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Today’s┬áReading: 2 Corinthians 11

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Zion Gate is located in the southern part of the Old City. This gate was used by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 to enter and capture the Old City. The stones surrounding the gate are still pockmarked by weapons fire. This entrance leads to the Jewish and Armenian quarters.

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Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 11:14b, 15

For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.


Here is a strong, clear warning. Throughout this chapter Paul is building walls of spiritual protection around his friends and fellow believers in Jesus. He is deeply concerned over the possibility of deception. He is determined that they will be protected from the false teaching of an evil spirit masquerading as an angel of light. We must not take these warnings lightly. Throughout the centuries again and again, so-called prophets have claimed to have messages from angels which are contrary to our historical understanding of the Christian faith, or which claim to add additions to the truth delivered by the Bible Prophets, Jesus Himself, and the Apostles! If Satan cannot keep us from believing in Jesus, he will try to twist the truth ever so slightly in an ingenious way, so as to move us away from the solid truths of God’s Word (2 Peter 3:11-16). Be on guard! Stay close to your God-given pastor and congregation! There are those people who will “twist” the Scriptures “to their own destruction,” and they want to drag you down with them (2 Peter 1:15-21).


Lord Jesus, I’m well aware that the deceiver comes masquerading as an angel of light. Help me through Your Word and this blog to rip off his mask, and reveal to my heart, mind, and spirit the deceptive thoughts the enemy would plant in me. By Your grace, may I behold Your face, Lord Jesus. In You, I will see the One who is called “The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” and I will not be deceived. In Your Name, Lord Jesus, I pray. Amen!


I was 18 years old when a book fell into my hands that captivated my attention, so much so that I shared its content with another young man to whom I had been witnessing about Jesus. I was hoping to lead him to receive Christ as his Saviour and Lord. After about a month, I noticed that we were talking more about the subject of the book than about Jesus. Alarm bells went off in me, and I threw the book away. I determined to never bring up the subject again. It was a kind of conspiracy theory which I later learned was a total lie. The enemy almost succeeded in sidetracking me from the main thing. This is one of the reasons I’ve always placed the words of “The Apostles Creed” in a prominent place at the entrance to our places of ministry, such as the Crossroads Centre in Burlington. The leaders of Christ’s Church, following the deaths of the Apostles, faced the so-called “angel of light” again and again. Therefore, they gathered leaders from all over the world and came to an agreement on every word in that statement. They fasted and prayed over every word. This creed was set up as if written in stone, like the Ten Commandments of Moses. The deceptions and arrogance of Satan and his false teachers have dashed against this strong rock but have been unable to move it. It is the summary of what was believed and taught by the Apostles (click here for “The Apostles Creed”).

Yours for holding firmly to the “Truth once delivered,”


Here is an Arrow Loop in the wall of the Zion Gate. These were slots in the walls and structures that were used to shoot arrows through. They came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

21 thoughts on “Monday, March 9, 2015

  1. Good morning, while reading your blog this morning and also read the Apostales Creed, I realized thatveverytime I read it I think to myself “why do we Pentecostals say I believe in the holy Catholic Church”.

    Thank you for the work that you put into your 100 words every day! You are too me, a mighty man of the truth of the gospel! Thank the Lord for His touch upon your life !

    Yours in Christ

    Velda Hewlett

    • The word catholic means universal, so in the creed it is referring to the universal Christian Church and not to the Roman Catholic Church which is a religious denomination.

    • All who wholeheartedly believe in Christ, as proclaimed in the Gospels, are Christians. Including Roman Catholics!

      • yes all who believe in Jesus Christ as set out in the Gospels are Christians, I believe this also! I remember the story of Martin Luther, he believed also
        that Jesus Christ as set out in the Gospels are Christians, but he had a small issue with the Roman Catholic Church and wrote what I believe is called The 95 Thesis and nailed them to the church……

  2. I have wondered why Jesus decended into hell. I’ve heard it explained that He did that to obtain the keys to The Kingdom but I don’t really understand what that is. Does it mean that He had to experience every thing that people could possibly face, or was it to drop off the very, very, great burden of sin (present & future)?

