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Today’s Reading: Ruth 1-2

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Ruth’s home country of Moab was located east of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, and south of the Arnon (Numbers 21:10-15). Today, Moab is within the Kingdom of Jordan. It was in the Plains of Moab, opposite Jericho (Numbers 22:1, 26:63, Joshua 13:32) that the Israelites made their last encampment before they entered the Promised Land.

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Key Verse: Ruth 1:16

But Ruth said:

“Entreat me not to leave you,
Or to turn back from following after you;
For wherever you go, I will go;
And wherever you lodge, I will lodge;
Your people shall be my people,
And your God, my God.”


In the midst of the time of the Judges comes this beautiful love story. The book of Ruth is an account of one of the most moving acts of loyalty, and of the way that God honoured that love and loyalty. Even while evil and corruption seem so prominent in Israel, there were many honourable people who loved and served God. That number included a Moabite woman who had married an Israelite and was now a widow. In a time when Israel was often in apostasy, she left her idolatrous religion to embrace the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and her mother-in-law Naomi. Ruth is a bright shining light pointing to the way of faith in the one true God. Over 1,000 years later, Jesus, the Son of God, would be born in Ruth’s adopted hometown of Bethlehem. From the lineage of Ruth comes the Messiah, the Christ, our Saviour and Lord.


Lord Jesus, Ruth and Boaz were your great-great, etc. grandparents. You are 100% Human and also 100% God. As a Human, You show me how to live as a man. You are my Mentor, my Example, and my Hero. Please give me grace to follow You more closely today than yesterday. In Your loving Name I pray. Amen!


I was thrilled to participate in the wedding of our second daughter, Ellen, to Nizar Shaheen, an Israeli Arab who is ordained in the Nazareth Baptist Church. As a part of the ceremony, Ellen quoted, in the Arabic language, the words of our key verse. What a powerful moment. Israeli television co-operated with TV networks in Canada and the USA to carry the wedding live across North America. In advance, we had distributed thousands of copies of a document called, “A Marriage Covenant.” I encouraged married couples everywhere to renew their vows as Ellen and Nizar said theirs at the Church in Nizar’s home village of Cana of Galilee. Jesus, His mother, and several of the disciples were guests there at another wedding 2,000 years before, and Jesus did His first miracle of turning the water into wine (read John 2:1-11). The people of Cana still call the wedding of Nizar and Ellen “the other wedding” (click here for Ellen saying the words of Ruth to her beloved Nizar).

Today, Nizar and Ellen are all over the Arabic-speaking world on TV and on the internet, winning thousands of precious people to Jesus.

Yours for love and loyalty,


Madaba, Jordan, just near mount Nebo where Moses looked out over the Promised Land, has a church named The Church of the Map. The church is also known as Church of Saint George. The mosaic floor map (pictured below) has the oldest known map of Jerusalem and its surrounding Biblical regions.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


16 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 11, 2015

  1. Today’s scripture and your explanation, David, are so encouraging. Your family ties to Jesus’ homeland are remarkable! It was all in God’s plan–amen! Thanks for the link enabling us to watch such a special part of Ellen and Nizar’s wedding ceremony. How fitting that it was said at the Church in Nizar’s home village of Cana of Galilee, where Jesus, His mother, and several of the disciples were guests at another wedding, 2,000 years prior. The place where Jesus did His first miracle of turning the water into wine, would be the mark of such an incredible family of ministers who carry on His Word and lead to so many other miracles!!! Our God is such an awesome God!! He is well pleased–amen!! Blessings, dear saints!

    • it is the Holy Spirit that calls, gathers and enlightens the people to the one true Faith in that of Jesus Christ……100 Huntely street has been a strong place for people for come and listen, and give their hearts to the Lord Jesus I have appreciated the Prayer Line 1-866-271-4444 anytime of fhe day or night….May God continue to bless this ministry!

  2. Dear Pastor David. I so very much enjoyed reading the two chapters from the Book of Ruth. It was so beautiful hearing Ellen speaking to Nizar in Arabic. The Lord has certainly blessed them and used them for His Kingdom. You have a wonderful family, this I believe is because of how you and Norma Jean have taught them at an early age to love The Lord. Blessings to you and fellow bloggers. Have a wonderful day. Eleanor M.

  3. Always enjoy hearing and seeing the wedding of Nizar and Ellen. Yes God has blessed you with a wonderful family; a reward I believe for the faithfulness and love of you and Norma-Jean. God bless you all today!

  4. Thank you Jesus for being my guardian-redeemer!
    I get so thrilled with how the Holy Spirit is guiding me as I am reading through the Bible. Today, in Ruth, I see Boaz as a beautiful picture of unconditional love. I see God’s provision for Naomi and for us, through Jesus our redeemer!
    Thank you blog buddies for sharing your thoughts on this journey.

  5. I never married, but I know what it is liked to be have an Kinsman Redeemer in Christ. This is a poem I wrote back in 2006 about that experience with our Lord; it is a little long, but I believe the Lord is asking me to share it, and whoever this poem is for, the Lord will let them know. Thank you.

    I laid naked on the road, discarded and alone. My strength gone. My heart broken beyond repair. You walked by, You spoke. You said “What a lovely treasure.” I cried ” I am not lovely sir, are your blind? Can you not see how ugly I am? How worthless? Please sir, leave me alone. Do not remind me of tenderness or bring hope to my breast. Do not look upon me, for it you do, you will leave me like all the rest.”
    “But how can I leave one such as you in this ditch?” was your reply. “If no one wants you, them please come home with me and be my bride.” Your voice stirs my heart. I offer you my hand, trembling and uncertain. You gently hold me in your arms. You carry me to your abode. You bathe me. You patiently comb the tangles out of my hair. You clothe me in warmth. You hold up a mirror to my face to see what I have become, yet I do not dare look. You raise my head and I peek into the glass. “Behold what I see.” You coax, I look and I believe. In your eyes my beauty is revealed to me.
    “O kind sir, in your home I will stay, your side never will I leave. Your smile will be my constant delight. Your touch will be my nourishment. I will dry your tears with my lips. I will clutch your sorrows tight. I will caress your body with devotion and whisper delicate words to you in the stillness of night. I will cleave my soul to yours. My beauty and your strength will marry and live in harmony for all the world to see. I will endlessly adore and cherish You for your love has restored my heart and made me lovely.

  6. Thank you for the daily Bible comments. I am very aware that the Holy Spirit is ministering to me as I follow along. “My Spirit rejoices in God my Savior”
    A note of interest: my grandson has been doing exercises to correct some vision problems. At first what he saw through the telescope was blurry, but after much exercising, he could see clearly through the lens. Seems like there is a parallel to our spiritual senses in Heb.5:14.

  7. Rev. Reynold Mainse…you did again…what a spectacular picture of the barley field!!! nothing wrong with the other pictures either.

    Yes, Pastor David…what a Love story we were presented with this morning!!
    Thank you for sharing the love story of your children Ellen and Nizar!!!

    As I prayed with you this morning…

    Psalm 27 came to mind…in particular verses 7-8: Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me and answer me. When thou said, Seek y my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.”!!

    Yes Lord, I wan to see you…Your word say You will never leave me or forsake me…Thank you Jesus, I can trust and lean on YOU and not on my own understanding.!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AMEN!! and AMEN!!!

  8. THANK YOU…after watching the cllip of Ellen and Nizar’s wedding…I watched the adoption of Ellen and Alex into the Stacy home…ONLY GOD’s Love!!…thank you again for sharing these clips with us!!!

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