for some “fervent” action on the part of the “learners” from You. Please grant me the grace to put into practice Your means of increasing my faith (read Luke 17:1-10).


I’ve just gone back to my blog from last September when I did a paragraph on Luke 17. Understanding Jesus’ answer to the “increase our faith” petition can teach us much. I thought it was worth repeating, and I need the reminder regularly (here is a link back to that blog posting).

Eli, the Priest, thought Hannah was drunk. I’ve seen drunken people, particularly as a Pastor. I’ve never been drunk with an alcoholic substance, and I don’t intend to ever find out what it is like. However, I’m sure I’ve had the symptoms from time to time in the anguish of strong intercessory prayer. I’ve been overcome with powerful emotions as I have identified with the crushing hurts of humanity. This is good! This kind of prayer “avails much.” Jesus, Himself, while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, “being in anguish, prayed more earnestly” (Luke 22:44). The result was that in His humanity He received the strength to endure the Cross. Hallelujah!

Yours to help us all learn and practice strong intercession,


This is in the area of the Garden of Gethsemane, beside the present day Church of All Nations, on the Mount of Olives.

12 thoughts on “Friday, March 13, 2015

  1. We have the Holy Spirit that enables us to do more than we ever dreamt! Those words were said to me by a friend April 16, 1995 and I immediately threw the tobacco and papers into the lake and that was it for smoking and later realized that was it for alcohol also! Ten days later I broke my leg and God used that accident to enable me to learn how to swim and I’ve been swimming ever since! That was 20 years ago! I do understand Hannah’s prayer! I am also in awe of how God lined up ordinary people who would eventually celebrate the birth of a Saviour, Jesus Christ! Truly Amazing Grace!

  2. When my husband and I were first married God wasn’t my BFF (best friend forever). I had this grandioso idea we would adopt all our children instead of bringing more children into the world. As soon as we adopted our first baby I became pregnant. Thank the good Lord above He did His will. Now God is my BFF!!
    Found a lovely quote while surfing the Net:
    George Macdonald: “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

    Have a blssed day saints.

  3. Back in 1977 after I recieved Jesus as my Saviour I had an anxiety problem from the many years of being abused I cryed out to the Lord to help me and in my anguish I felt I was being held as a vessel and a warm ojl was being poured into me The Holy Spirit filledme to ver flowing and I started Praising God in a heavenly language and gradually I was healed of anxiety Praise God

  4. Amen, David and fellow bloggers. Can identify with what you are saying completely. Lord help us to do it again. Was thinking about Keith Green’s song, “Touch Your People Once Again” on You Tube. Maybe you would like to listen to it as well.

  5. Amen blog friends. Intercessory prayer… In every circumstance, when we choose to seek the guidance of our Lord Christ Jesus, He never fails us… My daughter is praising the Lord these days. She recently posted the following on facebook:

    Living proof that GOD IS GOOD!!! and always, positive thoughtsToday, I had my 6th ultrasound and I am 24 weeks. The doctors were monitoring verrry closely as for a long/short portion of my life I fought with abnormal cervical cells. Over 7 years before Leeland, during pregnancy and after Leeland being born. I had many leap procedures as well as I had a cervical operation to remove these cancerous cells. The operation is called laser cone biopsy. I/We had the worry of removing to much of my cervix and possibly hindering future pregnancies. So here I am. 3 ultrasounds ago I had a cervix measuring short at 2 centimetres with the doctors concerned baby would be born before or by 33 weeks(I was just informed of this today) my second last ultrasound (2-1/2 weeks ago)my cervix measured at 3.14 Centimetres and nothing was really explained to me. Then today, God is so good. A little worried as this pregnancy is super high maintenance, I was concerned what was going to be told today. After the ultrasound, the doctor on site came to talk to me. (Usually I just leave then go to my obstetrician a week or two later and then she would go over the results. ) Not this time. Man was I worried. The doctor came into the room and reviewed a few more ultrasound pics and couldn’t explain it. He says your cervix length is measuring 5.25 centimetres. Completely out of the high risk early term pregnancy/ delivery. I started to cry. He says it’s like you’ve never ever had any kind of operation based on today’s observations. I couldn’t even believe it. He said I probably wouldn’t need another ultrasound for this pregnancy, and to keep it up whatever it is that I have been doing….(positive thinking, great people in my life, staying healthy etc)
    I know some of my friends and family may wonder why I would share something so personal. Well, i am feeling so grateful and blessed that how could I not share? I want to share with everyone from the highest mountaintop. Living proof that GOD IS GOOD. Amen
    — feeling blessed.

    Amen! Have a wonderful day blog friends. 🙂

    • Praise God!! Thank you for sharing your daughter’s post and thanks to her for sharing. What a wonderful story of belief in prayer and God’s intercession of healing–amen! Blessings on the birth of her miraculous baby girl to come. Amen!



  6. Wonderful news. May this child be drawn to the Lord at an early age and continue throughout his/her life to serve God. It seems to be a more difficult world than when we raised our 4 biological children and then our last child, adopted in our old age! They all serve the Lord. They all went to schools that upheld the Christian principles our country was founded on. Bible reading and prayer was in their school experiences and followed up at home. God is good. I was going to say “we” rejoice with you (meaning my husband and I) but he is with Jesus now so I must remember to say “I” and, I’m sure, our many blog followers. Remember the next generations and their challenges. Evil entering homes via multiple media avenues and very little support outside of the home. Extreme prayer required. (like Hannah’s sincere cry to the Lord).

  7. Thank you David for sharing your daughter’s story…and thank you to your daughter too!!! I too pray for that little one to be healthy and a great blessing of the Lord and a blessing to you!!!

    The fact that you Pastor David are looking so well and continue to be used of the Lord…I’m sure involved many intercessory prayers. Praise God who hears and answers when we call on Him!!!

  8. WOW! The work of the Holy Spirit has been shared with everyone! WHAT A BLESSING! This just happened yesterday, I always keep a lipstick by the phone and I said “Lord I don’t know where I put that lipstick! I had 2 and now I can’t find even one! Where did I put them? You all will know the rest of the story! Within 10 minutes I found both of them. God spoke and said find that bag, and you willl find the lipstick! I found the bag, There it was! I said I wonder where the other one is! I moved around the side of the able and there was #2, on the edge of the table. I began to cry! I thanked God and went swimming and kept on crying and thanking God! God cares about the smallest things in our lives! Blessings to everyone who shared how the Holy Spirit is working in our lives today! Praise God for a healthy baby to be born! GOD IS GOOD!

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