  3. Good morning David
    When I read the scriptures today I thought I would mention that when ever there is a show on my t.v. about angels, mediums, or even reading hoiriscopse I turn away, and not watch ,listen ,or read them . Thank you for your personal words David
    I hope all our bloggers have a good day
    Lianne Hogg

  4. Dear Velda Hewlett

    I remember asking this question many times also about the Catholic church in the Apostles Creed. Luther’s Small Catechism asks “Why is the church called “Christian”? it belongs to Christ and is built on Him alone. the word “catholic” sometimes used in creeds, means UNIVERSAL or GENERAL The church exists throughout the world, wherever the Gospel is proclaimed. the next question in the Catechism is “where is this holy Christian church to be found?” The holy Christian church is to be found where the “Gospel” is preached in its purity and the holy sacraments are administered according to the Gospel (Augsburg Confession VII 1) the Gospel and the sacraments are called the “marks of the church”

    It was a great question and will spur many conversations Have a blessed day!

  5. Hi Doreen
    since I was reading in the Catechism already I will share what it says:
    The Saviour in the State of Exaltation:

    What is Christ’s exaltation? Christ’s exaltation is that as man He now fully and always uses His divine powers (Phil 2:9-11)
    Which words of the Apostles Creed describe the stages of Christ’s exaltation” He decended into hell, the third day He rose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty. From thence He will come to judge the living and the dead”
    Why is Christ’s descent into hell part of His exaltation?
    The Scriptures teach that Christ, after He was made alive in His grave, descended into hell, not to suffer punishment, but to proclaim His victory over His enemies in hell (1 Peter 3:18-19) (Col 2:15)
    What do the Scriptures teach about Christ’s resurrection? They teach that on the third day Christ victoriously rose from the grave and showed Himself alive to his disciples.
    Why is Christ’s resurrection so important and comforting? Christ’s resurrection proves that Christ is the Son of God, His doctrine is the truth, and God the Father accepted Christ’s sacrifice for the reconciliation of the world (Romans 1:4) (John 2:19) and John 8:28) and lastly “all believers in Christ will rise to eternal life.”
    I hope some of this info is helpful…..have a blessed day

  6. I was so happy to read the Apostle’s Creed this morning.
    I think it should be learned by all who come to Jesus.
    It says it all, no confusion. Yes, I know some stumble on the
    _”Catholic Church ” which is speaking of the Church Universal.
    Pastor David a really good teaching this morning.
    It looks as though Spring is just around the corner this morning. How wonderful!! God bless all the faithful bloggers.

  7. Interesting and informative discussion today. Thank you David for proclaiming the truth of the Gospel. Am going through a grieving process today as our pastor resigned yesterday. He and his wife are young with four young children; two in school and our church is downsizing as our seniors are passing on to glory. This pastor grew up in our church and his father pastored our church for 24 years. Please pray for all of us that God’s will be done as hard as it is sometimes. God bless you saints!

  8. Thank you all for enlightenment… May The Holy Spirit of God touch our hearts and minds as we go about our lives this day. Blessings blog friends.

  9. my heart goes out to you Ger and those experiencing their Pastor resigning….as ours did this past summer…and I certainly understand about the grieving process that is experienced…we are praying that the next Pastor God has already chosen to be eventually revealed to us…we know that God has it all in HIS control and comforts us as only HE does…I know the unity amongst the congregation grows stronger as we pray/fast/Praise and Worship and wait on Him….

  10. Was taken aback slightly by the word “catholic” in the creed. With fellow bloggers explanations I feel better. Thank you. Many of my friends are Roman Catholics but I was born and raised Protestant.
    Found a cute video today for all those waiting for a minister/preacher for your church. May God provide us with the gift of patience.
    Patience is Understanding:

    Blessings blogger saints.

