Friday, March 6, 2015


Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 6-7

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Excavations in a northern area of David’s City just outside of Jerusalem’s Dung Gate and 200 metres from the Temple mount.

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Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 6:2b, 7:1

Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation…Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.


“NOW!” The present is always the time to do business with God. Like interest on unpaid bills, it will cost more to procrastinate in confessing sin with true repentance. John the Baptist, Jesus, and Peter all began their public ministries with a call to repent. Our reading today gives the very best definition of “repentance” (7:9, 10, & 11). Is this important? Yes, yes, yes!

Just as the Corinthian believers refreshed the spirit of Titus, let’s do our best to refresh our Pastor’s spirit, along with the spirits of church administrators and our missionaries. We could jump ahead and read Paul’s letter to Titus (click here). There is much wisdom in the little book of Titus. How do we do all things well? How do we make sure that we give no offense and that our ministry is not blamed? It’s well worth the time to read today’s chapters 6 & 7 all over again.


Lord God, You have called me again today to repent. Your Word is true north. It points to You without fail. It is my Compass. Like a pilot or a ship’s captain, may I constantly make corrections in the direction I take in life. Grant me the grace to be diligent. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


I received a letter recently from the former Pastor of Compass Point Church. The initiative taken by Pastor Ron Gannett has refreshed my spirit. “Compass Point” has a magnificent building next door to the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario (a photo of the church is below). The real Church is the people. Over the years my spirit has been refreshed again and again by the Pastors and people of this great congregation. As I type this blog, I’m praying at the same time that everyone who reads this with me will find their spirits refreshed.

When I became a believer at 16, I was asked to share a personal testimony in the High School auditorium at a Youth for Christ rally. I went to my part-time job boss at the local Chrysler dealership for help. He said, “David, you can never go wrong quoting Scripture,” and suggested Titus 3:5a. I remember that in a faltering voice, I simply said, “This is my testimony, ‘Not by works of righteousness that I have done, but according to His mercy, He saved me.'” The actual quote says, “we” and “us,” but to me it became very personal.

I cannot conclude this blog without commending the leadership of Crossroads. They exemplify the righteous leadership portrayed in today’s reading. I’m so very thankful for our CEO, Dr. John Hull, and the entire team at Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. and at the TV network, YES TV.

Yours for “Perfecting holiness in the fear of God” (7:1b). Let the process continue!


Compass Point Bible Church, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

21 thoughts on “Friday, March 6, 2015

  1. An excellent analogy whereby our Lords Word is “True North.” When our heading is true north, any degree off this direction is called a deviation. Occasionally, it’s not unusual to fly a couple degrees off on either side, but we’ll get to our destination if we keep focussed on the correct heading. Too much sightseeing or other distractions would delay our arrival, or worse cause us to run out of fuel, or become lost all together! Lord, help us to hold a steady course in our lives, to remained focussed on You and reach our destination safely. Amen.

  2. I’m still thinking about Mr. David Mainse speaking to leaders in the church this coming May 24th? some 600 hundred million? I find this very overwhelming! Imagine how many people are going to hear Mr. Mainse and his service! How many people are going to hear the Word of God! Hear the Gospel! The Good News! I pray that his health will be great, I pray that people will realize that there is a God! God had a plan to save mankind! Imagine! God’s plan came to be through His Son Jesus Christ who was put on a cross, was nailed to that cross, He bled, He died! He rose from the grave! The angel said “the One you are looking for is not here” Imagine! All our sins were forgiven! Watching some nature programs and watching how God created all nature and how nature works with each other, all things in nature have a purpose! Imagine! God was so concerned to have everything working in harmony, and then He created Man! It makes a person think about their purpose here on earth!
    I pray for those at Crossroads, and for those in my community, and for all who pray for one another and support each other on this blog! Blessings to all!

    • Thank you Sah for your lovely prayer on my behalf yesterday. I will pray for that young man that he would be completely free of any addiction and that the Holy Spirit would draw him to The Lord Jesus. I always look forward to this blog and your comments. My you be a shining light as you speak to people you meet at the pool. God bless you and all bloggers. Eleanor M.

  3. Pray for you Eleanor that God will give you the strength and grace from Him that you need to go through this surgery. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  4. You do have a great and blessed team @ 100 Huntley St. Rev. M. Can never thank u enough. May God continue you His favour on u and your business.
    A friend sent me this beautiful video. W/o modern technology such wonders may never be seen by the majority population on this amazing planet God has honoured us with. Please enjoy.

  5. It is world day of prayer today , MAY OUR PRAYERS REACH heaven ward
    for those in need .Especially those in fear for their lives,WE PRAY IN JESUS
    name Amen….R…

    • I did not know that. Christians and Jews are being persecuted in large numbers. In many countries, believers are persecuted for their belief in Jesus. Let us remember them and thank God for the freedoms that we do have at this time.

      • yes by thankful for what we enjoy! it is a very sad that Christians & Jews are still being persecuted throughout the world and right in our own families! God won’t allow this to go on much longer! The Jews are His people! The only thing I can do is pray every day and try not to let these situations get me down! The greater the faith; the greater the prayers; the greater the faith, the greater the prayers; the GREATER THE FAITH! and on and on it should go,
        as I said before I can only touch those who I can reach at the end of my fingers, but if everybody did this, the greater the faith; the greater the prayers;….. .pray the Lord will grant me a financial breakthrough….I sleep, get up, eat a little, off to the pool again! Thank God He turned my broken leg into me learning to swim! I can’t stay in the house in the evenings! there is a tropical pool party tomorrow for the children pray that all goes well, everyone has fun, praise and thank God for our superb lifeguards! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! amen

  6. What a compassionate heart you have Rev. David…how blessed your family are to have you in their midst. I pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on your life and that of your family as they minister in various ways, especially for 100 Huntly Street ministry and its great outreach.

    Your sharing and prayer in this blog, bloggers has blessed my heart.
    What an encouragement you are. Thank you and God Bless you all.

  7. God has used this blog in so many ways to draw me closer to Him and open my eyes to see His salvation more clearly, leading to loving Him more dearly. I would appreciate if you would say a prayer for me, on Facebook my nephew, Mark, an atheist, comes back against things I say about Jesus loving us or loving children. I have done my humble, inadequate best to share why I believe and poured out my heart concerning what God has done in my life. Please pray God will use these words to touch Mark’s heart and lead him to the saving knowledge of Jesus. May God continue to anoint and bless you and Norma Jean

    • Kerry: the following words were spoken to me by a friend on April 16, 1995 and I IMMEDIATELY STOPEED SMOKING! no cravings, nothing! didn’t realize until later that was also the end of alcohol for me! the words were “we have the Holy Spirit that enables us to do more than we ever dreamt!” I am saying those words over your nephew Mark and the Holy Spirit is working in his heart even now! Let us rejoice and celebrate this victory in Jesus Christ. don’t give any credence to the word “atheist” it isn’t a word! some people may not believe in God but their soul is going through a major turn-a-round and it may take years for them to realize the truth, yes there is a God and He loves all people unconditionally! God sent His Son to die FOR ALL PEOPLE! take rest in that and rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice! there is good and evil, however, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has proclaimed salvation to all who hear the Word and who accept Jesus as their personal Saviour! Lord God speak to Mark, may he become an incredible witness to the Glory of Jesus Christ amen

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