  11. Many years ago my father gave me a “sticker” with these words on it . I have it in my Bible.
    The Test
    Prove all things by the Word of God—-
    All ministers, all teaching, all preaching, all doctrines, all sermons, all writings, all opinions, all practices —- prove all by the Word of God.
    Measure all by the measure of the Bible.
    Weigh all by the balance of the Bible.
    Test all in the crucible of the Bible.
    That which can abide the fire of the Bible,—-
    receive, hold, believe and obey.
    That which cannot abide the fire of the Bible,
    Reject, refuse, repudiate, and cast away.
    I remember learning the Apostles Creed in primary school, in Ireland. And have never forgotten it.

  12. Thank you Mary Stewart for that sticker “the test, prove All things by The Word of God”, the Bible!!!
    My understanding of the reason for Jesus to go into hell was to take the key of sin and death from the devil. For Jesus overcame sin and death as He conquered the grave and rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

    Pastor David, than you for the link “The Apostle’s Creek”!! A firm reminder of truth to hold on to.
    Prayed with you in prayer!!
    The need to be alert to satan’s schemes; and the importance to discern and stand against the spirit of deception.
    Thank you bloggers for sharing…God bless you all

  13. ah! yes I remember learning the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles Creed and Ten Commandments in a one room country school house in Alberta, every morning at the beginning of the school day…yes, I also attended “Saturday school” at church on Saturdays, it was Confirmation, it was 4 years every Saturday except in July and August and I had a real cool Pastor Gnauck, he had 2 services, one English and one German at Church and he had a real knack for teaching the Word in a very positive and fun way. He had son Eric and he was a weird and wild person and so was I and still am. Those years probably saved my life many times over as a chemical imbalance also entered my life and life was !!%&##((*^&&*)___><_()*&%%?&*(?%$$ and even more BUT GOD was there all the time but I sure made some stupid and downright embarassaing mistakes, I praise and thank God that all is forgiven over the things I did and I have forgiven ALL the issues I had in life, I have forgiven all the people involved and a few times something has entered my thoughts and I immediatley call the prayer line 1-866-273-4444 for prayer and counsel….I have mentioned it before I don't like any negative thoughts twirling around in my head in the evening, so having someone pray with me is very helpful. Thanks to the Crossroads Communication for this prayer line!

  14. “The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, who is to be praised forever, knows that I am not lying” 2 Cor 11:31. For anyone who is ever doubted, that is the perfect scriptural response and power to claim–amen! Here’s to memorizing scripture!!

    Thanking you, David, along with others, for posting The Apostles’ Creed–our strong statement of faith as Christians, of which we claim every month upon taking part in the ceremony of communion in the Free Methodist Church and for all Western Christian denominations, including Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Protestant and Orthodox.

    Reading the innumerable counts of Paul’s suffering puts a halt to feeling sorry for ourselves. We always know we could be facing much worse and certainly need be grateful for the blessings we receive, especially as Canadians. Amen!

    The Mormons and Church of the Latter Day Saints certainly fall into the category of those David refers to as having added additions to the truth delivered by Bible Prophets, including Jesus Himself.

    The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold Psalm 18:2.

    Blessings, dear saints, in name of our Lord Jesus Christ–our Saviour and Redeemer–amen, amen, and amen!

  15. First, thank you for providing the opportunity to focus, learn an meditate on the Word of God, which I find fundamental for my life and my health and to share. In today’s reading, appears The Apostles Creed where it is manifested that we believe in the Holy Catholic Church, which appears to me I am focusing only on one denomination instead on the whole Church of Christ, regardless the denomination, may I have a light for discernment from you. Thank you kindly and may God continue blessing your teachings on our daily walk through the Bible.

    • The term “catholic” in the Apostle’s creed has a broad meaning. It means “universal” and is not focussed on a single denomination.

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